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241 Alice Rose SUMNER (1881-1954) was committed to the Neglected Childrens System (No. 17810) on 24 Nov 1890 soon after the arrest of her father for coining (counterfeiting). She was fostered at several addresses in the Bendigo area and later at Ascot Vale, Williamstown, Brunswick, Moonee Ponds, Cape Clear and Highton.

As was the custom, her term in that system expired on her eighteenth birthday (23 Aug 1899) presumably while she was still at Highton where she was in the care of a Mrs. COWAN. One can safely guess that this is where she first met her future husband Frederick Forbes HERD (1872-1944). On her record there is a note as follows: "girl is engaged to a young man named HERD, 29/4/01".

Neglected Childrens' Registers
Alice Rose SUMNER appears in 1881, Vol 11, p.177. 
SUMNER Alice Rose (I1800)
242 All details are Private VANSTONE Judith (I9439)
243 All details are Private REGAN David (I9442)
244 All of the family barring William moved on to Port Phillip VIC aboard the interstate vessel 'Hope' very soon after arriving in Sydney NSW. It is not known when and how William moved to Victoria. HERD William (I1966)
245 Alpha Block Row CP - East Plot 6 RUNDLE Leonard John (I13700)
246 Alpha Block Row CP - East Plot 6 BISHOP Myrtle Ann (I13731)
247 Alpha Block Row CP - East Plot 7 RUNDLE Joan Bernice (I13732)
248 Also known as Greta Miriam Lorene OKE OKE Greita Marina Laurence (I24170)
249 Also married Routledge Samuel SHUTTLEWORTH and had issue of Doris Olevia SHUTTLEWORTH. MCMULLEN Olevia (I2777)
250 Also recorded with given names of 'Gedeon' and 'Gidion'. CORNISH Gideon (I26004)
251 Also remembered on the headstone of her parents and siblings grave at Colac Cemetery, Colac VIC. MCMAHON Kerri Anne Adele (I13247)
252 Also remembered on the headstone of his parents and sister in the Little Britain United Church Cemetery, Little Britain ONT. Lest We Forget. ALLIN Elton Culbert (I19571)
253 Also served in the 59th., 60th. and 65 Battalions. WALTER John Oxenham Allan (I1633)
255 Amy C. RIBE re-married in 1916 so a divorce from John Henry RIBE must been effective at this time. GIBLETT Amy C. (I13628)
256 Amy Sarah Fanny FILMER (1855-1895) was the daughter of John FILMER (1827-1905) and Mary Ann Pricilla WRIGHT (1833-1902) who married in Adelaide SA on 27 Mar 1850. FILMER Amy Sarah Fanny (I114)
257 An excellent obituary to Robert Henry GEORGE (1931-2002) appeared on page 38 of the Geelong Advertiser on Saturday, 23 February, 2002. GEORGE Robert Henry (I6862)
258 Anglican 9, Row 8, Plot 19 ARGUS Frederick Trewin (I19104)
259 Anglican Old Portion, Row AA ELDER Wilhelmina Wemyss (I14699)
260 Anglican, Section G, Row 4 MCGINTY Helen Sinclair (I1660)
261 Anglican-XXIV-2 BRIMACOMBE William (I15604)
262 Ann re-married Richard GREENAWAY in 1855 at Kilkhampton CON and they had issue. BARRETT Ann (I27656)
263 Anna Bertha (Annie) SCHNEIDER (1907-2012) was firstly married to Charles Archibald MASON (b. 1901) who died in 1964. Her second marriage was to Ernest Vinson (Vin) WALTER (1904-1993). At the time of her passing she was at age 104 years, one of Victoria's oldest residents. MASON Anna Bertha (I3518)
264 Anna was a niece of Roger WALTER's first wife Isabella McKENZIE. MCKENZIE Anna (I16121)
265 Another reference give date of bith as 7 Aug 1913. DELANEY Rosetta (I7154)
266 Apparently Charles took over his father's farm when his older brother Richard left to live in Canada. Richard's departure to Canada did not meet with the approval of his family in Devon. WALTER Charles (I9754)
267 Apparently, Mabel Frances TAPE re-married a John S. WARREN in Bristol in late 1918. LEWIS Mabel Frances (I19358)
268 Appears to be no headstone. COLLINS Nellie Leonie (I11563)
269 Appears to be sometimes known as Emma Blanche MOASE. MOASE Emma Blanche (I24009)
270 Appears to be the daughter of James VANSTONE and Grace (m.n. LANE). VANSTONE Sarah (I10984)
271 Appears to have also married Amy Lilian ROWE in 1929. She died aged 33 years in 1944. BARWICK Joseph Rupert (I12504)
272 Appears to have been a Marine Engineer on Australian coastal shipping. Often sent postcards to his sister Eva Mary Alberta WALTER (m.n. HILL). Also wrote of being on his way to 'Frisco. HILL Lionel Stanley (I3636)
273 Appears to have been badly afflicted with tonsilitis and malaria. POTTAGE Henry Rupert (I6628)
274 Appears to have been dogged by health issues during his service in the AIF and was discharged medically unfit with problems of Appendicitis and Haemorrhoids. Lest We Forget. MOSS Byron Clifford (I19195)
275 Appears to have been engaged to a Neil Trevor JOHNSON. Source: Launceston Examiner 22 Jan 1948. STRICKLAND Patricia Alice (I13899)
276 Appears to have been known as 'Allan'. LETTS William (I27643)
277 Appears to have been known as Sarah MANSELL and Sarah Mansell JONES. MANSEL Sarah (I24796)
278 Appears to have been known as' Jean'. SUTHERLAND Jeannette (I15371)
279 Appears to have been wounded twice during his time on the Western Front. Lest We Forget. COURTICE Harold James (I17319)
280 Appears to have died of burns. STRICKLAND Kenneth Vincent (I2478)
281 Appears to have died of burns. BROWN Vera Beatrice (m.n. McNAMA) (I12145)
282 Appears to have died while giving birth or as a result of giving birth to a son namely Francis John HERD who appears to have died at birth or soon after. The death certificate records have consequetive numbers in the index. REEDMAN Joan Martha (I1406)
283 Appears to have served in Canada and England only. BALFOUR-KINNEAR George William (I24381)
284 Appears to have suffered from minor medical problems including boils and scabies. VEALE Kenneth Beverly (I15363)
285 Appears to known as 'Eliza'. OSBORNE Elizabeth A. (I17980)
286 Apprenticeship served at the Army Apprentices' School, Balcombe VIC and 2 Base Workshop RAEME, Moorebank, NSW. At the completion of the apprenticeship continued serving at 2 Base Workshop before being posted to the Army Guided Weapons Trials Unit at Woomera, South Australia. Returned to Sydney (Holsworthy) for a short while prior to posting to South Vietnam (SVN) with the Detachment from 131 Divisional Locating Battery Workshop, RAEME. Spent 347 days in SVN prior to a final posting at the Technical Services Unit (RAEME) at Army Headquarters, Albert Park Barracks in Melbourne, VIC. Discharged from the Army on 6 Jan 1969. WALTER Frederick Lionel (I890)
287 Area BN, Section 14, Grave 1A ORINGE Henry (I4150)
288 Area Cen, Section 8, Row 2, Grave 24 JERMYN Alinda Jane (I12049)
289 Area EN, Section 6, Row 1, Grave 6 JERMYN Ellis Vincent (I3421)
290 Area EN, Section 6, Row 1, Grave 6 NORTHEY Jane (I3465)
291 Area F, KE-F****90
Some doubt about death and burial dates as both are the same according to the cemetery records. 
WENSOR Albert Edward (I19278)
292 Area F, KE-F****90
Some doubt about death and burial dates as both are the same according to the cemetery records. 
LANE Ellen Ada (I19287)
293 Area Private C, Section 10, Row 1, Grave 1 BRAZIL Cornelius (I4413)
294 Area Private C, Section 10, Row 1, Grave 1 BRAZIL Maureen Josephine (I4415)
295 Area Private C, Section 10, Row 1, Grave 1.
Burial record shows second given name of Mary. 
ARNOLD Clara Mary (I4372)
296 Area Wesleyan D, Section 4, Grave 17 NAVIN Elsie May (I755)
297 Area WN, Section 1, Row 2, Grave 24 JERMYN Ellis (I3321)
298 Area WN, Section 6, Row 2, Grave 11 WALTER Alinda Grace (I2872)
299 Area WN, Section 6, Row 2, Grave 11 JERMYN John Ellis (I3366)
300 Areaa WN North Border, Grave 6 JERMYN Bertha Caroline (I3432)
301 Argus Newspaper (Melbourne) Index, 1870-1879, 23 Apr 1873 indicates a litigation by McGINTY and McGINTY v, English Scottish and Australasian Chartered Bank. Dispute over documents involved in the will of brother Andrew McGINTY. MCGINTY Andrew (I3659)
302 Arrived at Gallipoli as a reinforcement for the 7th. Battalion only a few days prior to the withdrawal of the Australian troops. After arriving back in Egypt he was transferred to the 59th. Battalion as part of the major expansion of the AIF before moving to the Western Front in France. It appears that he was a signalman in 6 Platoon, B Company, 59th. Battalion. Lest We Forget. JEWELL Herbert James (I10666)
303 Arrived at Gallipoli on 27 Jul 1915 and was killed in action on 7 Aug 1915 during the famous battle at The Nek. TREWIN Angus Duncan (I15675)
304 Arthur Westwood SUMNER (aka HIDE) was not placed into the Neglected Childrens System as were his brothers and sisters at the time of his father's detention in Pentridge Prison in Dec 1890. His mother attempted to look after him until her sad demise (victim of murder) in Apr 1891 and one can only surmise that perhaps her parents looked after him until he was admitted as neglected child number 18609 on 5 Aug 1892. On 17 Aug 1892 he was probated to Mrs. HIDE of Richmond whose later address is shown as 15 Park Street, Abbotsford on 30 Oct 1905. His time as a neglected child expired on 9 Mar 1908 on his eighteenth birthday.

Neglected Childrens' Registers
SUMNER, Arthur Westwood, aka HIDE, Arthur Summers HIDE, 1890, Vol 13, p.271.

According to his late son Ian, Arthur HIDE was "under a cloud for years" wondering about who he was. He knew that he was adopted, but little if anything more.
Usual place of residence - 32 Morey St., Burwood. 
SUMNER Arthur Westwood, (aka HIDE) (I3837)
305 As a driving instructor in the Army Service Corps. ALLIN Morley Ewart (I16691)
306 As a POW ROBINS Roy Walter (I11685)
307 As a result of an accident. DEAN Frank (I13833)
308 As a widow, she married Fred TOMS, a widower with a daughter, Ruby who married Earl TREWIN. Fred and Tillie had a daughter, Jean, who married Lloyd SLEMON and they live at Purple Hill (1997). Fred died Wednesday, 11 Jan 1961, age 72 years. Funeral was from Morris Funeral Chapel, Bowmanville ONT on Friday, 13 Jan and burial at Pine Grove Cemetery, Prince Albert ONT. TAYLOR Tillie (I5457)
309 As of March 1953, Margaret was a freshman at Northwestern University. GRIFFITH Margaret (I5436)
310 As Ruth was estranged from her father (Andrew JONES), she changed her surname JONES to McJENNETT which was the surname of her step-father. MCJENNETT Ruth (I7035)
311 As the wife of James HERIOTT (or HARRIOTT). DOBSON Fanny (I9523)
312 Ash Berm Block B, Plot 509 MCGINTY Janice Rae (I6893)
313 Ash Berm Block B, Plot 67
Ashes buried 2 Apr 1980 in the same cemetery. 
JOHNSTONE Hazel (I1681)
314 Ash Lane, North Tamerton SMALE Eliza (I3911)
315 Ashes Burial in Cremation Area, Plot 580. RUNDLE Florence Elliot (I13716)
316 Ashes burial in Cremation Area, Plot 580. BLYDE Graeme Ronald (I13724)
317 Ashes burial in Cremation Area, Row F Plot 34. RUNDLE Pearl Agnes (I13715)
318 Ashes burial in Cremation Lawn B Row 9, Plot 71. RUNDLE Ronald Maxwell (I13717)
319 Ashes burial in Cremation Lawn B Row 9, Plot 71. DICK Mavis Gloria (I13726)
320 Ashes Burial on the same date as the ashes of his wife (Florence Elliot BLYDE) were buried. No Service - Staff Interred in Cremation Area, Plot 580. BLYDE Sidney (I13723)

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