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1 1948 Family: F5071
2 ? marriage date Family: F2426
3 Aird House which no longer exists on the site, was owned by the parents of Janet WRAY (m.n. ANDERSON) who with Thomas PART was a witness to the wedding. The ceremony was led by Rev. Arthur Davidson, Presbyterian minister. Family: F4120
4 At the time of his marriage Walter J. SMITH held the rank of Lieutenant in the 2nd. AIF (Army). Family: F3583
5 Bride and Groom Residence given as Wraswood, Kilkhampton CON in Cornwall OPC records. Family: F6165
6 By banns. Family: F766
7 By Rev. George Slade. Family: F2922
8 By Rev. Henry FINTER. Family: F1153
9 By Special Licence by the Rev. J.E. KEANE. Family: F4881
10 Colleen's second marriage Family: F1680
11 Daughter of Michael STEWART and Elizabeth IRVINE. Family: F3139
12 Decree nisi granted, with costs. Family: F1394
13 Details removed by request. Family: F89
14 Details removed by request. Family: F1556
15 Details removed by request. Family: F1559
16 Eunice "Nissie" WALTER (m.n. CHATFIELD, 1908-2010) lived to the age of 102 years and her father lived to 101 years. Family: F193
17 Given name: Janet in VIC BDM Pioneer marriages Family: F234
18 Groom's address at marriage:
27 Harold Road, Upton Park, West Ham ESS. 
Family: F6842
19 His address: 1 Wellington St., Clifton Hill. Her address: Gertrude St., Fitzroy. His age: 22. Place of Birth: Kingston (up)on Thames, England. Occupation: Omnibus Driver. Parents: Charles SUMNER & Elizabeth SUTCLIFFE. Family: F708
20 His second marriage. Family: F1883
21 It appears that Eliza (m.n. ROWE) had first been married to Henry ROWE who died in 1843. Family: F3549
22 It seems probable that this couple did not have any children. Family: F3064
23 Joseph recorded as a "sojourner" at the time of this marriage. Family: F3823
24 Kevin Anthony ESPOSITO was firstly married to Anne DROHAN b. March 1944, d.1984. Issue of three children as follows: Suzanne Marie b. 20 Sep 1965 @Fitzroy VIC; Catherine Anne b. 25 Sep 1967 @Fitzroy VIC and Peter Joseph b. 30 May 1970 @Fitzroy VIC. Family: F3579
25 Many variations to this surname - consensus seems to be that UGLOW is correct. Family: F3822
26 Marriage Celebrant: Father Nguyen Van Cao, SJ Family: F3279
27 Marriage Celebrant: Rev. H. Saloway. Family: F94
28 Marriage notice in Ballarat Courier Index at the Ballarat and District Genealogical Society Inc. web site. Family: F599
29 Married according to the rites of the Church of England by the Rev. Charles A. Brewer. Witnesses: Annie St. Clair BOWDEN and Jane FARR. Family: F2954
30 Married after banns by Rev.Francis W. THOMAS. Family: F1032
31 Married at a private home in Noradjuha VIC according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England. One witness: W.G. LAWSON, second witness: ? F. JENKINS. Family: F159
32 Married at the home of the mother of the bride according to the rites of the Bible Christian Church by Rev. Charles Fowler. Family: F188
33 Married by Rev John Henry KINVAN at the parish church. Family: F3556
34 Married by Rev. A.W. Cresswell Family: F141
35 Married by Rev. C. Desailly. Family: F1349
36 Married by Rev. Fr. T.M. O'CALLAGHAN Family: F2886
37 Married by Rev. J.W. Arnold. Family: F123
38 Married by Rev. John Shaw GREER, Methodist Minister. Family: F1243
39 Married by Rev. W.P. Brown? assisted by Rev. Davidson. Family: F3099
40 Married by Rev. Warren. Family: F98
41 Married by the Rev. C.H. PATMORE of Elmore VIC. Family: F6476
42 Married by the Rev. H.A.G. KECK assisted by the Rev. John THOMAS, BA. Family: F1118
43 Married took place after the death of Martha Ann BRAGG in 1905. Family: F1890
44 Martha married late in life. Family: F481
45 Melbourne Argus newspaper notice of 6 Dec 1901 states the the marriage took place at the R.C. Church, Perth and the ceremony was performed by Rev. Father KEOGH. Family: F4199
46 Officiating Minister: Rev. GREER Family: F3854
47 Probably an extract from the Horsham Times, Mar 1907


A wedding which had been looked forward to with no small amount of interest was celebrated on Wednesday February 28, the contracting parties being Leslie William, eldest son of Mr. W.H. Cranage, contractor, of Noradjuha, and Phenie Gertrude, youngest daughter of Cr. A.W. Walter, J.P., of Oakleigh Park Noradjuha. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. T.J. Payne, at the residence of the bride's parents, and was witnessed by a large number of relatives and friends of both parties. As the bridal party filed into the large dining room, the assembled guests, accompanied by Mrs. Nitschke on the piano, sang two verses of the bridal hymn, "The Voice That Breathed O'er Eden." The bride, who was given away by her father, looked most charming in a dress of creme soft silk trimmed with Valenciennes lace and narrow ribbon, and wore the usual wreath and veil, and carried a handsome bouquet. The first bridesmaid, Miss Bertha Walter, sister of the bride, wore a creme crepe de chine dress, trimmed with Valenciennes lace and insertion and carried a bouquet of sunflowers. The second bridesmaid Miss Annie Cranage, sister of the bridegroom was attired in a dress of blue silk, with trimmings of Valenciennes lace and insertion and carried a bouquet of Carter's dahlias. The bridegroom had for best man, Mr. S.A. Walter, brother of the bride, and Mr. Sam Cranage brother of the bridegroom acted as groomsman. The bridegroom's gift to the bride was a gold opal ring, and to the bridesmaids, gold initial rings, while the bride's gift to the bridegroom was a pair of gold sleeve links. On the conclusion of the ceremony the whole party adjourned to a spacious outbuilding which was very tastefully decorated with ever-greens and flags, where a sumptuous breakfast, prepared by Mr. McCracken, caterer of Horsham, was laid out. After full justice had been done to the good things provided, the chairman Rev. T.J. Payne proposed the toast of the bride and bridegroom, and referred to the fact that both being local residents were well-known and were highly respected by everybody, and he was extremely glad to know they intended to reside in the district. He desired on behalf of the adherents of the local Methodist Church, to make them a presentation, and handed them a beautiful silver hot water kettle on stand and inscribed "Presented to Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Cranage, on the occasion of their marriage, by the adherents of the Methodist Church, Noradjuha, 27th. February 1907." The presentation was accompanied by the following letter:- ... The accompanying slight memento is presented to you on your wedding day in appreciation of many kindly services rendered to the Methodist Church and Sunday school at Noradjuha. The congregation takes this opportunity of thanking you for your unvarying interest in the welfare of the church, and unites in the wish that happiness and prosperity may attend your married life, and that God's blessing may ever rest on your home. Signed for the congregation, T.J. Payne, pastor; Flora A. Payne, Superintendent Sunday school; A.A. Burgess, secretary; W.J. Treadwell, trustee." The bridegroom returned thanks in a neat speech, and thanked the chairman for his kind remarks and his friends for the hearty manner they had received the toast. He desired to especially thank them for their handsome present, and the accompanying letter, which, though quite unexpected, was very much appreciated. Other toasts were "Bridesmaids" by Mr. J. Gillick junr., replied to by Mr. S. Walter and Mr. S. Cranage; "Parents" by Mr. Jas Treadwell, response by Mr. A.W. Walter and Mr. W.H. Cranage; "Ladies" by Mr. J.A. Walter, reply by Mr. E.W. Heard; "Caterer" by Mr. W.J. Treadwell, replied to by Mr. C. McCracken. At the conclusion of the wedding breakfast, outdoor games including tennis, were indulged in, and were kept merrily going until 8 o'clock when an adjournment was made to the dining room where several hours were spent in playing parlor games, bagatelle etc., interspersed with music and singing. A very large number of handsome and valuable presents, including cheques aggregating 100 pounds were received and were shown in the drawing room. The bride and bridegroom left at 12 o'clock to catch the express at Horsham, en route for Melbourne. The bride's travelling dress being navy blue poplin with trimmings of creme silk and lace, small vest of pale blue with medallions. Hat of white lace straw trimmed with white tulle and feathers.

Missing words shown thus ... due to very poor copy of the original.

Note: The first date February 28 should read February 27. 
Family: F91
48 Report in the Hamilton Spectator of 13 Nov 1886, p2. The marriage ceremony was conducted by the Rev. Father SHANAHAN. Family: F117
49 Richard and Grace were first cousins. Family: F1834
50 Second marriage for Douglas SCHOLES (1917-) Family: F2590

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