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Matches 2901 to 2950 of 2972

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2901 Garden of No Distant Place, July, Date 15 WILLIAMS Edwin Thomas
2902 WST-LAWN-07-808-611A
After a service held at the Bentleigh Uniting Church, 497 Centre Road, Bentleigh VIC. 
WILLIAMS Phyliss Maude
2903 Steven Paul THOMAS legally changed his surname to WILLIAMS after the second marriage of his mother Diana to Douglas WILLIAMS. WILLIAMS Steven Paul, (b. THOMAS)
2904 [A] Floral Lawn WILLIS Edward Maxwell
2905 After a service held at Tucker's Funeral Chapel, Cnr. Torquay and Pioner Roads, Grovedale VIC. WILLMOTT Irene Sylvia
2906 WST-LAWN-01-07-808-108 WILLMOTT Robert David Elliott
2907 [BUR] P1 F-F WILLS Doris Mary
2908 [BUR] P1 F-F WILLS Frank Leslie Francis
2909 Parents: John WILLS and Martha LOBB WILLS Grace
2910 CofE WILLS John Henry
2911 John and Mary Ann (m.n. SYMONS) WILSDON resided at Beatrice Hill, Prospect, Adelaide and in April 1913 at Beatice Street, Prospect, Adelaide SA. WILSDON John
2912 CofE F, Section 18, Grave 35 WILSON Emily
2913 [LLC] CRA-Cremated Remains Memorial A WILSON Leslie Thomas
2914 Brind, Wall V, Niche 246 WILSON Mabel Annette
2915 HGH-COE-2-807-174 WILTON Edith Georgina
2916 EAS-COE-09-807-218 WILTON Laura Amelia Allen
2917 R.W. Gillard, Row AH, Grave 43 WILTON Raymond Edmund
2918 Protestant, FA-PRT*E***512 WINBUSH Harry Stephen
2919 Followed by a memorial service at St. Nectan's Church, Stoke, Hartland DEV. WINCHCOMBE Leonard
2920 HGH-COE-1-807-269 WINDMILL Frederick Charles
2921 HGH-RG06-01-100-3 WINDMILL Henry Charles
2922 Ashes collected.
Marker is at the Barrabool Hills Cemetery, Highton VIC. Location: HGH-RG06-01-100-2 
2923 Cassia Wall Niche Single, Waal R, Niche 398 WINDUSS George Albert
2924 Father: Joseph WINN, Mother: Sophie JONES. Believed to have been a British soldier on Norfolk Island. WINN George
2925 Lawn, Section G, Row 6, Grave 43 WISE Lois Adele
2926 CofE Section WOODGATE Annie Eliza
2927 VIC BDM Index shows 'un-named female' for given name. Daughter of James WOODHART and Kate BUNWORTH. WOODHART Caroline Anne
2928 At the time of his death, 51 Squadron, RAF were flying Handley Page Halifax BII aircraft on a mission to Dusseldorf in Germany. The incident took place at 2353 hours on 25 May 1943. Aircraft No. HR853. All crew members died in the crash. WORDEN Arthur Cephas
2929 Grave No. 5.I.1 WORDEN Arthur Cephas
2930 Some sources give the date of this sad event as 26 May 1943.

Malden is located close to the Dutch/German border and this might explain the fact that some records say that the accident occured in the Gelderland province of the Netherlands.

Died in a wartime aircraft accident as a result of enemy action.

See miltary entry for more details. Lest We Forget.
WORDEN Arthur Cephas
2931 Garden of St. John WORDEN Morley Paul
2932 His first wife was Mary Ann ROBINSON (born 1827) who died May 11, 1883, age 56 years and 8 months, a native of Grimsby, LIN. They had 12 children. Benjamin died at the home of one of his daughters in a house just north of the four corners in Whitby. He was a Brethren by denomination, a branch of the Quakers. A tall man, over 6 feet tall, he had an interesting life. He lived at Port Whitby after emigrating in 1856 to Canada. He was involved with sailing, then was an engine driver when Chester DRAPER was Harbour Master; later he was a county constable, and a contractor for moving buildings. Currently there is a street or court in North Whitby named Worfolk. His grand-daughter Effie PRESTON at 99 Court St., Oshawa (728-2995), knows no nothing about Charlotte. In fact until recently, she didn't know that her grandfather had married for the second time (13 Apr 1996). WORFOLK Benjamin
2933 The parents of Isaac WRIGHT were Joseph WRIGHT and Ann NEAL. WRIGHT Isaac
2934 Posting at discharge: HMAS Lonsdale. WRIGHT-SMITH John Chadwell
2935 Plot: Grave # Unk, Lot 12, Section 5 YANCEY Maurice Addison
2936 EAS-LAWN-C-808-0185 YATES Adelaide Isabel
2937 Private F, Section 10, Row 1, Grave 18 YATES Amy Charlotte
2938 [A] Floral Lawn YATES Frederick William
2939 EAS-COE-OLDP-01-825-318 YATES Gordon Alexander
2940 Presbyterian B, Section 12, Grave 39 YATES Hazel Maude
2941 EAS-LAWN-NI-808-13 YATES Helen Amy
2942 Private F, Section 15, Grave 12 YATES James Alexander
2943 Died on her mother's birthday.
Presbyterian C, Section 1, Row 2, Grave 43 
YATES Kardinia Eliza
2944 Presbyterian, Section 1, Row 2. Grave 43 YATES Kardinia Eliza
2945 The cremated remains have been collected YATES Phyllis Coral
2946 CofE F, Section 11, Grave 39 YATES Robert Ernest
2947 Private C, Section 8, Row 1, Grave 26 YATES Robert Ernest
2948 EAS-LAWN-C-808-0716 YATES Stanley
2949 Stanley YATES (1893-1965) was born at the Ballarat Lying-in Hospital. He was the son of Amy Charlotte YATES (c. 1875-1958) and an unknown father. He was raised by his grand-parents Thomas and Eliza Yates as their son and as the youngest "brother" of his biological mother Amy Charlotte. YATES Stanley
2950 EAS-PUB-B-825-133 YATES Sydney James

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