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Orange NSW



Matches 1 to 80 of 152

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAYLEY John Manton  15 Nov 1899Orange NSW I14990
2 BUSBY Edith M.  1884Orange NSW I14744
3 DALTON Brian M.  1905Orange NSW I16298
4 EVANS Alfred Henry  1879Orange NSW I15146
5 EVANS Alice  1867Orange NSW I15147
6 EVANS Arthur George  1865Orange NSW I15141
7 EVANS Darces Herbert  1877Orange NSW I15145
8 EVANS Florence A.  1872Orange NSW I15143
9 EVANS Lily J.  1870Orange NSW I15142
10 GLASSON Ellenor M.  1910Orange NSW I15138
11 GLASSON Richard Gustavus William Leonard  18 Jul 1869Orange NSW I14163
12 LANE Ada Lizzie  1874Orange NSW I14966
13 LANE Adeline Rhoda  1859Orange NSW I14920
14 LANE Alberto L.I.  1894Orange NSW I14802
15 LANE Albury W.  1867Orange NSW I15131
16 LANE Alfred G.  1895Orange NSW I15114
17 LANE Annie Ethel  27 Jun 1869Orange NSW I14216
18 LANE Arthur Ernest  28 Aug 1852Orange NSW I14917
19 LANE Arthur Ernest R.  1874Orange NSW I14924
20 LANE Brindsley James A.  1882Orange NSW I15076
21 LANE Brinsley Edward  28 May 1852Orange NSW I15008
22 LANE Carus Jason  1863Orange NSW I15012
23 LANE Catherine Anne  1873Orange NSW I14922
24 LANE Catherine Jane Davey  3 Mar 1849Orange NSW I14909
25 LANE Dixon Clive  13 Apr 1911Orange NSW I14856
26 LANE Edith M.  1861Orange NSW I15091
27 LANE Edward Falloon  1860Orange NSW I15015
28 LANE Elizabeth Moulder  3 Jun 1891Orange NSW I14975
29 LANE Ellen Annie  1871Orange NSW I14964
30 LANE Ellen E.  1868Orange NSW I15132
31 LANE Ellie Rene  11 Nov 1896Orange NSW I15075
32 LANE Ethel M.  1899Orange NSW I15078
33 LANE Eva Minnie  1871Orange NSW I15133
34 LANE Fanny Eleanor  8 Apr 1850Orange NSW I14916
35 LANE Flora H.  1875Orange NSW I15098
36 LANE Florence E.  1865Orange NSW I14214
37 LANE Florence M.  1873Orange NSW I14965
38 LANE Frank D.  1898Orange NSW I15077
39 LANE Frederica Maud  1874Orange NSW I15135
40 LANE Frederick David  1884Orange NSW I15080
41 LANE Gladys Catherine  1888Orange NSW I15165
42 LANE Gladys Eva  1886Orange NSW I14800
43 LANE Grace J.  1867Orange NSW I15094
44 LANE Harold Pearce  1888Orange NSW I14225
45 LANE Hettie Austin  1867Orange NSW I14215
46 LANE Hubert Joseph  17 Sep 1861Orange NSW I14962
47 LANE Ida May  15 Apr 1873Orange NSW I14218
48 LANE Isabel Kate  1873Orange NSW I15097
49 LANE Jemima Catherine Jane Serjeant  1854Orange NSW I15016
50 LANE John R.  1883Orange NSW I14957
51 LANE Kassie Louise  1876Orange NSW I14967
52 LANE Leith Nixon  1858Orange NSW I15009
53 LANE Lena M.  1886Orange NSW I15164
54 LANE Leslie Allen  1872Orange NSW I15157
55 LANE Lillian Ada Maria  1893Orange NSW I15074
56 LANE Lisle M.  1892Orange NSW I15159
57 LANE Marcus A.D.  1887Orange NSW I15073
58 LANE Marcus Falloon  1856Orange NSW I15010
59 LANE Marion I.  21 Mar 1893Orange NSW I14972
60 LANE Mary A.  1875Orange NSW I14951
61 LANE Mary E.  1867Orange NSW I14210
62 LANE Mary Rundle  1871Orange NSW I14217
63 LANE Maud M.T.L.  1870Orange NSW I14211
64 LANE Milly B.  1875Orange NSW I14219
65 LANE Minnie R.  1879Orange NSW I14954
66 LANE Nellie Blanch  1876Orange NSW I14952
67 LANE Olive Marjorie  20 Feb 1882Orange NSW I14222
68 LANE Richard Clifton  1880Orange NSW I14221
69 LANE Robert Keith  1862Orange NSW I15011
70 LANE Ronald Tarleton  1906Orange NSW I14854
71 LANE Septimus Caesar  1865Orange NSW I15013
72 LANE Stella G.  1881Orange NSW I14956
73 LANE Sydney Herbert  1874Orange NSW I14209
74 LANE Theodore Howard  1854Orange NSW I14918
75 LANE Tracy Manton  1869Orange NSW I14963
76 LANE Una  16 Mar 1878Orange NSW I14220
77 LANE Unnamed  1863Orange NSW I15092
78 LANE Unnamed  1883Orange NSW I15162
79 LANE Wesley Geake  1892Orange NSW I14226
80 LANE William E.  1878Orange NSW I14953

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Matches 1 to 76 of 76

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRIDGE Elsie Violet May  1902Orange NSW I15168
2 BROWN Emily Louise Studd  Feb 1942Orange NSW I14256
3 BROWN Lilyon Jane  21 Mar 1962Orange NSW I14270
4 BURNSIDE Fanny Emma Mary  1952Orange NSW I15072
5 ELDER Ann  7 Nov 1902Orange NSW I14116
6 EVANS Clarence H.  1865Orange NSW I15140
7 EVANS Darces Herbert  1959Orange NSW I15145
8 EVANS William H.  1879Orange NSW I15139
9 GLASSON Samuel Sweetman  1953Orange NSW I15136
10 LANE Adeline Rhoda  1860Orange NSW I14920
11 LANE Arthur Ernest  1873Orange NSW I14917
12 LANE Edward Falloon  1876Orange NSW I15015
13 LANE Edwin Hurst  16 Jun 1926Orange NSW I14244
14 LANE Ellie Rene  12 Jun 1976Orange NSW I15075
15 LANE Emily M.  1868Orange NSW I14212
16 LANE Fanny Eleanor  1860Orange NSW I14916
17 LANE Florence E.  1899Orange NSW I14214
18 LANE Frederica Maud  1955Orange NSW I15135
19 LANE Frederick David  1961Orange NSW I15080
20 LANE Hettie Austin  14 Nov 1952Orange NSW I14215
21 LANE Hubert Joseph  3 Jan 1939Orange NSW I14962
22 LANE James Barrett  Jun 1907Orange NSW I14236
23 LANE John Draper  1879Orange NSW I14915
24 LANE John R.  1884Orange NSW I14957
25 LANE John Tom  31 Mar 1901Orange NSW I14233
26 LANE Marcus Falloon  1929Orange NSW I15010
27 LANE Mary Rundle  1871Orange NSW I14905
28 LANE Mary Rundle  1897Orange NSW I14217
29 LANE Mary Tom Lewis  1920Orange NSW I14241
30 LANE Maud M.T.L.  1870Orange NSW I14211
31 LANE Neta C.  1912Orange NSW I14857
32 LANE Thomas Tom  1897Orange NSW I14234
33 LANE William Geake  30 Oct 1928Orange NSW I14083
34 LANE William Lewis  1859Orange NSW I14914
35 LISTER Lucy Lina  1891Orange NSW I14328
36 LISTER Sarah Susanna  23 Sep 1890Orange NSW I14104
37 LISTER Thomas Sydney  8 May 1920Orange NSW I14317
38 MANTON Harriet Maria  26 Feb 1923Orange NSW I14961
39 MCCAW Eliza  10 May 1906Orange NSW I14245
40 MONTGOMERY Amy  2 Jun 1964Orange NSW I14290
41 MONTGOMERY Ellen Amy Kate  3 Aug 1964Orange NSW I14283
42 MONTGOMERY Henry Acheson  28 Sep 1963Orange NSW I14288
43 MONTGOMERY William Randolph  1 Nov 1883Orange NSW I14282
44 MOULDER Eliza  1862Orange NSW I14960
45 NICHOLLS Emily Kate, (twin)  20 Feb 1861Orange NSW I14198
46 NICHOLLS James Randle  28 Feb 1860Orange NSW I14196
47 NICHOLLS Mary Randle  22 Nov 1855Orange NSW I14195
48 OATES Frederick  1894Orange NSW I14837
49 OATES John Thomas "Jack"  16 Aug 1931Orange NSW I14807
50 PEARSE Eric B.  1897Orange NSW I14876
51 PIKE Garnet Edwin  1948Orange NSW I15982
52 SMITH Lancelot Machattie "Mac"  Mar 1956Orange NSW I14258
53 SPROULE Bertha Chatto St. George, OBE  30 Dec 1984Orange NSW I14259
54 TOM Annie Marion  5 Sep 1936Orange NSW I14266
55 TOM Annie Theresa  1949Orange NSW I14140
56 TOM Arthur Sebastapol  10 Oct 1927Orange NSW I14133
57 TOM Catherine Lane "Kate"  1946Orange NSW I14122
58 TOM Charles Cosma  1868Orange NSW I14138
59 TOM Emily Australia  18 Jun 1938Orange NSW I14121
60 TOM Emma Fletcher, (twin)  2 Dec 1872Orange NSW I14094
61 TOM Eric Nicholas  1964Orange NSW I14272
62 TOM Fanny Jane  1935Orange NSW I14118
63 TOM Gilbert Wesley  24 May 1955Orange NSW I14271
64 TOM Margaret E.  1870Orange NSW I14263
65 TOM Matthew Brownrigg  1948Orange NSW I14269
66 TOM Matthew Henry  1948Orange NSW I14148
67 TOM Nicholas  12 Oct 1888Orange NSW I14092
68 TOM Nicholas C.  1877Orange NSW I14265
69 TOM William  1919Orange NSW I14131
70 TOM William Wesley B.  21 May 1937Orange NSW I14268
71 WARING Charlotte  1895Orange NSW I15113
72 WATTS Gilbert John  1 Mar 1989Orange NSW I14303
73 WEBB Grace Mitchell  26 Oct 1994Orange NSW I16287
74 WEBB Hugh Claude "Claude"  14 Mar 1937Orange NSW I14170
75 WRIGHT Kathleen Mary  24 Feb 1953Orange NSW I20392
76 WRIGHT Marjorie Ann  14 May 2004Orange NSW I20393


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LISTER Katie Maude  Orange NSW I14325


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   1899Orange NSW F3253
2 BELL / PAWLEY  29 May 1937Orange NSW F3217
3 CRAWSHAW / LISTER  18 Feb 1910Orange NSW F4675
4 DALE / LANE  1882Orange NSW F4959
5 GLASSON / LANE  1903Orange NSW F4961
6 LANE / BOYLE  1919Orange NSW F4844
7 LANE / Dale  1864Orange NSW F4960
8 LANE / EVANS  1860Orange NSW F4948
9 LANE / IRVING  1882Orange NSW F4842
10 LANE / MOULDER  1860Orange NSW F4904
11 LANE / WARING  1892Orange NSW F4954
12 MONTGOMERY / ASTILL  1905Orange NSW F4659
13 REID / LANE  1901Orange NSW F4970
14 SIMPSON / LANE  31 Jan 1861Orange NSW F4883
15 SLOMAN / LANE  1903Orange NSW F4910
16 TOM / COLEMAN  1859Orange NSW F4637
17 TOM / WENZELL  1889Orange NSW F4815
18 UNDERWOOD / WEBB  1933Orange NSW F5349