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Mount Moriac VIC



Matches 1 to 61 of 61

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLIN John Henry  1867Mount Moriac VIC I6254
2 ALLIN Louisa  1870Mount Moriac VIC I6255
3 ALLIN Thomas  11 Apr 1858Mount Moriac VIC I6253
4 ALLIN William Richard  28 Apr 1860Mount Moriac VIC I3765
5 ARGUS Albert William  14 Jul 1873Mount Moriac VIC I19103
6 BAENSCH Charles Frederick  1890Mount Moriac VIC I12492
7 BLACK Isabella Jane  1868Mount Moriac VIC I12496
8 ERWIN Barbara Ann  1909Mount Moriac VIC I12502
9 ERWIN Elizabeth May  1905Mount Moriac VIC I12507
10 ERWIN Evelyn Mary  1903Mount Moriac VIC I12499
11 ERWIN Harold Henry  1901Mount Moriac VIC I12498
12 ERWIN Herbert Edward  1886Mount Moriac VIC I12398
13 ERWIN James Thomas  1879Mount Moriac VIC I12303
14 ERWIN Philip Thomas  1905Mount Moriac VIC I12500
15 ERWIN Ruth Caroline  1906Mount Moriac VIC I12501
16 ERWIN William Henry  1868Mount Moriac VIC I12395
17 FULTON Ivy Gladys Ann  3 Mar 1906Mount Moriac VIC I12407
18 HUIE James  10 Oct 1875Mount Moriac VIC I4706
19 HUNTER Gordon James Vernon  1916Mount Moriac VIC I12470
20 HUNTER Ida Lilian  1914Mount Moriac VIC I12469
21 HUNTER Maurice Kenneth Edwin  1918Mount Moriac VIC I12471
22 LARCOMBE Olive May Louisa  10 May 1907Mount Moriac VIC I12608
23 LAWRENCE Charles Ernest  1872Mount Moriac VIC I19094
24 LEIBHARDT Robert John  Abt 1884Mount Moriac VIC I12450
25 LEIBHARDT Sophia Johanna  1882Mount Moriac VIC I12463
26 LITCHFIELD Caroline Matilda  1866Mount Moriac VIC I9918
27 LITCHFIELD Charles Henry  1872Mount Moriac VIC I9942
28 LITCHFIELD Clara Edith  1870Mount Moriac VIC I9913
29 LITCHFIELD Edgar Joseph  1871Mount Moriac VIC I9914
30 LITCHFIELD Elizabeth Ann  1863Mount Moriac VIC I9911
31 LITCHFIELD Eva Allin  1874Mount Moriac VIC I9915
32 LITCHFIELD Herbert Ernest  1864Mount Moriac VIC I9912
33 MATTHEWS Albert Alfred  1868Mount Moriac VIC I9251
34 MATTHEWS Charles Frederick  1876Mount Moriac VIC I9245
35 MATTHEWS Flora Elizabeth Jane  1873Mount Moriac VIC I9243
36 MATTHEWS Lillias May  29 May 1885Mount Moriac VIC I4401
37 MATTHEWS Richard Josiah  1866Mount Moriac VIC I9249
38 MATTHEWS Samuel  1870Mount Moriac VIC I9250
39 MATTHEWS Walter William  1874Mount Moriac VIC I9244
40 O'BRIEN Agnes Matilda  Abt 1851Mount Moriac VIC I3725
41 PIPER Alfred Henry  20 Feb 1873Mount Moriac VIC I4365
42 PIPER Edwin Thomas  Jan 1875Mount Moriac VIC I4366
43 PIPER Emily Charlotte  Feb 1881Mount Moriac VIC I4368
44 PIPER Emma Elizabeth  Nov 1879Mount Moriac VIC I4367
45 PIPER Francis Reuben  1913Mount Moriac VIC I3501
46 PIPER Herbert Arthur  Feb 1883Mount Moriac VIC I13274
47 PIPER James Edward  Oct 1867Mount Moriac VIC I4364
48 PIPER Philip Ernest  18 Oct 1871Mount Moriac VIC I436
49 PIPER Reuben Ambrose  Dec 1877Mount Moriac VIC I437
50 PIPER Walter William  Oct 1869Mount Moriac VIC I434
51 ROGERS Margaret Louisa  1880Mount Moriac VIC I4393
52 ROGERS Martin Allen  27 Jun 1876Mount Moriac VIC I8196
53 ROGERS Mary Hannah  1869Mount Moriac VIC I6347
54 SEIFFERT George Alfred  1908Mount Moriac VIC I12433
55 SEIFFERT Ivy Myrtle  1910Mount Moriac VIC I12434
56 SEIFFERT Kenneth Thomas  1907Mount Moriac VIC I12435
57 TREADWELL Charlotte Grace  23 Oct 1871Mount Moriac VIC I4407
58 TREADWELL John Thomas  31 May 1867Mount Moriac VIC I4405
59 TREWIN Edith Matilda  1869Mount Moriac VIC I19025
60 WALKER Claude Nicholson  1910Mount Moriac VIC I12306
61 WALTER Elizabeth Ann  27 Jan 1858Mount Moriac VIC I6409


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLIN Benjamin Axford, JP  24 Dec 1920Mount Moriac VIC I3252
2 ALLIN John Henry  Jan 1938Mount Moriac VIC I6254
3 JEWELL Elizabeth  3 Apr 1917Mount Moriac VIC I6250
4 LITCHFIELD Charles Henry  1873Mount Moriac VIC I9942
5 LITCHFIELD Elizabeth Ann  31 Mar 1874Mount Moriac VIC I9911
6 LITCHFIELD Eva Allin  1874Mount Moriac VIC I9915
7 MCGILL William Herd  14 Dec 1874Mount Moriac VIC I3708
8 PIPER John Thomas  2 Apr 1890Mount Moriac VIC I3798
9 SEIFFERT Annie Louisa May  1908Mount Moriac VIC I12437
10 SEIFFERT Charles William  1908Mount Moriac VIC I12441
11 SIMMONS Thomas  18 Jul 1921Mount Moriac VIC I12356
12 SMALE Thomas, JP  24 May 1883Mount Moriac VIC I2418