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Collingwood VIC



Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARMODY Francis Joseph "Frank"  1904Collingwood VIC I4301
2 CROPLEY Stanley Walter  1908Collingwood VIC I8499
3 DOWNES Charles Hanmer  1905Collingwood VIC I7232
4 DUTTON Harry Leonard  Abt 1913Collingwood VIC I13198
5 EBZERY Allan Arthur  9 Nov 1913Collingwood VIC I1574
6 FAIRFAX Phoebe Ann Clarissa  1885Collingwood VIC I109
7 FROMER Sophie  1889Collingwood VIC I9643
8 GREEN Ernest  1893Collingwood VIC I14342
9 HART Frederick William  1856Collingwood VIC I13032
10 HOOPER George Ernest  1869Collingwood VIC I9080
11 LIMB Gwendoline May  1892Collingwood VIC I19325
12 MANSON James Henry  1886Collingwood VIC I19725
13 MCGINTY Albert  May 1877Collingwood VIC I3651
14 MCGINTY Alice Maud Selina  14 May 1867Collingwood VIC I3646
15 MCGINTY Edward Michael  1867Collingwood VIC I628
16 MCGINTY Herbert Andrew Richard  1869Collingwood VIC I3647
17 MCGINTY John Joseph  1870Collingwood VIC I629
18 MCGINTY Margo Leone Celestine, (Twin)  22 Mar 1875Collingwood VIC I3649
19 MCGINTY Marie Louise Jacqueline, (Twin)  22 Mar 1875Collingwood VIC I3650
20 MCGINTY Nina Constance Katherine  1873Collingwood VIC I3648
21 MCINERNEY Mary Catherine  1878Collingwood VIC I614
22 PAISLEY Gladys Clara  1916Collingwood VIC I12494
23 QUILLIGAN Eleanor Mary  1889Collingwood VIC I9042
24 QUILLIGAN Rose Mary  1891Collingwood VIC I9043
25 REDFERN Annie May  16 Jan 1909Collingwood VIC I9709
26 ROBINS Ivy May  1915Collingwood VIC I11661
27 ROBINS Mary Agnes  1916Collingwood VIC I11662
28 ROBINS William John  1913Collingwood VIC I11687
29 RODDA Nathan James  1 Nov 1890Collingwood VIC I17861
30 SUMNER Victoria Beatrice  18 Jun 1887Collingwood VIC I3833
31 TANSLEY George Frederick  1904Collingwood VIC I9269
32 TUCKER Alice Maud  1891Collingwood VIC I641
33 VEITH Ursula Lillian Ray  1918Collingwood VIC I2142
34 WALTER Ida Merrell  25 May 1909Collingwood VIC I8810


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 JEWELL Charles Cottle  1923Collingwood VIC I10662
2 JEWELL Elizabeth Ethel "Ethel"  22 Mar 1919Collingwood VIC I10665
3 MCLOUGHLIN Catherine Mary  1925Collingwood VIC I9034
4 ROBINS Ivy May  Sep 1915Collingwood VIC I11661
5 ROBINS William John  1914Collingwood VIC I11687