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Bideford DEV



Matches 1 to 73 of 73

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (----) Mary  Abt 1842Bideford DEV I16378
2 BOND Christine  1911Bideford DEV I10809
3 BOND Eva  1912Bideford DEV I10801
4 BOND Jack  1910Bideford DEV I10797
5 BOND Julia  1914Bideford DEV I10803
6 BRADDICK Dorothy Gertrude  1904Bideford DEV I20368
7 BRADDICK Ernest Edward  Between Oct 1878 and Dec 1878Bideford DEV I16215
8 BRADDICK George Hobart  7 Jun 1877Bideford DEV I16214
9 BRADDICK Hilda Frances  17 Jun 1905Bideford DEV I20369
10 BRADDICK James Montague  Oct 1872Bideford DEV I16211
11 BRADDICK John Short  Between Jul 1871 and Sep 1871Bideford DEV I16210
12 BRADDICK Joseph Reginald  Between Jul 1889 and Sep 1889Bideford DEV I16219
13 BRADDICK Maud  Between Jul 1882 and Sep 1882Bideford DEV I16216
14 BRADDICK Minnie May  Apr 1896Bideford DEV I16221
15 BRADDICK Minnie Wrey  Between Apr 1876 and Jun 1876Bideford DEV I16213
16 BRADDICK Naomi Ellen  Between Oct 1886 and Dec 1886Bideford DEV I16217
17 BRADDICK Stephen Clode  Between Apr 1870 and Jun 1870Bideford DEV I16209
18 BRADDICK William Teed  Between Jan 1875 and Mar 1875Bideford DEV I16212
19 BRIMACOMBE Charles Edward  1879Bideford DEV I5679
20 BUTLER Florence  20 Feb 1907Bideford DEV I10852
21 BUTLER Fred  Abt 1896Bideford DEV I10850
22 BUTLER Irene  24 Oct 1904Bideford DEV I10851
23 BUTLER Minnie  Abt 1915Bideford DEV I10854
24 BUTLER Thomas  Abt 1878Bideford DEV I10846
25 COLWILL Bessie Anna Walter  Between Oct 1859 and Dec 1859Bideford DEV I16385
26 COLWILL Charles  11 Apr 1819Bideford DEV I16314
27 COLWILL Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1824Bideford DEV I16316
28 COLWILL James  1836Bideford DEV I16319
29 COLWILL Philip  1820Bideford DEV I16315
30 COLWILL Richard Walter  1826Bideford DEV I16317
31 COLWILL William  Abt 1831Bideford DEV I16318
32 COLWILL William Walter P.  1867Bideford DEV I16386
33 EASTMAN Julie  1 May 1973Bideford DEV I11379
34 ELLIOTT Dorothy Joan  Between Jul 1923 and Sep 1923Bideford DEV I1064
35 ELLIOTT Herbert William  6 Jul 1892Bideford DEV I1063
36 FRY Eliza Freda  17 Dec 1848Bideford DEV I17355
37 FRY Fannie C.  4 Jan 1848Bideford DEV I17356
38 FRY Philip Colwill  15 Oct 1852Bideford DEV I17360
39 FRY William  1852Bideford DEV I17358
40 FURSEY Edith May  1 Jun 1902Bideford DEV I11284
41 GLOVER Emmaline  Sep 1851Bideford DEV I1021
42 HEARD Grace  1858Bideford DEV I3780
43 HOLLINGSWORTH Steven  14 Aug 1974Bideford DEV I11366
44 HOLLINGSWORTH Terry  14 Nov 1976Bideford DEV I11367
45 JEWELL Doris Margery  1900Bideford DEV I16393
46 JEWELL Evelyn May  1886Bideford DEV I16389
47 JEWELL Florence Ellen  1882Bideford DEV I16388
48 JEWELL George Percival  1888Bideford DEV I16390
49 JEWELL Reginald Arthur  1898Bideford DEV I16392
50 JEWELL Stanley Herbert  1890Bideford DEV I16391
51 JOHNS William Walter  10 Nov 1831Bideford DEV I9144
52 KEEN Patricia  12 Jul 1932Bideford DEV I11384
53 LANE Mary Isabella  Abt 1860Bideford DEV I980
54 LEMON Edward B.  1917Bideford DEV I10814
55 LEMON Edward Thomas  1871Bideford DEV I10813
56 LEMON Valerie J.  1941Bideford DEV I10816
57 LEMON Wilfred M.  1919Bideford DEV I10817
58 NORTHEY Esther N.  10 Jan 1840Bideford DEV I20273
59 PEARD James  1823Bideford DEV I5715
60 PILLMAN Elizabeth Rendall  Jun 1839Bideford DEV I1031
61 PRIDHAM Ann  Abt 1818Bideford DEV I16321
62 SHORT Denys Robert Charles  20 Feb 1928Bideford DEV I11480
63 TREBLE John Brimacombe  1807Bideford DEV I5629
64 WALTER Aaron Sidney  8 Nov 1987Bideford DEV I11377
65 WALTER Andrew  19 Jul 1932Bideford DEV I18817
66 WALTER Mark Ivon  8 Nov 1968Bideford DEV I11373
67 WALTER Nathan  10 Aug 1993Bideford DEV I11376
68 WALTER Samuel  Between Apr 1839 and Jun 1839Bideford DEV I11889
69 WARE Rosina  1946Bideford DEV I10833
70 WHITLOCK Claude  11 Sep 1906Bideford DEV I10853
71 WICKETT Evelyn Mary "Betty"  9 Jan 1928Bideford DEV I18811
72 WILLS Elizabeth Hoskin  1855Bideford DEV I5724
73 WILLS Emma Grigg  Dec 1853Bideford DEV I5723


Matches 1 to 51 of 51

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRADDICK Ernest Edward  Between Apr 1890 and Jun 1890Bideford DEV I16215
2 BRADDICK George Hobart  12 Jul 1961Bideford DEV I16214
3 BRADDICK James Montague  4 Jun 1920Bideford DEV I16211
4 BRADDICK John Short  Between Jan 1954 and Mar 1954Bideford DEV I16210
5 BRADDICK Minnie May  Jun 1967Bideford DEV I16221
6 BRADDICK Olive Mary  1972Bideford DEV I20366
7 BRADDICK Stephen Clode  6 Nov 1934Bideford DEV I16209
8 BRADDICK William Teed  1957Bideford DEV I16212
9 BUTLER Florence  27 Aug 2004Bideford DEV I10852
10 BUTLER Irene  1992Bideford DEV I10851
11 CHUBB Elizabeth Grace  8 Mar 1929Bideford DEV I10674
12 CHUBB John Walter  1933Bideford DEV I10673
13 COLWILL Elizabeth Ann  19 Feb 1893Bideford DEV I16316
14 COLWILL Phillip  28 Jun 1884Bideford DEV I2153
15 CORY Emma  1893Bideford DEV I10884
16 CORY James  8 Oct 1928Bideford DEV I20773
17 DUNN Lilian Babbage  17 Feb 1954Bideford DEV I20881
18 ELLIOTT Herbert William  30 Apr 1973Bideford DEV I1063
19 FRAIN Emma Jane  1984Bideford DEV I10070
20 FRAIN Mary Bessie  16 Apr 1969Bideford DEV I10062
21 FRY William  11 May 1912Bideford DEV I17358
22 GRILLS Richard  1849Bideford DEV I20475
23 HARRIS Elizabeth Ann  1 Apr 1949Bideford DEV I18554
24 JOHNS John  5 Jan 1937Bideford DEV I9182
25 LEMON Edward Thomas  1932Bideford DEV I10813
26 LITTLEJOHNS Damaris Anne  Between Apr 1972 and Jun 1972Bideford DEV I19448
27 NETHERWAY Eusebius  1965Bideford DEV I16008
28 NICHOLLS Lillian Grace  Jan 1915Bideford DEV I16220
29 PILLMAN Annie Mary  19 Jan 1946Bideford DEV I18547
30 PILLMAN Emala  1957Bideford DEV I18545
31 Rev. REED William Bryan  12 Feb 1936Bideford DEV I20271
32 SHORT Bertie Richard Ching  29 Aug 1961Bideford DEV I11449
33 SHORT Emma Jane Wilton  18 Jul 1972Bideford DEV I10656
34 SHORT Ernest Theodore Grills  May 1951Bideford DEV I10658
35 SHORT Olive Mary Ching  26 Mar 1973Bideford DEV I11451
36 SHORT Sophia Cottle  Jun 1928Bideford DEV I10646
37 SYMONS Elizabeth Ann  1952Bideford DEV I2438
38 VANSTONE Emma  1911Bideford DEV I10810
39 WALTER Alice Maude  Dec 1976Bideford DEV I2442
40 WALTER Elizabeth  1869Bideford DEV I2152
41 WALTER Elizabeth  Aug 1886Bideford DEV I7368
42 WALTER Fred  7 Mar 1984Bideford DEV I11036
43 WALTER John Henry  21 Jan 1920Bideford DEV I7258
44 WALTER Lewis William  28 Apr 1949Bideford DEV I2365
45 WALTER Patricia Anne  9 Feb 1987Bideford DEV I11339
46 WALTER Sidney  1932Bideford DEV I11331
47 WICKETT Charles  7 Feb 1980Bideford DEV I1054
48 WICKETT Frederick Thomas  2 Jul 1932Bideford DEV I1037
49 WICKETT John  1977Bideford DEV I1052
50 WICKETT Laura  12 Oct 1986Bideford DEV I1053
51 WOOLDRIDGE Rachel Asenath  1917Bideford DEV I22208


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 SHORT Ernest Theodore Grills  8 May 1951Bideford DEV I10658


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   7 Dec 1895Bideford DEV F3617
2 ASHTON / FRAIN  1906Bideford DEV F3259
3 ASHTON / JEFFREY  19 Aug 1954Bideford DEV F3260
4 BISHOP / CANN  25 Aug 1707Bideford DEV F1231
5 BRADDICK / SHORT  Between Apr 1869 and Jun 1869Bideford DEV F5314
6 CANN / HANCOCK  22 Mar 1838Bideford DEV F1069
7 CLEAVER / ELLIOTT  Between Jul 1946 and Sep 1946Bideford DEV F397
8 COLWILL / PRIDHAM  Abt 1840Bideford DEV F5359
9 FRAIN / WALTER  Between Apr 1870 and Jun 1870Bideford DEV F3258
10 SHORT / STRONG  13 Apr 1925Bideford DEV F3689
11 TAYLOR / TREMEERE  20 Nov 1776Bideford DEV F7247