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Stawell VIC



Matches 1 to 59 of 59

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRAY Elsie Louisa  1884Stawell VIC I33953
2 BROWN Charles Henry  1898Stawell VIC I4317
3 BROWN Francis Joseph  1902Stawell VIC I4319
4 BROWN Mary Angela  1907Stawell VIC I4320
5 BROWN Patricia Josephine  1899Stawell VIC I4318
6 BROWN Watson Lonsdale  1904Stawell VIC I4321
7 BUSHICK Ivy May  Abt 1901Stawell VIC I9683
8 COOPER John Davidson  Abt 1899Stawell VIC I9349
9 DUNSTER Edward Herbert  Abt 1907Stawell VIC I4489
10 DUNSTER Effie Doris Charlotte, (Twin)  5 Sep 1904Stawell VIC I4491
11 DUNSTER Marion May  17 Sep 1901Stawell VIC I4447
12 DUNSTER Nellie Doreen Grace, (Twin)  5 Sep 1904Stawell VIC I4492
13 DUNSTER Norman James  Abt 1913Stawell VIC I4490
14 FOUGHEY Annie  1880Stawell VIC I4258
15 FOUGHEY William  1882Stawell VIC I4259
16 GENDALL William Henry  1909Stawell VIC I11696
17 HARRIS Arthur Wright  6 Feb 1900Stawell VIC I1285
18 HARRIS Dorothy Minnie  Abt 1903Stawell VIC I1286
19 HARRIS Vera Grace  6 Dec 1905Stawell VIC I1287
20 KELLY Elsie May  4 Oct 1912Stawell VIC I13293
21 KINGSTON Ethel May  Abt 1890Stawell VIC I4484
22 LESLIE Donald  23 Nov 1942Stawell VIC I8592
23 MARSHMAN Gordon Albert  Abt 1903Stawell VIC I12661
24 O'BRIEN Emily  Abt 1863Stawell VIC I1436
25 RIBE Albert Garrett  1876Stawell VIC I1462
26 RIBE Annie Victoria  11 Apr 1890Stawell VIC I1457
27 RIBE Edward James  23 Jan 1888Stawell VIC I1467
28 RIBE Herman Herbert  1896Stawell VIC I1460
29 RIBE John Henry  1882Stawell VIC I1465
30 RIBE Matilda May  1885Stawell VIC I1466
31 RIBE William Frederick  1875Stawell VIC I1461
32 RODDA Mary Ann  1887Stawell VIC I17859
33 RODDA Nathaniel Thomas  1887Stawell VIC I17860
34 TOMLINSON Annie  1883Stawell VIC I4268
35 TOMLINSON Edward, (Twin)  1912Stawell VIC I4350
36 TOMLINSON Edward Thomas  1882Stawell VIC I4267
37 TOMLINSON Elizabeth Agnes  1886Stawell VIC I4270
38 TOMLINSON Emily  1889Stawell VIC I4265
39 TOMLINSON Francis  1884Stawell VIC I4269
40 TOMLINSON Henry Park  1 Sep 1896Stawell VIC I4264
41 TOMLINSON Joseph Garret  1890Stawell VIC I4263
42 TOMLINSON Kathleen Mary  1914Stawell VIC I4352
43 TOMLINSON Margaret  1887Stawell VIC I4271
44 TOMLINSON Teresa  1894Stawell VIC I4261
45 TOMLINSON Teresa Ida  1917Stawell VIC I4353
46 TOMLINSON Thomas, (Twin)  1912Stawell VIC I4351
47 TOMLINSON William  2 Jan 1892Stawell VIC I4262
48 TREADWELL James John, MM  3 Jun 1897Stawell VIC I4500
49 TREADWELL Margery May  24 May 1895Stawell VIC I4501
50 WALTER Alexander Oxenham  1901Stawell VIC I515
51 WALTER Emmeline May  1899Stawell VIC I433
52 WALTER Henry  Abt 1890Stawell VIC I37346
53 WALTER James  Abt 1887Stawell VIC I37344
54 WALTER John  Abt 1884Stawell VIC I37342
55 WALTER John Andrew  2 Jun 1894Stawell VIC I517
56 WALTER Mary  Nov 1882Stawell VIC I37341
57 WALTER Thomas  Abt 1889Stawell VIC I37345
58 WALTER William  Abt 1885Stawell VIC I37343
59 WEST Albert Gordon  4 Jan 1905Stawell VIC I4423


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 FOUGHEY William  1884Stawell VIC I4259
2 FOUGHEY William  1902Stawell VIC I4256
3 HARRIS Dorothy Minnie  1903Stawell VIC I1286
4 HARRIS Walter Newland  1956Stawell VIC I635
5 HUNTER Mary  May 1912Stawell VIC I37339
6 KENNEDY Lillian May  1924Stawell VIC I3829
7 MCPHEE Gordon Kenneth  31 Dec 1983Stawell VIC I4123
8 O'BRIEN Garrett  23 Nov 1899Stawell VIC I3682
9 POLA Joyce Ethel  1953Stawell VIC I9684
10 POLA Peter Herbert  15 Mar 1947Stawell VIC I9682
11 RODDA Mary Ann  1887Stawell VIC I17859
12 RODDA Nathaniel Thomas  1887Stawell VIC I17860
13 TOMLINSON Edward, (Twin)  1912Stawell VIC I4350
14 TOMLINSON Teresa  1898Stawell VIC I4261
15 TOMLINSON Thomas, (Twin)  1912Stawell VIC I4351
16 TOMLINSON William Thomas  1897Stawell VIC I4260
17 WALTER James  1882Stawell VIC I37340
18 WALTER James  2 Jan 1903Stawell VIC I16401


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 O'BRIEN Bridget Ann  Sep 1940Stawell VIC I1880


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HARRIS / WRIGHT  12 Apr 1898Stawell VIC F247
2 JEWELL / RODDA  1902Stawell VIC F5845
3 JEWELL / RODDA  1902Stawell VIC F5844
4 RIBE / O'BRIEN  21 May 1874Stawell VIC F507
5 WALTER / MIDDLETON  1906Stawell VIC F186