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Richmond VIC



Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BELL William Francis  Abt 1889Richmond VIC I31991
2 CANDY Wallace Anderson  1918Richmond VIC I9922
3 CARMODY Eileen May  1902Richmond VIC I4300
4 CARMODY Monica Teresa  22 Jul 1905Richmond VIC I4302
5 CATO William Douglas Frederick  26 Nov 1919Richmond VIC I13172
6 CLARKE Catherine Ellen  1904Richmond VIC I1625
7 COOK Lilian May  Abt 1907Richmond VIC I13847
8 DEGERING Ida Margaret  1906Richmond VIC I13168
9 DUNNE John Patrick  1899Richmond VIC I4306
10 ENDERBY Lindsay George  16 Jan 1919Richmond VIC I8690
11 GREEN Edward Ignatius  1906Richmond VIC I678
12 GREEN Herbert Cyril Augustine  13 Dec 1908Richmond VIC I679
13 GREEN Ignatius Edward James  1873Richmond VIC I618
14 GREEN Rose Mary Frances  1871Richmond VIC I1617
15 GREEN William Edward Joseph  1902Richmond VIC I13181
16 HART Myrtle Edith  1880Richmond VIC I13033
17 HILL Anthony Rowland  9 May 1960Richmond VIC I19775
18 HOPPER Patrick Francis  Abt 1890Richmond VIC I649
19 MATHESON Agnes  1905Richmond VIC I4296
20 MATHESON Francis Roderick  1902Richmond VIC I4294
21 MATHESON Kevan Patrick  1903Richmond VIC I4295
22 MATHESON Marie Trese  11 Jul 1907Richmond VIC I4297
23 MCINERNEY Alice Mary  1881Richmond VIC I615
24 MCINERNEY Gertrude Mary  1883Richmond VIC I616
25 MCINERNEY Rose Frances  1872Richmond VIC I610
26 OPIE Ivy  7 Aug 1897Richmond VIC I8496
27 REEDMAN Joan Martha  Abt 1922Richmond VIC I1406
28 RICHARDS Robert Samuel  29 Nov 1891Richmond VIC I13166
29 ROBERTSON Betty Kirkland  1917Richmond VIC I8020
30 ROBINS Alan Leslie  9 May 1915Richmond VIC I11688
31 ROBINS Alfred French  1893Richmond VIC I4135
32 ROBINS Jean Alice  1918Richmond VIC I11663
33 ROBINS Margaret Bateman  1918Richmond VIC I11668
34 ROBINS Margaret Evelyn  1918Richmond VIC I11692
35 ROBINS Marion Maude Hope  1887Richmond VIC I4134
36 ROBINS Ruby Faith  1890Richmond VIC I4136
37 SHORTALL Edward Joseph  1918Richmond VIC I1614
38 SMALE Doreen  1903Richmond VIC I4186
39 SMETHURST Jessie Eliza  1887Richmond VIC I35057
40 SUMMERS Robert Ernest  1892Richmond VIC I9953
41 SUMMERSGILL William Richmond  8 Sep 1876Richmond VIC I8194
42 TINKLER George Stephen, MID  29 Jan 1919Richmond VIC I8514
43 TUCKER Ethel May  1887Richmond VIC I639
44 WATSON Edward Albert  1889Richmond VIC I7221
45 WENSOR Minnie  18 Feb 1915Richmond VIC I19293
46 WHITEMAN Charles Alec  Abt 1914Richmond VIC I11873
47 WILKESON August Sylvester  1902Richmond VIC I9091
48 WILLS Doris Mary  1907Richmond VIC I584
49 WILLS Frank Leslie Francis  24 Jul 1909Richmond VIC I583
50 WILLS John Henry  1905Richmond VIC I585


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLARKE Frederick Charles  11 Jan 1905Richmond VIC I1624
2 DONOVAN Richard John  25 May 1954Richmond VIC I20988
3 DOWLING Agnes Rosina Margaret  29 Jun 1920Richmond VIC I1337
4 ECKHARDT Harold Thomas  Jun 1938Richmond VIC I7387
5 HARDERS Mabel Ada  6 Aug 1967Richmond VIC I4090
6 HILL Robina, (Twin)  20 Jul 1945Richmond VIC I6512
7 LEIGH Fanny Ann  8 Nov 1925Richmond VIC I8192
8 LILLICO Andrew  1944Richmond VIC I12754
9 MADSEN Lily Anderson  Jul 1962Richmond VIC I19320
10 MCDONELL Kenneth  22 Oct 1980Richmond VIC I14339
11 MCGINTY Rose  Cal Apr 1905Richmond VIC I3669
12 MCINERNEY Aloysius Edward Curoe  1894Richmond VIC I611
13 MCINERNEY John Patrick  Cal Apr 1905Richmond VIC I612
14 OSTERFIELD Emily Adelaide  1964Richmond VIC I34859
15 POLA Anthony Arthur  1960Richmond VIC I9686
16 POLA Anthony Arthur  23 May 1960Richmond VIC I12955
17 ROBERTSON Alexander  1958Richmond VIC I4292
18 ROBINS William Edwin Pine  Mar 1890Richmond VIC I4132
19 SEACH Cecil Roy  29 Apr 1958Richmond VIC I12401
20 STRICKLAND Victoria Bradbury Tilley  Oct 1958Richmond VIC I2255
21 SWAN Graham Arthur  1941Richmond VIC I13890
22 SYMONS George  22 May 1935Richmond VIC I3868
23 TREWIN Hannah Lousia  1934Richmond VIC I18905
24 TREWIN Mary Jane  1934Richmond VIC I19227
25 TUCKER Beatrice Maud  Jul 1951Richmond VIC I6611
26 WALTER William Joseph  Aug 1978Richmond VIC I518
27 WELLS William Elliott  Oct 1985Richmond VIC I1576
28 WILLS Doris Mary  1917Richmond VIC I584


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAYLY / MCDONALD  28 Sep 1940Richmond VIC F8932