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Heidelberg VIC



Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DOWNING William Hooper  Abt 1890Heidelberg VIC I35856
2 Rev. FOWLER Henry Michael Clarke  8 Jun 1862Heidelberg VIC I491
3 LEWIS Charles Richard  Abt 1861Heidelberg VIC I35852
4 LEWIS Russell  Abt 1894Heidelberg VIC I35853
5 SCOWN Beryl Mary  Abt 1894Heidelberg VIC I35860
6 WILLIAMS Amee Lee  2006Heidelberg VIC I15261


Matches 1 to 61 of 61

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS Arthur Thomas George  1978Heidelberg VIC I13051
2 ANSON Alexander Edward George  28 Jan 1951Heidelberg VIC I1826
3 ARGUS Vera Daphne  8 Jun 1963Heidelberg VIC I38787
4 AYARS William Fern  May 1974Heidelberg VIC I4223
5 BAKER Lewis Harlock  Jun 1958Heidelberg VIC I13661
6 BALL Ina Grace  17 Jan 1971Heidelberg VIC I8784
7 BENNETT Kardinia May Pearl  11 Sep 1966Heidelberg VIC I13165
8 BROWN Watson Lonsdale  Oct 1982Heidelberg VIC I4321
9 CHING Harold Walter  21 Feb 1962Heidelberg VIC I6241
10 CHING Harriet Walter  1962Heidelberg VIC I28417
11 COATH Walter Leonard  1969Heidelberg VIC I8252
12 COLE Thomas Keith  Apr 1965Heidelberg VIC I42767
13 COTTON Rose Henrietta  May 1956Heidelberg VIC I18980
14 COTTON Walter Percival  Dec 1948Heidelberg VIC I18982
15 DAVIS Phillip Henry  1962Heidelberg VIC I15808
16 DENHOLM Lily Esther  Jun 1976Heidelberg VIC I2345
17 DOWN Florence Emily  1971Heidelberg VIC I36160
18 DOWNING Robert Clifford  11 Sep 1949Heidelberg VIC I35855
19 DRAYTON Ivan  13 Jan 1953Heidelberg VIC I12671
20 EASTAWAY Eileen Frederica  1974Heidelberg VIC I24917
21 EASTAWAY Estella May  19 Nov 1975Heidelberg VIC I24918
22 EASTAWAY Frederick George  1976Heidelberg VIC I24862
23 FARR George William  12 Aug 1980Heidelberg VIC I9294
24 FRY Albert John Leslie  1982Heidelberg VIC I7931
25 GAY Marjorie Ada  1983Heidelberg VIC I33529
26 GIST Dora Elizabeth  1970Heidelberg VIC I32129
27 GIST Howard Ernest  2003Heidelberg VIC I32132
28 GUEST Joseph David John  10 Nov 1974Heidelberg VIC I11697
29 HART Lily Victoria Myrtle  20 Aug 1966Heidelberg VIC I13036
30 HART Nellie Kardinia Sharland  15 Mar 1981Heidelberg VIC I13040
31 HILL Lydia Jane  Dec 1931Heidelberg VIC I3784
32 HOLLOWAY Alexander Gordon  30 Nov 1974Heidelberg VIC I12821
33 JOYCE Edward  22 Nov 1961Heidelberg VIC I32572
34 LITTLEHALES Royal Morgan  4 Jun 1974Heidelberg VIC I12900
35 MARENDAZ Gustav Samuel Thomas  4 Jun 1968Heidelberg VIC I19001
36 MATTHEWS Albert Charles  20 Jul 1964Heidelberg VIC I36162
37 MCDONALD Allan  6 Dec 1970Heidelberg VIC I27629
38 MCDONALD Roderick  30 Oct 1942Heidelberg VIC I27634
39 MCGINTY Margot Leone Celestine, (Twin)  11 Jun 1910Heidelberg VIC I3649
40 MCGINTY Wilfred George  15 May 1983Heidelberg VIC I18805
41 MCGREGOR Alan Duncan  7 Jul 1954Heidelberg VIC I9228
42 NANKERVIS Colin Leslie  Jun 1971Heidelberg VIC I19622
43 O'BREE Patricia Catherine  Dec 2016Heidelberg VIC I32361
44 O'NEILL John Hugh  1962Heidelberg VIC I13877
45 PARK Walter David  14 Jun 1975Heidelberg VIC I8337
46 PENGLASE Catherine Victoria  1963Heidelberg VIC I34813
47 POWER Clyde Joslin  19 Oct 1960Heidelberg VIC I13886
48 ROBERTSON Edith Ethel  11 Mar 1982Heidelberg VIC I1703
49 RODDA William Allen  1980Heidelberg VIC I17863
50 ROWSELL Henry Edward  15 Feb 1970Heidelberg VIC I4496
51 SCULLY Enid Kathleen  13 May 1960Heidelberg VIC I9949
52 SHERRY Charles Alfred  Feb 1965Heidelberg VIC I11156
53 SMITH Eva Ada  24 Jul 1981Heidelberg VIC I35744
54 TREWIN Lawrence Walter  Sep 1967Heidelberg VIC I15647
55 VEITH Charles Eugene Arthur  1945Heidelberg VIC I27208
56 WALTER Roger  3 May 1851Heidelberg VIC I3106
57 WALTER Sidney Clifford  18 Dec 1977Heidelberg VIC I8315
58 WARNE Susan  Jul 1927Heidelberg VIC I4349
59 WILKESON August Sylvester  1953Heidelberg VIC I9091
60 WILLIAMS Frederick James  Nov 1970Heidelberg VIC I32474
61 WRIGHT Horace Alan  20 Jul 1977Heidelberg VIC I1300