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Barnstaple DEV



Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOND Christine  4 Aug 1911Barnstaple DEV I25005
2 BOND Eva  1 Oct 1912Barnstaple DEV I25006
3 BOND Reginald Edgar  1916Barnstaple DEV I25007
4 BRACE Gertrude Mary  Abt 1902Barnstaple DEV I27103
5 CANNE Mary  Abt 1656/57Barnstaple DEV I3768
6 EASTAWAY Grace  Abt 1736Barnstaple DEV I24769
7 EASTAWAY Henry  Abt 1744Barnstaple DEV I24773
8 EASTAWAY Joanna  Abt 1737Barnstaple DEV I24770
9 EASTAWAY John  Abt 1746Barnstaple DEV I24774
10 EASTAWAY William  Abt 1726Barnstaple DEV I24768
11 GRIGG Reuben  9 Mar 1866Barnstaple DEV I17051
12 HEARD Elizabeth  Cal 1849Barnstaple DEV I20471
13 HEARD John Hosking  Abt 1829Barnstaple DEV I20470
14 HEARD Joseph  25 Mar 1846Barnstaple DEV I20468
15 HEARD Margaret  Abt 1834Barnstaple DEV I20472
16 HEARD William Thomas  Cal 1836Barnstaple DEV I20469
17 MARTIN William Reed  1859Barnstaple DEV I22109
18 MULES Grace  Abt 1704Barnstaple DEV I24767
19 SYMONS Elizabeth Ann  Sep 1872Barnstaple DEV I2438
20 TANCOCK Charles  1893Barnstaple DEV I20891
21 TANCOCK Sidney William  1896Barnstaple DEV I20893
22 WALTER Annie Louise  Apr 1892Barnstaple DEV I2440
23 WALTER Doris Mabel  27 Jan 1904Barnstaple DEV I2398
24 WALTER Francis Richard  6 Jul 1896Barnstaple DEV I2370
25 WALTER Leslie John  5 May 1905Barnstaple DEV I2399
26 WALTER Lewis William  16 May 1868Barnstaple DEV I2365
27 WALTER Richard  10 Jan 1874Barnstaple DEV I2367
28 WALTER Samuel John  Jun 1891Barnstaple DEV I2439
29 WELSHE Dorothy  Abt 1561Barnstaple DEV I23606
30 WETHERIDGE James  Abt 1587Barnstaple DEV I23603
31 WETHERIDGE William  Abt 1557Barnstaple DEV I23605
32 WITHERIDGE Agnes  Abt 1584/85Barnstaple DEV I23608
33 WITHERIDGE Grace  Abt 1592/93Barnstaple DEV I23611
34 WITHERIDGE Marge  Abt 1585/86Barnstaple DEV I23609
35 WITHERIDGE Nicholas  Abt 1583Barnstaple DEV I23607
36 WITHERIDGE Richard  Abt 1591Barnstaple DEV I23610
37 WITHERIDGE Thomas  Abt 1596Barnstaple DEV I23613
38 WITHERIDGE William  Abt 1593Barnstaple DEV I23612


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASHTON Arthur  Feb 1991Barnstaple DEV I17759
2 BECKLAKE Walter  30 Jun 1977Barnstaple DEV I1058
3 BLIGHT George  1857Barnstaple DEV I27622
4 BOND Christine  Aug 1984Barnstaple DEV I25005
5 BOND Eva  Sep 1989Barnstaple DEV I25006
6 BOND Lewis  1953Barnstaple DEV I10780
7 BOND Reginald Edgar  14 Oct 1970Barnstaple DEV I25007
8 BOWDEN Dorothy Catherine  1998Barnstaple DEV I27846
9 BRADDICK Hilda Frances  Dec 1990Barnstaple DEV I20369
10 CANNE Mary  15 Jan 1747Barnstaple DEV I3768
11 COLES Matthew  1969Barnstaple DEV I16143
12 COOK Annie Ellen  17 Sep 1987Barnstaple DEV I24987
13 COTTLE Mary  14 Aug 1877Barnstaple DEV I11428
14 CUTLAND Frederick James  5 Feb 1953Barnstaple DEV I27104
15 DANIEL Elizabeth Margaret  1 Jun 1980Barnstaple DEV I25069
16 GRIGG Lewis John  Jun 1992Barnstaple DEV I25359
17 HAWKING Alice Maude Mary  6 Nov 1981Barnstaple DEV I25089
18 HAWKINS Margaret  1881Barnstaple DEV I20449
19 HEARD Edward Ellis  24 Jan 1993Barnstaple DEV I25375
20 HEARD Grace  1842Barnstaple DEV I20473
21 HEARD William Thomas  1875Barnstaple DEV I20467
22 HEDDON Walter John  15 Jan 1989Barnstaple DEV I25362
23 HOCKIN Joan  17 Jan 2020Barnstaple DEV I11820
24 HOCKIN William Thomas  23 Jul 1964Barnstaple DEV I25095
25 LYNN Norah  Sep 1951Barnstaple DEV I25003
26 SHORT William Osborn, (twin)  Between Oct 1987 and Dec 1987Barnstaple DEV I11498
27 TANCOCK Edith Barbra  1908Barnstaple DEV I20889
28 TANCOCK Joseph John  1916Barnstaple DEV I20208
29 TANCOCK Winifred May  1905Barnstaple DEV I20894
30 TREMEER William Alexander  Apr 1952Barnstaple DEV I23545
31 VANSTONE Ambrose  May 1870Barnstaple DEV I11020
32 VANSTONE Lewis James  Mar 1867Barnstaple DEV I11009
33 VANSTONE Walter  1864Barnstaple DEV I11019
34 VANSTONE William Fletcher  Sep 1867Barnstaple DEV I11012
35 WALTER Francis Richard  7 Apr 1897Barnstaple DEV I2370
36 WALTER Gennie  26 Oct 1690Barnstaple DEV I2564
37 WALTER Leslie John  6 Sep 1906Barnstaple DEV I2399
38 WALTER Mary Elizabeth Blanche  Jul 1991Barnstaple DEV I4834
39 WALTER Samuel John  Dec 1973Barnstaple DEV I2439
40 WALTER Tryphena  1932Barnstaple DEV I10682
41 WETHERIDGE William  Cal Jul 1596Barnstaple DEV I23605
42 WICKETT Annie Mary  Jan 1956Barnstaple DEV I25356


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 WALTER Francis Richard  7 Apr 1897Barnstaple DEV I2370
2 WETHERIDGE William  31 Aug 1596Barnstaple DEV I23605


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BAGLOLE Mary  22 Jun 1819Barnstaple DEV I25655
2 EASTAWAY Grace  7 Mar 1736Barnstaple DEV I24769
3 EASTAWAY Joanna  18 May 1737Barnstaple DEV I24770
4 WETHERIDGE James  25 Aug 1587Barnstaple DEV I23603
5 WITHERIDGE Agnes  8 Jan 1584/85Barnstaple DEV I23608
6 WITHERIDGE Grace  28 Jan 1592Barnstaple DEV I23611
7 WITHERIDGE Marge  15 Jan 1585/86Barnstaple DEV I23609
8 WITHERIDGE Nicholas  7 May 1583Barnstaple DEV I23607
9 WITHERIDGE Richard  1591Barnstaple DEV I23610
10 WITHERIDGE Thomas  16 Apr 1596Barnstaple DEV I23613
11 WITHERIDGE William  29 Dec 1593Barnstaple DEV I23612


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 YEO William  10 Jul 1736Barnstaple DEV I3769


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BURROW / VINCENT  3 Dec 1725Barnstaple DEV F1170
2 CUTLAND / BRACE  Jun 1925Barnstaple DEV F8745
3 EASTAWAY / MULES  20 Oct 1734Barnstaple DEV F8050
4 ELLIS / CANN  Barnstaple DEV F381
5 HAMMETT / COLE  Abt 1878Barnstaple DEV F8743
6 JENNINGS / HARTNELL  1888Barnstaple DEV F6717
7 POPHAM / MOASE  1888Barnstaple DEV F7786
8 WALTER / KEEN  7 Sep 1968Barnstaple DEV F3651