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WALTER Ambrose Willcock, JP

WALTER Ambrose Willcock, JP

Male 1833 - 1915

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(Notes: You may have to scroll down or right to see chart.)

MCNAMARA Leonard Walter Male
HOSA Eunice Allison Female
New chart
MCNAMARA Gwenda Joyce Female
HUME Henry Male
New chart
WALTER Florrie Alberta Female
MCNAMARA Henry James Male
WALTER Ruby Howard Female
WALTER Kenneth Lloyd Male
BLACKWELL Julie Elizabeth Female
New chart
WALTER Geoffrey Howard Male
(----) Joy Female
New chart
WALTER William Howard Male
RAMAGE Hazel Stormont Female
WALTER Shirley Jean Female
COOK Peter James Male
New chart
WALTER Sylvia Dawn Female
CONSIDINE John William Male
New chart
WALTER Russell Male
HORAN Julie Elizabeth Female
New chart
SURRIDGE Kaye Female
WALTER Roy Alan Male
HOWARTH Marjorie Irene Female
(----) Vera Female
WALTER Olive Eileen Female
STUART (----) Male
WALTER Neville Douglas Male
(----) Kathleen Female
New chart
WALTER Cyril Ambrose Male
DESNOY Hilda May Female
WALTER Albert William Male
LAWSON Sarah Janet Female
WALTER Enid Margaret Female
FARAM Francis George Male
New chart
WALTER Edgar Ernest, DCM Male
CRAWFORD Catherine Isabella Female
WALTER Lindsay Ralph Male
WALTER Alan James Male
MCCLURE Maisie Female
New chart
WALTER John Thomas Male
SELLS Elaine Yvonne Female
New chart
WALTER Ralph Thomas Male
TREADWELL Annie Caroline Female
PERCIVAL Elsie Ada May Female
GOUGH Ronald Male
New chart
ROBERTS Patrick George Male
WALTER Elsie Muriel Female
PERCIVAL Sydney J. Male
WALTER Stanley Leopold Male
WALTER Thomas Ernest Male
COOK Elizabeth Female
WALTER Olga Margaret Female
MILLARD Vince Male
New chart
WALTER Beryl Mary Female
New chart
WALTER Dorothy Jean Female
WALTER Cecil Reginald Male
VICKERY Linda Maude Female
SLOW Trevor John Male
SLOW Walter John Male
MCNAUGHTON Janet Helen Female
New chart
WALTER Eva May Female
SLOW George Edgar Male
WALTER Gwendoline Female
WALTER Ella Victoria Female
ESPOSITO Rosalyn Anne Female
FRASER Andrew Johns Male
New chart
ESPOSITO Kevin Anthony Male
WALTER Marian Anna Female
KILLWORTH Alfred Edwin Male
WALTER Thomas Patrick Male
WALTER Ann Maree Female
LENEHAN Lawrence Raymond Male
New chart
WALTER Susan Margaret Female
WALTER Alan Raymond Male
MORIARTY Kathleen Mary Female
New chart
WALTER Barbara Marian Female
MULVOGUE Kevin Charles Male
New chart
WALTER John Bernard Male
JOHNSON Susan Margaret Female
New chart
WALTER Raymond Guy Male
HICKEY Veronica Agnes Female
WALTER Phyllis Female
ROSS Gordon Roy Male
NEATE Marian Anna Female
WALTER Reginald Stanley Male
WALTER Vena Evelina Milbra Female
WALTER Ellis Vincent Male
HAYES Janet Female
PEARCE Barry Ellis Male
WALTER Doris Annie Female
PEARCE Athol Male
WALTER Hazel Jean Female
WALTER Rex Ellis Male
FREWIN Ivy Evelyn Female
MIDDLETON Annie Ada Jane Emily Carol Maria Gina Female
WALTER Leo Claude Male
WALTER Margaret May Female
SPEIGHT Kenneth John Male
New chart
WALTER Stanley Gordon Male
STACEY Ruth Alison Female
New chart
WALTER Ian Claude, AFSM Male
HAUSLER Joyleen Ruth Female
New chart
WALTER John Hammond Male
MCFARLANE Diane Female
New chart
WALTER Malcolm Horace Male
HAMILTON Isobel Joy Female
New chart
WALTER Lois Female
PILGRIM Donald Gordon Male
New chart
WALTER Horace Male
HAMMOND Clarice May Female
WALTER Kevin Roy Male
ANDERSON Roslynne Mavis Female
New chart
MUSTART Nita Female
GRAY Joan Mary Female
New chart
WALTER Neil Gordon Male
CARTER Pamela Joyce Female
New chart
WALTER (Infant son) Male
WALTER Elaine Mary Female
AITKEN James Barry Male
New chart
WALTER Gordon Male
BAILEY Evelyn Amy Female
WALTER Ambrose Edward Male
MCCALLUM Mary Helen Female
WALTER Freda Mary Female
MERRITT George Thomas Male
WALTER Alice Anna Female
WALTER Frederick Lionel Male
WARD Ruth Elaine Female
New chart
WALTER Kenneth Roland Male
GIBBS Raema Lynette Female
New chart
WALTER Helen Rose Female
SIMS Trevor Wayne Male
New chart
WALTER Janet Louise Female
WALTER Denis Clive, OAM Male
WOOD Annette Cecile, (m.n. STAFFORD) Female
WALTER Stanley Frederick Male
HERD Brenda Lorraine Female
WALTER Frederick Joseph Male
HILL Eva Mary Alberta Female
WALTER Bertha Alinda Female
FOWLER Rev. Henry Michael Clarke Male
NITSCHKE Norma Mary Female
FREDERICKS Sydney Bruce Male
New chart
NITSCHKE Clifford Walter Male
NITSCHKE John Francis Male
NITSCHKE Melville Gustav Male
CROSSLEY Elizabeth Mary Female
NITSCHKE Robyn Ann Female
MAYBERY Lester Charles Male
New chart
NITSCHKE Barry Melville Male
BELL Carole Jean Female
New chart
NITSCHKE Greg Dale Male
MUNRO Beverly Laurin Female
New chart
WILSON Hilda Female
WALTER Henrietta Evelina Female
NITSCHKE Johannes Gustav Male
WALTER Lily Gertrude Female
BRIMACOMBE John Walter Male
JAKOBI Shirley Female
New chart
BRIMACOMBE Maxwell Thomas Male
BRIMACOMBE Lenore Female
SCOTT Peter Richard Male
New chart
WALTER Clarice Rita Female
BRIMACOMBE Thomas Walter Male
WALTER Glenda Eileen Female
WARNER Peter Richard Male
New chart
WALTER Dianne Edna Female
MORSE Len Male
New chart
WALTER Murray Claude Male
STEVENS Angela Female
New chart
WALTER Claude Male
HEARD Norma Selina Female
WALTER Sidney Arthur Male
CRANAGE Anne Female
MCKENRY Jeanette Female
GREEN (----) Male
MCKENRY Shirley Female
MCKENRY Wendy Female
MCKENRY Sandra Female
HALL J. Male
MCKENRY Cheryl Female
WALTER Lillian Mary Female
MCKENRY Hector Charles Henry Male
LESLIE Marjorie Lorraine Female
SCOTT Peter Graeme Male
New chart
LESLIE Dennis Alan Male
EMMERSON Rhonda Joy Female
New chart
WALTER Allinda May Female
LESLIE Donald James Male
WALTER (Infant son) Male
RICHARDS Mary May Female
HURST Margaret June Female
RICHMOND Joan Female
SMITH Brendon Gordon Male
CRANAGE Calla Lilian Female
CRANAGE Robert Keith, OAM Male
CRANAGE Lorraine Female
BROWN Ronald Male
CRANAGE Kerry Male
MURNANE Mary Ellen Female
CRANAGE Keith William Male
ELDRIDGE Elsie Jean Female
FOSTER Lynette Joy Female
CRANAGE Jane Leslie Female
New chart
CRANAGE Robyn Female
MANN Phillip Male
New chart
CRANAGE Ralph Ernest Male
BERRY Ruby Female
WALTER Phenie Gertrude Female
CRANAGE Leslie William Male
WALTER Norma Edna Female
WALTER Roger Graham Male
BORSTEL Robyn Lynette Female
New chart
WALTER Harley Joan Female
SNOEK Christiaan Male
New chart
ROOKE Peter Male
WALTER Philip Ross Male
MCCLURE Elizabeth Female
New chart
WALTER George Ambrose, JP MBE Male
KING Thelma Violet Angelina Female
WALTER Ian Norman Male
ACHESON Ruth Female
New chart
WALTER Cherry Elizabeth Female
LAURIE Simon William Spalding Male
New chart
WALTER Frank William Male
PENNEY Marie Female
WALTER Norman Edgar Male
COATES Nellie May Female
New chart
WALTER Ambrose Willcock, JP Male
SMALE Mary Ann Female