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321 Ashes scattered MCGINTY Alice Maud (I1659)
322 Ashes scattered MCGINTY Bernard Leith (I1661)
323 Ashes scattered HENDERSON Edward Westwood (I1665)
324 Ashes scattered STREET Janet Crawford (I1677)
325 Ashes scattered ECKHARDT William (I7386)
326 Ashes scattered FRENCH Isa Marion (I8818)
327 Ashes scattered FLANDERS Mary Anderson (I9694)
328 Ashes scattered CHESTER Samuel (I11099)
329 Ashes scattered ROBINS Franklin Kenneth (I11676)
330 Ashes scattered ROBINS Alan Keith (I11690)
331 Ashes scattered ALLAWAY Emily Frances (I11710)
332 Ashes scattered WHITBOURN Ethel May (I11874)
333 Ashes scattered BREEN Leslie John (I11876)
334 Ashes scattered SIMMONS Sydney Carter (I12747)
335 Ashes scattered SIMMONS Myrtle Stella (I12748)
336 Ashes scattered CARR Linda Marion (I12753)
337 Ashes scattered SELMAN Esther Alice (I12899)
338 Ashes scattered in the bay. MCNAMARA Henry James (I414)
339 Ashes scattered over Lake Aspen. TISCHER Stanley Merwyn (I18616)
340 Ashes scattered. WALTER Vena Evelina Milbra (I879)
341 Ashes scattered. WALTER Louisa Ann (I3488)
342 Ashes scattered. TREWIN Ernest John (I19040)
343 Ashes taken by Funeral Director for subsequent burial. Some doubts about dates of death, cremation and ashes burial. RUNDLE Norman Thomas Maxwell (I13699)
344 Ashes to be interred on 17 May 2013 SAMELLS Betty Eleanor (I5419)
345 Ashes to be scattered. WALTER Russell (I1377)
346 Ashes to the Funeal Director on 4 Sep 1998 RUNDLE Florence Elliot (I13716)
347 Ashes to the Funeral Director 17 Jul 1997 BURNS James Lawson "Jim" (I13733)
348 Ashes to the Funeral Director. RUNDLE Pearl Agnes (I13715)
349 Ashes to the funeral director. EWENS Charles Biddlecombe (I13720)
350 Assistant Secretary of the Australian Jockey Club (AJC). FARR Walter Percy Joshua, DSO (I9278)
351 At 9:15 a.m. SAMELLS Betty Eleanor (I5419)
352 At a private hospital. Late of Stawell VIC. TOMLINSON Edward Thomas (I4267)
353 At a service conducted by Rev. Dean Brine at the Goroke Uniting Church. HAMMOND Clarice May (I599)
354 At birth weighed 7 lb. 7 1/2 oz BAILEY Shannon Michelle (I5495)
355 At birth, weighed 7 lb. 8 1/2 oz. BAILEY Owen Mark (I5496)
356 At her funeral, 16 of her 19 great grandchildren, attended. SISSONS Cora Mary (I5212)
357 At her parents house. Presbyterian marriage rites, the service being led by the father of the groom Rev. Francis George FARAM. Family F60
358 At his parent's house. HOPPER Charles (I20416)
359 At his parents house, Bradworthy DEV. HOPPER William (I20414)
360 At his residence at Sunbury VIC. CHARLTON Robert Wallace (I4228)
361 At marriage, Eric COLDING was stated as being the eldest son of Colenol and Mrs. COLDING of Copenhagen Denmark. COLDING Eric Ludwig Andreas, (aka ANDERSON) (I8857)
362 At marriage, sad to be of West Putford DEV. HARRIS James (I3747)
363 At parent's house, East Youlstone DEV. HOPPER Mary Grace (I20417)
364 At some stage of his school life. BARKER Elvin Boon (I18958)
365 At the end of WWII, Paul sailed home from Naples, Italy (17 day voyage). GRIFFITH Paul, (Twin) (I5434)
366 At the home of her daughter Teresa Mary and son-in-law Roderick MATHESON. O'BRIEN Mary Ann (I3724)
367 At the home of his daughter Teresa Mary and son-in-law Roderick MATHESON. CARMODY Patrick (I1434)
368 At the marriage of his son Charles SUMNER (1818-1905) Abraham was shown as being a tailor. SUMNER Abraham (I1326)
369 At the residence of her daughter. SCOTT Jean (I6220)
370 At the residence of his son John. LANE William, JP (I14064)
371 At the time of death. PEARCE Athol (I7004)
372 At the time of her passing Kathleen Ionie WALKER (m.n.FARR, 1917-2009) was survived by her husband, two sons, five granddaughters, one grandson and one great-granddaughter. Dr. FARR Kathleen Ionie, OAM (I9280)
373 At the time of his death John BECKLEY was living at Higher Moor, Pancrasweek, Holsworthy DEV.

His son, Robert Joe BECKLEY (b. 6 Mar 1916, West Woolfardisworthy DEV d. Dec 2004, Torridge DEV was the informant on his father's death certificate. There appears to be a second son Ronald William D. BECKLEY. 
BECKLEY John (I9431)
374 At the time of his death, 51 Squadron, RAF were flying Handley Page Halifax BII aircraft on a mission to Dusseldorf in Germany. The incident took place at 2353 hours on 25 May 1943. Aircraft No. HR853. All crew members died in the crash. WORDEN Arthur Cephas (I18137)
375 At the time of his enlistment into the Canadian Expeditionary Force. WALTER Royland Allin "Roy", MC (I16834)
376 At the time of his marriage to Em PRUST, Richard YEO was of East Blatchboroough, Bradworthy DEV.

Burial: See Chancery Proceedings C8, 9 May 1689. 
YEO Richard (I3761)
377 At the time of his marriage Walter J. SMITH held the rank of Lieutenant in the 2nd. AIF (Army). Family F3583
378 At the time of his marriage. MCNAMARA Leonard Walter (I2311)
379 At the time of his mother's passing John and his wife were in Canada. PIPER John (I16269)
380 At the time of marriage Daniel was a sojourner in the Kilkhampton parish. TAPE Daniel (I19339)
381 At the time of the marriage of his son Richard YEO, William was stated as from Youlston in Bradworthy DEV.

11 Jul 1610: marriage licence issued to William YEOE of Bradworthie and Prudence NEILE, daughter of Roger NEILE of Bradworthy.

Source: J.L. Vivian's 1889 Marriage Licences of the Diocese of Exeter. 
YEO William (I2086)
382 At time of death. SMALE Grace Matilda (I1157)
383 Attended Longerenong Agricultural College for two years where he was deputy head prefect, graduating in 1931. Attended Dookie Agricultural College for a further year in 1932 graduating with a further more prestigious Diploma of Agriculture. It is interesting to note that his father Frederick Joseph WALTER (1872-1925) also attended Dookie Agricultural College in the first ever intake which graduated in 1888. WALTER Stanley Frederick (I779)
384 Attended this school for at least the latter years of his education (probably 1889 - 1890) where he was very successful as is shown by the fact that he won five prizes for academic excellence in his final year (1890) at the school. Prize details below. WALTER Frederick Joseph (I3587)
385 Aunt of Bonnie Jean SCOTT, the second wife of Joseph Vinson WALTER (1870-1962). SCOTT Annie Cordelia (I42)
386 Aurthur Moylan Hill TUCKER secondly married Lily Amelia BARBER (1876-1969) in 1907. TUCKER Arthur Morlan Hill (I638)
387 Australian Dictionary of Biography clearly states 'cremated with Anglican rites' Hon. Mr. Justice LONG-INNES Reginald Heath (I14250)
388 Award Citation: Lt. Royland Allin Walter, 49th Bn., Can. Infy., Alberta R.

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during the operations east of Arras from 26th to 29th August, 1918. When the company commander and second in command had become casualties lie took command of the company and handled his men with skill and judgment. When the company was held up by heavy machine-gun and shell fire, he personally reconnoitred the ground, being continually in the open in doing so, and by his energy courage and initiative placed his company in a position from which they were able to continue the advance. 
WALTER Royland Allin "Roy", MC (I16834)
389 Awarded a Good Conduct Badge. WRIGHT Alfred Roy "Roy" (I2776)
390 Awarded for: Operation Market Garden
For having distinguished himself during the fighting at Arnhem between September 17th and 25th, 1944 by having performed outstanding acts of bravery, tact and loyalty; for having shown an extraordinary devotion to duty and great perseverance throughout and having been an inspiration to all in those glorious days by having set a most meritorious example.
Details: Royal Decree No. 29, dated 31 Jul 1945.
Conferred by The London Gazette of 1 Jan 1946.
Rank: Acting Squadron Leader 
Squadron Leader CLEAVER Richard Frank Wharton, DSO, DFC, MWO.4 (I1070)
391 Awarded in the field during WWI. HAGER Allen Erastus, MM (I17499)
392 B General 792 REEVES Hazel Maude (I6637)
393 B General 792 SCHERELL Edward John (I13052)
394 B-*-0373 TREWIN Francis (I19234)
395 B. Nurs. ACHESON Ruth (I1447)
396 B.V.Sc. WALTER Ian Norman (I1435)
397 Badly wounded on Labuan Island late in WWII. TREWIN Charles Jesse Paten (I19077)
398 Banksia, Garden 4, Bed 48, Position 06 KINGSTON Ethel May (I4484)
399 Banksia, Wall D, Niche 386 AYARS William Fern (I4223)
400 Banksia, Wall D, Niche 422 WALTER Leslie John (I8094)

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