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West Woolfardisworthy DEV



Matches 1 to 62 of 62

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASHTON Eliza  Abt 1838West Woolfardisworthy DEV I29379
2 ASHTON John, (probable twin)  Abt 1842West Woolfardisworthy DEV I29381
3 ASHTON Lawrence, (Probable twin)  Abt 1842West Woolfardisworthy DEV I29382
4 ASHTON Mary Ann  Abt 1840West Woolfardisworthy DEV I29380
5 ASHTON Thomas  Abt 1836West Woolfardisworthy DEV I29378
6 ASHTON Ursulla  Abt 1847West Woolfardisworthy DEV I29383
7 BAILEY John  1813West Woolfardisworthy DEV I24680
8 BARFETT Frances Folly  Between Jul 1873 and Sep 1873West Woolfardisworthy DEV I4609
9 BARFETT Philip Rice  Abt 1870West Woolfardisworthy DEV I4607
10 BECALICK Charles Augustus  Abt 1866West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32611
11 BECALICK Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1864West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32610
12 BECALICK Frances Caroline F.  4 May 1874West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32614
13 BECALICK Frances Elizabeth  27 Mar 1910West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32615
14 BECALICK James  Abt 1870West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32612
15 BECALICK Mary Folly  4 May 1872West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32613
16 BECALICK William Folly  Abt 1863West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32609
17 BECKLEY Emily  1861West Woolfardisworthy DEV I9192
18 BOND William  1818West Woolfardisworthy DEV I11890
19 BOUNDY William  Abt 1821West Woolfardisworthy DEV I26928
20 BRAUND Richard Boundy  1855West Woolfardisworthy DEV I28446
21 BUCKLER Susanna  Abt 1831West Woolfardisworthy DEV I26930
22 BURROW Beatrice Jane  5 Jun 1899West Woolfardisworthy DEV I22065
23 BURROW Joseph  22 Feb 1901West Woolfardisworthy DEV I22066
24 CHING John  Abt 1821West Woolfardisworthy DEV I20321
25 CHING Mary  Abt 1793West Woolfardisworthy DEV I2928
26 CHING Thomas  Abt 1796West Woolfardisworthy DEV I25675
27 CHING William  Abt 1795West Woolfardisworthy DEV I4589
28 COLES Elizabeth Jane  Between Jul 1872 and Sep 1872West Woolfardisworthy DEV I14681
29 COLES William  Between Jul 1876 and Sep 1876West Woolfardisworthy DEV I14682
30 ELLIOTT Emily Jane  23 Apr 1898West Woolfardisworthy DEV I33351
31 ELLIOTT Garfield Thomas  2 Dec 1900West Woolfardisworthy DEV I33352
32 FOLLY Frances  Abt 1841West Woolfardisworthy DEV I4604
33 GLOVER Susan  Abt 1854West Woolfardisworthy DEV I23544
34 HALEY Sarah Agnes  1829West Woolfardisworthy DEV I23166
35 HILL William  Abt 1825West Woolfardisworthy DEV I25195
36 HODGE Richard  Abt 1810West Woolfardisworthy DEV I28000
37 HOPPER Ann Maria  1854West Woolfardisworthy DEV I20320
38 JEWELL Percy Thomas Beckley  21 Jul 1924West Woolfardisworthy DEV I9215
39 MASON Charlotte  18 Feb 1841West Woolfardisworthy DEV I2589
40 MASON John Henry  21 Jan 1853West Woolfardisworthy DEV I2593
41 MASON Joseph Vincent  Between Jan 1848 and Mar 1848West Woolfardisworthy DEV I15358
42 MASON Lawrence Ashton  6 May 1846West Woolfardisworthy DEV I2591
43 MASON Lawrence William  16 May 1808West Woolfardisworthy DEV I3205
44 MAY Alice  1834West Woolfardisworthy DEV I10952
45 MOORE George Woolsery  9 Oct 1876West Woolfardisworthy DEV I1047
46 NANCEKIVELL Susanna  15 Sep 1827West Woolfardisworthy DEV I3778
47 PRANCE Grace  1836West Woolfardisworthy DEV I9183
48 SANDERS Susan  9 Jun 1811West Woolfardisworthy DEV I4930
49 SHORT Alice  1842West Woolfardisworthy DEV I23025
50 SHORT James Shortridge  4 Feb 1841West Woolfardisworthy DEV I7402
51 SHORT Mary Ann  11 Nov 1842West Woolfardisworthy DEV I7403
52 SHORT Richard  26 Nov 1808West Woolfardisworthy DEV I7401
53 SHORT Richard  9 Mar 1837West Woolfardisworthy DEV I10647
54 SHORT Thomas  8 Aug 1844West Woolfardisworthy DEV I10642
55 SHORT William Ching  22 Apr 1838West Woolfardisworthy DEV I10648
56 SLEE John Andrew  6 Jan 1896West Woolfardisworthy DEV I33353
57 STEVENS Sarah  Abt 1777West Woolfardisworthy DEV I3359
58 TRATHEN John  1830West Woolfardisworthy DEV I18368
59 TREMEER James Henry  Jan 1882West Woolfardisworthy DEV I23546
60 TREMEER William Alexander  Jan 1879West Woolfardisworthy DEV I23545
61 VENNING Sarah  1849West Woolfardisworthy DEV I25224
62 WALTER Susanna Sanders  13 Aug 1855West Woolfardisworthy DEV I5095


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARRETT Susanna  Mar 1871West Woolfardisworthy DEV I26923
2 BECALICK Charles Augustus  16 Dec 1936West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32611
3 BECALICK Elizabeth Ann  19 Aug 1936West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32610
4 BECALICK Frances Caroline F.  28 Mar 1959West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32614
5 BECALICK Frances Elizabeth  22 Sep 2002West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32615
6 BECALICK James  Dec 1893West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32612
7 BECALICK James  17 Jan 1920West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32608
8 BECALICK William Folly  10 Feb 1931West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32609
9 BOUNDY Thomas  Cal Jan 1841West Woolfardisworthy DEV I26920
10 BRAUND Richard Boundy  27 Jun 1892West Woolfardisworthy DEV I28446
11 BURROWS William Davy  1 Apr 1931West Woolfardisworthy DEV I33819
12 CLEAVE Thomas Charles  1 Mar 1954West Woolfardisworthy DEV I30737
13 CORNISH Elizabeth  Dec 1759West Woolfardisworthy DEV I29926
14 CREWS William  28 Jun 1940West Woolfardisworthy DEV I33852
15 CRUSE Mary Ann  31 Jan 1980West Woolfardisworthy DEV I33854
16 HALEY Sarah Agnes  1 Apr 1895West Woolfardisworthy DEV I23166
17 HOPPER Mary Maria  5 Aug 1956West Woolfardisworthy DEV I33831
18 TREMEER Alexander  May 1883West Woolfardisworthy DEV I23543
19 WALTER Miriam Trathen  2 Feb 1907West Woolfardisworthy DEV I4814
20 WALTER Richard  Oct 1697West Woolfardisworthy DEV I1900
21 WOOD Joseph  Apr 1882West Woolfardisworthy DEV I30304


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BARRETT Susanna  18 Mar 1871West Woolfardisworthy DEV I26923
2 BECALICK Frances Caroline F.  1959West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32614
3 BECALICK James  1893West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32612
4 BOUNDY Thomas  2 Feb 1841West Woolfardisworthy DEV I26920
5 TREMEER Alexander  31 May 1883West Woolfardisworthy DEV I23543
6 WALTER Richard  Abt 26 Oct 1697West Woolfardisworthy DEV I1900


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 ASHTON Thomas  26 Sep 1836West Woolfardisworthy DEV I29378
2 BOUNDY William  5 Aug 1821West Woolfardisworthy DEV I26928
3 BUCKLER Susanna  27 Feb 1831West Woolfardisworthy DEV I26930
4 CHING John  31 Mar 1821West Woolfardisworthy DEV I20321
5 CHING Mary  23 May 1794West Woolfardisworthy DEV I2928
6 CHING Thomas  29 Oct 1796West Woolfardisworthy DEV I25675
7 CHING William  29 May 1795West Woolfardisworthy DEV I4589
8 HODGE Richard  17 Jun 1810West Woolfardisworthy DEV I28000
9 MASON Lawrence William  6 Jun 1808West Woolfardisworthy DEV I3205
10 SANDERS Susan  9 Jun 1811West Woolfardisworthy DEV I4930
11 STEVENS Sarah  5 Dec 1777West Woolfardisworthy DEV I3359
12 TRATHEN Miriam  12 Sep 1790West Woolfardisworthy DEV I3369


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ASHTON Eliza  1841West Woolfardisworthy DEV I29379
2 ASHTON Elizabeth Ann  1841West Woolfardisworthy DEV I29377
3 ASHTON Thomas  1841West Woolfardisworthy DEV I29378
4 BECALICK Charles Augustus  1871West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32611
5 BECALICK Charles Augustus  1911West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32611
6 BECALICK Elizabeth Ann  1871West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32610
7 BECALICK Elizabeth Ann  1911West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32610
8 BECALICK James  1871West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32612
9 BECALICK James  1891West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32612
10 BECALICK Mary Folly  1881West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32613
11 BECALICK Mary Folly  1911West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32613
12 BECALICK William Folly  1871West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32609
13 BECALICK William Folly  1911West Woolfardisworthy DEV I32609
14 SHORT William Ching  1841West Woolfardisworthy DEV I10648
15 WALTER Charlotte  1871West Woolfardisworthy DEV I6329
16 WALTER Mary Jane  1871West Woolfardisworthy DEV I16140


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOUNDY / CHING  6 Apr 1774West Woolfardisworthy DEV F8701
2 BUCKLER / BOUNDY  6 May 1830West Woolfardisworthy DEV F8703
3 JOHNS / SHORT  6 Apr 1892West Woolfardisworthy DEV F2933
4 ROWE / TRATHEN  10 Oct 1804West Woolfardisworthy DEV F8179
5 TREMEER / GLOVER  28 Oct 1876West Woolfardisworthy DEV F7632
6 TREMEERE / LITTLEJOHNS  21 Mar 1768West Woolfardisworthy DEV F1223
7 WALTER / PENNEY  23 Feb 1837West Woolfardisworthy DEV F1128
8 WALTER / SANDERS  2 Sep 1854West Woolfardisworthy DEV F1569