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Summerside, Prince Co. PEI



Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CLARK Milissa "Lisa"  27 Apr 1908Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22877
2 HARRIS Andrew James  10 Jan 1877Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22909
3 MACDONALD Maria Agnes  4 Sep 1863Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22855
4 MACDONALD Melissa Gertrude  22 Sep 1880Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22862
5 MACDOWELL Arthur Eric  29 Jun 1902Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22880
6 MACDOWELL Arthur Wellington  19 Jul 1876Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22879
7 MACDOWELL Bertha Lillian  7 Dec 1904Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22881
8 MACDOWELL Charles Laing  4 Nov 1920Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22885
9 MACDOWELL Davida Jean  16 Jul 1918Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22884
10 MACDOWELL George Ferno  19 Nov 1913Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22883
11 MACDOWELL Gertrude Pearl  11 Mar 1910Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22882
12 WAITE Frank Leslie  2 Nov 1889Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22930
13 WAITE John Ray  3 Mar 1897Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22933
14 WAITE Walter Allen  30 Apr 1891Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22931


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOUNDY Catherine  1 Oct 1910Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22812
2 GORRILL Albert William Prowse  4 Dec 1988Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22993
3 GRIGG Preston Ernest  17 Sep 2002Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I23005
4 HARRIS Andrew James  12 Jan 1914Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22909
5 LINKLETTER Sarah Jane  7 Jan 1933Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22897
6 MACDONALD Bertha Lillian  1965Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22861
7 MACDONALD Flora Hamilton  30 Jun 1977Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22863
8 MACDONALD Melissa Gertrude  22 Feb 1967Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22862
9 MACDOWELL Arthur Wellington  12 Mar 1970Summerside, Prince Co. PEI I22879