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Rochester VIC



Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOADLE Norman Robin  1889Rochester VIC I12473
2 DUNSTAN John James  1877Rochester VIC I15250
3 DUNSTAN Mary Lane  1875Rochester VIC I15249
4 DUNSTAN Richard Thomas  1874Rochester VIC I15248
5 HAM Clifford Kenneth  1910Rochester VIC I8412
6 HAM Clifford Raymond "Ray"  1910Rochester VIC I8449
7 HAM Edgar Walter  1886Rochester VIC I6462
8 HAM Emily Grace  1911Rochester VIC I8448
9 HAM Florence Winifred  1889Rochester VIC I6463
10 HAM Gladys Irene  1891Rochester VIC I6464
11 HAM Harold Clive "Clive"  1905Rochester VIC I8400
12 HAM Hector  1901Rochester VIC I8399
13 HAM Isabella Jean "Jean"  1914Rochester VIC I8447
14 HAM Lily  1918Rochester VIC I8403
15 HAM Lorna Irene  1914Rochester VIC I8401
16 HAM Reginald Leslie  1888Rochester VIC I6444
17 HAM Walter Edgar  22 Jul 1909Rochester VIC I8405
18 LEIGH Eliza May  21 Sep 1880Rochester VIC I8193
19 LEIGH Elsie Louise  13 Sep 1882Rochester VIC I8195
20 LEIGH Fanny Ann  1879Rochester VIC I8192
21 LEIGH John Percy  1877Rochester VIC I8179
22 LEIGH Mabel  16 Oct 1886Rochester VIC I8198
23 LEIGH William Henry  1884Rochester VIC I8197
24 MUSTEY Lorna Elsie  Abt 1920Rochester VIC I8455
25 OLIVER Elva Mary  1918Rochester VIC I8216
26 PARK Harold Edgar  13 Aug 1888Rochester VIC I8330
27 PARK Henry  27 May 1890Rochester VIC I8332
28 PARK Thomas Courtney  29 Jun 1883Rochester VIC I8331
29 PARK Walter David  29 May 1912Rochester VIC I8337
30 PARK Walter Roy Grenville  7 Jan 1887Rochester VIC I8329
31 RAPER Vera Daphne  19 Jul 1905Rochester VIC I8217
32 WALTER Alexander Leslie, (Twin)  24 Jul 1909Rochester VIC I8317
33 WALTER Alice Mabel  1884Rochester VIC I6460
34 WALTER Arthur Lawrence  22 May 1897Rochester VIC I8246
35 WALTER Douglas Boyd  3 Jun 1919Rochester VIC I8320
36 WALTER Emily Beatrice, (Twin)  24 Jul 1909Rochester VIC I8318
37 WALTER John  27 May 1907Rochester VIC I8316
38 WALTER Rupert Alexander  7 Dec 1907Rochester VIC I8248
39 WALTER Sidney Clifford  22 Jan 1906Rochester VIC I8315
40 WALTER Stephen Sidney  9 Apr 1876Rochester VIC I6458


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HAM Charles Henry Lewis  Nov 1956Rochester VIC I12972
2 HAM Edgar Walter  1886Rochester VIC I6462
3 HAM Edgar William  26 Nov 1939Rochester VIC I6438
4 HAM Harold Clive "Clive"  2 Sep 1975Rochester VIC I8400
5 HAM Henry Mountjoy  29 Nov 1906Rochester VIC I3263
6 HAM John Henry  8 Jul 1891Rochester VIC I6433
7 OLIVER Isabella  27 Mar 1958Rochester VIC I6450
8 OLIVER Jessie Susanna  5 Mar 1954Rochester VIC I6451
9 PARK Norma Grace  1984Rochester VIC I8339
10 PARK Thomas Crookes  5 Aug 1892Rochester VIC I6440
11 PARK Walter Roy Grenville  15 Jan 1973Rochester VIC I8329
12 RAPER Elizabeth  Feb 1949Rochester VIC I6449
13 TREWIN Ivy Florence  1983Rochester VIC I19042
14 TREWIN Louis Edward "Ted"  28 May 1968Rochester VIC I19041
15 WALTER Adah Alberta  18 Apr 1959Rochester VIC I6453
16 WALTER Alice Mabel  1885Rochester VIC I6460
17 WALTER Bertram Leopold  19 Jun 1938Rochester VIC I6459
18 WALTER Charlotte  10 Feb 1895Rochester VIC I3262
19 WALTER Emily Beatrice, (Twin)  31 Mar 1910Rochester VIC I8318
20 WILLMAN Ellen Louisa  13 Jul 1961Rochester VIC I8335


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 WALTER Emily Louisa  Rochester VIC I6442


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DUNSTAN / FOY  1904Rochester VIC F4989