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Pickering, Durham Co. ONT



Matches 1 to 70 of 70

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLIN Howard Middleton  1 Dec 1896Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I6136
2 ANDRUS Leslie Ellsworth  26 Jun 1908Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34126
3 BEALL Annie  Abt 1864Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I33803
4 BRAY Mary Jane  5 Mar 1845Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34343
5 COURTICE Sarah Jane  3 Sep 1873Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I18340
6 DAVIS Stanley William  Abt 1883Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I27447
7 EDWARDS Annie Elizabeth  6 Sep 1910Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34131
8 EDWARDS Oliver  1 Aug 1888Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34130
9 FARLEY Annie Lawrence  2 Nov 1884Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34117
10 FULLER Beatrice Ann  5 Feb 1910Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34124
11 FULLER Reginald James  11 May 1889Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34123
12 FURSEY Frank Ross  20 Jul 1878Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I24326
13 GRILLS Grace Alice  12 May 1916Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I20496
14 GRILLS Isabel Ruby  18 Jul 1914Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I20494
15 GRILLS James Joseph  13 Dec 1883Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I20508
16 GRILLS Mabel May  7 Apr 1880Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I20510
17 HORTOP Alma Ann  17 Apr 1885Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34236
18 HORTOP Charlotte  12 Dec 1859Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34061
19 HORTOP Edna Mildred, (twin)  8 Mar 1902Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34247
20 HORTOP Elizabeth  15 Mar 1848Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34056
21 HORTOP Ernest  8 Sep 1906Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34250
22 HORTOP Grace  3 Jul 1845Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34156
23 HORTOP Hazel Beatrice  14 Apr 1896Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34244
24 HORTOP Henry  Abt 1851Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34057
25 HORTOP James  Abt 1869Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34233
26 HORTOP James Brooklyn  2 Mar 1837Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34051
27 HORTOP John  Abt 1846Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34055
28 HORTOP Kenneth Cecil  6 Dec 1894Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34246
29 HORTOP Male child, (twin)  8 Mar 1902Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34248
30 HORTOP Mary  Abt 1857Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34060
31 HORTOP Mary Jane  9 Mar 1880Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34235
32 HORTOP Samuel Bray  Abt 1840Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34052
33 HORTOP Sophia  15 Dec 1844Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34054
34 HORTOP Thomas  Abt 1840Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34053
35 HORTOP William Earl  4 Feb 1898Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34243
36 JACKSON Daisy Evaline  17 Jan 1901Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I23509
37 JACKSON Franklin Richard  4 Oct 1897Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I23504
38 JACKSON Stanley Rodd  27 Mar 1890Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I23501
39 JOHNSON Lillian Maud  8 Dec 1899Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I23503
40 JONES Ida Luella  9 Jun 1898Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34240
41 JONES Morlin Delbert  20 Jan 1896Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34255
42 KAYES Ruby May Wanetta  4 Sep 1903Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I23514
43 LENG Estella May  18 May 1886Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I27455
44 MAYNE Bertha Mildred  20 Mar 1911Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34180
45 MAYNE Clifford Earl  25 Mar 1913Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34181
46 MAYNE Earnest  Mar 1908Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34177
47 MAYNE William Everett  31 Mar 1909Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34179
48 OKE Herbert Franklin  23 Sep 1881Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I33708
49 POWELL Ida Elizabeth  29 Aug 1861Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I33707
50 PROUT Susan  15 May 1849Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I27408
51 RODD Amey  1877Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I23497
52 RODD Elvira Ann  1 Jun 1912Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34120
53 RODD Frederick John  9 Nov 1883Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34111
54 RODD George Henry  13 Jun 1881Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34110
55 RODD Ida Beatrice Pearl  17 Sep 1891Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34115
56 RODD James Henry Wallace  24 Sep 1910Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34119
57 RODD John Arthur  2 Oct 1909Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34118
58 RODD Stanley Reed  25 Jul 1903Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I23517
59 SLEEP Zella Leonia  6 Nov 1906Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I27451
60 TREMBLE Florence Isabel  6 Oct 1893Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I30323
61 TREMBLE Lucy Grace  20 Apr 1890Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I30321
62 TREMBLE Mary Christina  7 Apr 1892Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I30322
63 TRIMBLE Alfretta Gladys  22 Apr 1897Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I30324
64 VANSTONE Florence Gertrude  22 Sep 1893Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I32706
65 WARD Jane  16 Feb 1844Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34230
66 WILSON Bertha May  13 Dec 1897Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34147
67 WILSON Lottie Vietta  Abt 1896Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34146
68 WISMER Clarence Eugene  25 Feb 1880Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I23533
69 WITHERIDGE Leslie Eugene  10 May 1886Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I24147
70 YOUNG Mary Evelyn  18 Sep 1906Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I23534


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASHTON Elizabeth  11 Jul 1911Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I17186
2 ASHTON John Wesley  15 Dec 1995Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I17303
3 ASHTON Phillis  11 Jul 1911Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I22530
4 COURTICE Elizabeth  15 Jul 1863Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I17409
5 DAVIS Howard  24 Jun 1947Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I27453
6 FULLER Reginald James  1977Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34123
7 GRILLS Elizabeth  9 Feb 1915Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I27437
8 HORTOP John  3 Jan 1880Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34049
9 HORTOP Male child, (twin)  8 Mar 1902Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34248
10 HORTOP William Earl  1 Oct 1914Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34243
11 JACKSON Daisy Evaline  26 May 1901Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I23509
12 JACKSON Stanley Rodd  8 Dec 1891Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I23501
13 MAYNARD (----)  1917Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I28310
14 RICHARDS George  27 Mar 1913Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I27439
15 RICHARDS Lucy  27 Feb 1898Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I27444
16 RODD Bertha May  10 Sep 1910Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34112
17 RODD Thomas Henry  5 Nov 1911Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34109
18 TREMBLE Lucy Grace  20 Apr 1890Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I30321
19 WITHERIDGE Leslie Eugene  10 May 1886Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I24147


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HORTOP Sophia  Jul 1876Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34232
2 JONES Grant Hortop  1969Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34257
3 MAYNE Gertrude Pearl  Jan 1976Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34174
4 MAYNE William Everett  1992Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34179
5 PALFRAMAN Joseph Seymour  Apr 1999Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34264
6 TREMBLE Florence Isabel  Sep 1902Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I30323


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 RODD Frederick John  1891Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34111
2 RODD George Henry  1891Pickering, Durham Co. ONT I34110


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLANCHARD / PASCOE  11 Jul 1936Pickering, Durham Co. ONT F9115
2 JACKSON / RODD  4 Jun 1889Pickering, Durham Co. ONT F7616
3 JONES / HORTOP  29 Dec 1887Pickering, Durham Co. ONT F11190
4 MCKECHNIE / FORSYTHE  28 Jul 1985Pickering, Durham Co. ONT F1700
5 OKE / POWELL  1 Dec 1880Pickering, Durham Co. ONT F11005
6 RODD / FARLEY  9 Nov 1908Pickering, Durham Co. ONT F11149
7 WILLSON / HORTOP  8 Mar 1893Pickering, Durham Co. ONT F11160
8 WISMER / RODD  25 Dec 1902Pickering, Durham Co. ONT F7629