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Great Torrington DEV



Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN John William  Abt Dec 1869Great Torrington DEV I27043
2 BAKER Alice  4 Jan 1894Great Torrington DEV I25211
3 BAKER Ellen Violet  1886Great Torrington DEV I25220
4 BAKER Gertrude Eliza  1889Great Torrington DEV I25221
5 BAKER John  1885Great Torrington DEV I25219
6 BALSDON Eva  1872Great Torrington DEV I25213
7 BEER Ann  1879Great Torrington DEV I25228
8 BEER Elizabeth  Abt 1875Great Torrington DEV I25227
9 BEER Michael  Abt 1866Great Torrington DEV I25198
10 BEER Miriam  Abt 1862Great Torrington DEV I25197
11 BEER Thomas  Oct 1869Great Torrington DEV I25225
12 BEER Walter  Abt 1872Great Torrington DEV I25226
13 BEER William Thomas  19 Aug 1869Great Torrington DEV I25200
14 DAVEY Edwin  20 Aug 1865Great Torrington DEV I25204
15 EFFER Charles William R.  1873Great Torrington DEV I25194
16 FINNERMORE Fanny  Abt 1848Great Torrington DEV I27040
17 HAMMETT Henry, (twin)  27 Jul 1886Great Torrington DEV I27054
18 HAMMETT Jane  22 Sep 1883Great Torrington DEV I27053
19 HAMMETT Richard, (twin)  27 Jul 1886Great Torrington DEV I27055
20 HAMMETT Thomas Pow  27 Jun 1881Great Torrington DEV I27052
21 HAMMETT William  Between Jan 1889 and Mar 1889Great Torrington DEV I27056
22 HEARD Horace Edward  5 Feb 1876Great Torrington DEV I25815
23 HEARD Stanley Edward  Jul 1898Great Torrington DEV I25820
24 MILLS Edwin Richard  22 Jul 1916Great Torrington DEV I27069
25 MITCHELL Albert Victor Charles  4 Dec 1892Great Torrington DEV I25207
26 MITCHELL Charles  Sep 1869Great Torrington DEV I25206
27 MITCHELL Gertrude Gladys Fanny  27 Apr 1900Great Torrington DEV I25210
28 MITCHELL Julia Dorothy Eva  26 Apr 1900Great Torrington DEV I25209
29 MITCHELL Thomas William Beer  8 Sep 1894Great Torrington DEV I25208
30 PASSMORE Grace Ann  1862Great Torrington DEV I25217
31 POW Fanny  8 Apr 1848Great Torrington DEV I27041
32 SMALE Emanuel  Abt 1829Great Torrington DEV I27145
33 SMALE Fanny  Abt 1837Great Torrington DEV I27149
34 SMALE James  Abt 1836Great Torrington DEV I27148
35 SMALE Jane  Abt 1832Great Torrington DEV I27146
36 SMALE John  Abt 1841Great Torrington DEV I27150
37 SMALE William Daniel Maddick  Abt 1833Great Torrington DEV I27147
38 SNELL Rachael  Abt 1788Great Torrington DEV I25735
39 SUSSEX Alice Jane  Abt 1866Great Torrington DEV I25837
40 SUSSEX Isaac  Mar 1868Great Torrington DEV I25839
41 WARD George (Henry) Stoyle  Between Apr 1875 and Jun 1875Great Torrington DEV I27059
42 WOODHOUSE Thomas William  14 Aug 1900Great Torrington DEV I27064


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAKER Alice  18 May 1958Great Torrington DEV I25211
2 BAKER Gertrude Eliza  1979Great Torrington DEV I25221
3 BALSDON Eva  Aug 1900Great Torrington DEV I25213
4 BEER Eliza  1925Great Torrington DEV I25190
5 BEER Mary Judd  26 Oct 1922Great Torrington DEV I25201
6 BEER Salome Ann  Jan 1893Great Torrington DEV I25187
7 BEER William  1901Great Torrington DEV I25189
8 EFFER Charles William R.  1874Great Torrington DEV I25194
9 FINNERMORE Fanny  Between Oct 1874 and Dec 1874Great Torrington DEV I27040
10 HAMMETT Fanny  28 May 1891Great Torrington DEV I27057
11 HAMMETT Jane  Nov 1942Great Torrington DEV I27053
12 HAMMETT Thomas Pow  21 Oct 1885Great Torrington DEV I27052
13 HAMMETT Thomas William  5 Sep 1900Great Torrington DEV I27058
14 HEARD Stanley Edward  16 Nov 1898Great Torrington DEV I25820
15 HEARN Margery Violet  1978Great Torrington DEV I25223
16 HELE Maria  May 1842Great Torrington DEV I25736
17 JUDD Fanny  19 Mar 1900Great Torrington DEV I25196
18 MILLS Edwin J.  14 Oct 1943Great Torrington DEV I27068
19 MITCHELL Albert Victor Charles  Feb 1895Great Torrington DEV I25207
20 MITCHELL Charles  23 Apr 1926Great Torrington DEV I25206
21 MITCHELL Thomas William Beer  17 May 1977Great Torrington DEV I25208
22 PASSMORE Grace Ann  1905Great Torrington DEV I25217
23 POW Fanny  3 Jun 1912Great Torrington DEV I27041
24 SMALE Robert  Abt Nov 1868Great Torrington DEV I25734
25 SNELL Rachael  Oct 1825Great Torrington DEV I25735
26 VENNING Sarah  Mar 1924Great Torrington DEV I25224
27 WOODHOUSE Thomas William  1 Sep 1900Great Torrington DEV I27064


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BALSDON Eva  28 Aug 1900Great Torrington DEV I25213
2 HAMMETT Fanny  Cal Jun 1891Great Torrington DEV I27057
3 HAMMETT Jane  1942Great Torrington DEV I27053
4 HAMMETT Richard  Apr 1935Great Torrington DEV I26962
5 HAMMETT Thomas Pow  Oct 1885Great Torrington DEV I27052
6 HAMMETT Thomas William  Sep 1900Great Torrington DEV I27058
7 HELE Maria  22 May 1842Great Torrington DEV I25736
8 MILLS Edwin Richard  Jun 1998Great Torrington DEV I27069
9 MITCHELL Albert Victor Charles  20 Feb 1895Great Torrington DEV I25207
10 POW Fanny  Jun 1912Great Torrington DEV I27041
11 SMALE Robert  25 Nov 1868Great Torrington DEV I25734
12 SNELL Rachael  4 Oct 1825Great Torrington DEV I25735
13 WOODHOUSE Thomas William  5 Sep 1900Great Torrington DEV I27064


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 ALLEN Frederick John  29 Jun 1906Great Torrington DEV I27044
2 BEER Eliza Ann Salome  5 Aug 1874Great Torrington DEV I25202
3 BEER Fanny Ellen  8 Jul 1868Great Torrington DEV I25199
4 BEER Frederick William  9 May 1877Great Torrington DEV I25203
5 BEER Mary Judd  10 Jul 1872Great Torrington DEV I25201
6 BEER Michael  8 Jul 1868Great Torrington DEV I25198
7 BEER Miriam  25 Dec 1862Great Torrington DEV I25197
8 BEER William Thomas  8 Sep 1869Great Torrington DEV I25200
9 CONNOLLY Mary Ann Hammett  6 Dec 1880Great Torrington DEV I27090
10 HAMMETT Thomas Pow  24 Jul 1881Great Torrington DEV I27052
11 HAMMETT Thomas William  30 Aug 1900Great Torrington DEV I27058
12 MITCHELL Albert Victor Charles  21 Dec 1892Great Torrington DEV I25207
13 MITCHELL Gertrude Gladys Fanny  20 Jun 1900Great Torrington DEV I25210
14 MITCHELL Thomas William Beer  3 Oct 1894Great Torrington DEV I25208
15 SMALE Emanuel  29 Nov 1829Great Torrington DEV I27145
16 SMALE Fanny  1 Oct 1837Great Torrington DEV I27149
17 SMALE James  6 Mar 1836Great Torrington DEV I27148
18 SMALE Jane  8 Jan 1832Great Torrington DEV I27146
19 SMALE John  7 Feb 1841Great Torrington DEV I27150
20 SMALE William Daniel Maddick  13 Jan 1833Great Torrington DEV I27147
21 SNELL Rachael  5 Oct 1788Great Torrington DEV I25735
22 WOODHOUSE Thomas William  18 Aug 1900Great Torrington DEV I27064


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLEN / HAMMETT  Abt Sep 1893Great Torrington DEV F8728
2 BEER / JUDD  26 Dec 1861Great Torrington DEV F8183
3 BEER / VENNING  1868Great Torrington DEV F8195
4 CONNOLLY / HAMMETT  Between Apr 1873 and Jun 1873Great Torrington DEV F8741
5 HAMMETT / POW  30 Jan 1876Great Torrington DEV F8727
6 MELHUISH / SUSSEX  1886Great Torrington DEV F8398
7 MILLS / HAMMETT  Abt Dec 1913Great Torrington DEV F8731
8 MITCHELL / BAKER  28 Dec 1916Great Torrington DEV F8187
9 SMALE / SNELL  25 Apr 1815Great Torrington DEV F8363
10 WARD / HAMMETT  Between Apr 1902 and Jun 1902Great Torrington DEV F8729
11 WOODHOUSE / HAMMETT  Abt 1903Great Torrington DEV F8730