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Echuca VIC



Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARGUS Alexander Alfred  8 Apr 1882Echuca VIC I19109
2 ARGUS Edgar Percival  14 Oct 1901Echuca VIC I19122
3 ARGUS Emma Matilda Mary  1884Echuca VIC I19110
4 ARGUS Ethel Jessie  1887Echuca VIC I19112
5 ARGUS Eva Irene  17 Sep 1900Echuca VIC I19121
6 ARGUS Henry Byron  29 Feb 1880Echuca VIC I19108
7 ARGUS John Thomas  1876Echuca VIC I19105
8 ARGUS May Isabel  27 Apr 1878Echuca VIC I19106
9 BARNES Isaac James  1877Echuca VIC I15656
10 BECKHAM Ivy  5 Oct 1905Echuca VIC I19050
11 BROMLEY Charlotte  Abt 1878Echuca VIC I32409
12 CRANAGE Robyn  1954Echuca VIC I736
13 DARK Doris Maud  1899Echuca VIC I30238
14 FRANCIS Edgar Keith  5 Jun 1907Echuca VIC I6470
15 FRANCIS Edith Amy  15 May 1934Echuca VIC I8218
16 FRANCIS Josiah Raymond  Abt 1901Echuca VIC I6468
17 FRANCIS Rupert Victor  1899Echuca VIC I6473
18 FRANCIS Sydney Bertram  14 Sep 1902Echuca VIC I6469
19 HAND Garry David  28 Oct 1959Echuca VIC I1913
20 KENT Vera  1909Echuca VIC I7447
21 LAWRENCE Elizabeth Ann  1877Echuca VIC I19097
22 LAWRENCE Evaline Victoria  1878Echuca VIC I19098
23 LAWRENCE Harry  1874Echuca VIC I19095
24 LAWRENCE Julia Louisa  1875Echuca VIC I19096
25 PICKENS Francis William George  1893Echuca VIC I8234
26 ROBINS Rupert Samuel Ernest  1878Echuca VIC I4130
27 TREWIN Albert Edward  1878Echuca VIC I19029
28 TREWIN Ernest Gerald  1881Echuca VIC I19030
29 TREWIN Eva Blanche  1880Echuca VIC I15801
30 TREWIN Francis William  1878Echuca VIC I15800
31 TREWIN Henry Louis Alfred  1883Echuca VIC I15802
32 TREWIN Julia Louisa  1876Echuca VIC I15799
33 TREWIN Lawrence  9 Feb 1876Echuca VIC I19027
34 TREWIN Louise  1877Echuca VIC I19028
35 TREWIN Violet May  1879Echuca VIC I15645


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARGUS Emma Matilda Mary  1885Echuca VIC I19110
2 FRANCIS Daisy Eliza, (Twin)  3 Feb 1990Echuca VIC I6471
3 FRANCIS Ivy Clarice, (Twin)  9 Feb 1995Echuca VIC I6472
4 FRANCIS Josiah Raymond  1923Echuca VIC I6468
5 FRANCIS Rupert Victor  1899Echuca VIC I6473
6 GREEN Mary Lilian  1973Echuca VIC I676
7 HAM William Samuel Clifford, MBE JP  28 Oct 1954Echuca VIC I6439
8 LAWRENCE Julia Louisa  1876Echuca VIC I19096
9 LAY Gladys Adele  18 Sep 1972Echuca VIC I4487
10 MUSTEY Lorna Elsie  20 Oct 1981Echuca VIC I8455
11 OLIVER Ellen Agnes  3 Nov 1949Echuca VIC I8333
12 WALTER Stephen Sidney  12 Mar 1951Echuca VIC I6458


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CRANAGE / FOSTER  1967Echuca VIC F75
2 HAND / BEER  Sep 1981Echuca VIC F642
3 MCCLEAN / HAND  18 Jul 1970Echuca VIC F641
4 ROBINS / BODDINGTON  1907Echuca VIC F3743