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Coghills Creek VIC



Matches 1 to 75 of 75

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARKER Edment  1867Coghills Creek VIC I18936
2 BARKER Eliza  1876Coghills Creek VIC I18940
3 BARKER Herbert Edment  1866Coghills Creek VIC I18935
4 BARKER Jane  Abt 1873Coghills Creek VIC I18939
5 BARKER John  1881Coghills Creek VIC I18943
6 BARKER Joseph  1879Coghills Creek VIC I18942
7 BARKER Sarah Jane  1869Coghills Creek VIC I18937
8 BARKER Selina  1871Coghills Creek VIC I18938
9 BARKER William  1878Coghills Creek VIC I18941
10 CALDOW Janet  1876Coghills Creek VIC I6426
11 DUNSTAN Julia Susan  4 Apr 1872Coghills Creek VIC I7924
12 GRILLS Clifford Thomas  17 Jun 1907Coghills Creek VIC I6300
13 GRILLS Edgar George  15 Jun 1891Coghills Creek VIC I6297
14 GRILLS Emmerline Grace  24 Dec 1882Coghills Creek VIC I6311
15 GRILLS Eric Raymond  18 Feb 1900Coghills Creek VIC I6296
16 GRILLS Ethel May  27 Feb 1886Coghills Creek VIC I6308
17 GRILLS Florence May  1893Coghills Creek VIC I6295
18 GRILLS George Roy  1905Coghills Creek VIC I6301
19 GRILLS Ida Constance  1900Coghills Creek VIC I6294
20 GRILLS John Clarence  1897Coghills Creek VIC I6293
21 GRILLS Joseph  26 Aug 1887Coghills Creek VIC I6303
22 GRILLS Lyle Alexander Walter, (Twin)  9 Aug 1902Coghills Creek VIC I6299
23 GRILLS Mary Maude  19 Jun 1893Coghills Creek VIC I6292
24 GRILLS Norman Claude  27 Aug 1897Coghills Creek VIC I6291
25 GRILLS Regina Tryphena  Abt 1870Coghills Creek VIC I6268
26 GRILLS Reginald Edward Walter, (Twin)  9 Aug 1902Coghills Creek VIC I6298
27 GRILLS Richard Cecil  1899Coghills Creek VIC I6290
28 GRILLS Susan Isabella  19 Jun 1889Coghills Creek VIC I6289
29 GRILLS Susan Winifred  1902Coghills Creek VIC I6302
30 GRILLS Thomas  5 Feb 1867Coghills Creek VIC I6287
31 GRILLS Thomas  28 Aug 1881Coghills Creek VIC I6306
32 GRILLS Thomas  1917Coghills Creek VIC I8813
33 GRILLS William George  7 Jun 1884Coghills Creek VIC I6310
34 SELLWOOD Amy  10 Jan 1882Coghills Creek VIC I6324
35 SELLWOOD Howard Thomas  1900Coghills Creek VIC I8560
36 SELLWOOD Joseph  1856Coghills Creek VIC I6278
37 SELLWOOD Julia Ann  Abt 1872Coghills Creek VIC I4560
38 SELLWOOD Maud Adele  Abt 1897Coghills Creek VIC I8561
39 TINKLER Grace Isabel  1902Coghills Creek VIC I8577
40 TINKLER Mary  1862Coghills Creek VIC I6282
41 TINKLER Myrtle Ann  18 Sep 1898Coghills Creek VIC I8575
42 TINKLER Robert  6 Oct 1858Coghills Creek VIC I6425
43 TINKLER Stephen  12 Jan 1865Coghills Creek VIC I6423
44 TINKLER Vera Grace  26 Oct 1895Coghills Creek VIC I8576
45 TREWIN Edith  1870Coghills Creek VIC I18898
46 TREWIN Hannah Lousia  1868Coghills Creek VIC I18905
47 TREWIN John  1873Coghills Creek VIC I18925
48 TREWIN John Alexander Murray  26 Aug 1901Coghills Creek VIC I18927
49 TREWIN John Hedley  1866Coghills Creek VIC I18893
50 TREWIN John Hedley  1867Coghills Creek VIC I19678
51 TREWIN Mary Irene Eleanor  1903Coghills Creek VIC I18928
52 TREWIN Sophia Ann  1870Coghills Creek VIC I18907
53 TREWIN William Albert  3 Apr 1869Coghills Creek VIC I18906
54 TREWIN William Gardiner  1909Coghills Creek VIC I18929
55 TROUP Annie Cattanach  11 Oct 1870Coghills Creek VIC I6421
56 TURNBULL Emma Christina  22 Dec 1891Coghills Creek VIC I6321
57 TURNBULL Enid Susan  1906Coghills Creek VIC I8123
58 TURNBULL John  1901Coghills Creek VIC I8124
59 TURNBULL Joseph Percy  5 Mar 1894Coghills Creek VIC I8121
60 TURNBULL Richard Thomas  19 Mar 1896Coghills Creek VIC I8122
61 TURNBULL Rita Adele  26 Jun 1903Coghills Creek VIC I7930
62 TURNBULL Thomas Grills  3 May 1893Coghills Creek VIC I8119
63 WALTER Alinda Grace  8 Nov 1871Coghills Creek VIC I6288
64 WALTER Arthur Lewis Nathan, MLA  27 Sep 1873Coghills Creek VIC I6414
65 WALTER Edgar Mansley  15 May 1884Coghills Creek VIC I6420
66 WALTER Florence  1881Coghills Creek VIC I6417
67 WALTER Florence Edith  6 Nov 1871Coghills Creek VIC I4564
68 WALTER Henrietta Maud  29 May 1877Coghills Creek VIC I6416
69 WALTER Horace Lloyd  20 Feb 1904Coghills Creek VIC I8665
70 WALTER John Edward  22 Apr 1868Coghills Creek VIC I6412
71 WALTER Leslie John  11 May 1894Coghills Creek VIC I8094
72 WALTER Lucy Grace  1 Jun 1882Coghills Creek VIC I6419
73 WALTER Milton Ward  28 May 1907Coghills Creek VIC I8666
74 WALTER Richard  7 Apr 1879Coghills Creek VIC I6418
75 WALTER William  20 Jul 1875Coghills Creek VIC I6415


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARKER Edment  1868Coghills Creek VIC I18936
2 BARKER Eliza  1876Coghills Creek VIC I18940
3 BARKER Herbert Edment  1866Coghills Creek VIC I18935
4 BARKER John  1881Coghills Creek VIC I18943
5 BARKER William  1878Coghills Creek VIC I18941
6 DUNSTAN Julia Susan  1906Coghills Creek VIC I7924
7 GRILLS John Walter  28 Jul 1921Coghills Creek VIC I6273
8 GRILLS Mary Charlotte  25 Oct 1896Coghills Creek VIC I6285
9 GRILLS Thomas  7 Mar 1865Coghills Creek VIC I6307
10 GRILLS Thomas  1917Coghills Creek VIC I8813
11 PARK Thomas Courtney  28 Jan 1884Coghills Creek VIC I8331
12 PROUT Jane  21 Apr 1871Coghills Creek VIC I18879
13 REDMAN Dalys  23 Jan 1995Coghills Creek VIC I18932
14 SELLWOOD Howard Thomas  28 Jul 1906Coghills Creek VIC I8560
15 TREWIN Albert Leslie  26 Mar 1987Coghills Creek VIC I18930
16 TREWIN Elizabeth Ann  9 Jul 1866Coghills Creek VIC I3260
17 TREWIN John  21 Feb 1878Coghills Creek VIC I18925
18 TREWIN John  21 Apr 1907Coghills Creek VIC I18883
19 TREWIN Mary Irene Eleanor  19 Oct 1987Coghills Creek VIC I18928
20 TURNBULL Enid Susan  1906Coghills Creek VIC I8123
21 TURNBULL John  1901Coghills Creek VIC I8124
22 WALTER Emma  25 Dec 1886Coghills Creek VIC I6410
23 WALTER Florence  May 1881Coghills Creek VIC I6417


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DUNSTAN / GRILLS  21 Apr 1870Coghills Creek VIC F1998
2 GRILLS / WALTER  4 Nov 1897Coghills Creek VIC F2004
3 THOMPSON / TREWIN  1899Coghills Creek VIC F6411
4 WALTER / STUBBS  19 Mar 1867Coghills Creek VIC F1085