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Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT



Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 JACKSON Emma Bernice  1906Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2623
2 JACKSON Herbert William  9 Oct 1904Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2622
3 MARLOWE Francis Harold  9 May 1913Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2626
4 MASON Tryphena  1888Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I21180
5 MOUNTJOY Luther Edgar  1887Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I21185
6 PHILP James Henry, BA  8 Apr 1862Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I15372
7 POWER Andrew Joseph  10 Sep 1869Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2618
8 POWER Emily Anne  22 Mar 1863Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2614
9 POWER Lucy Elizabeth  6 May 1867Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2616
10 POWER Lula Mae  1872Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2619
11 POWER Margaret Gainer  13 Mar 1865Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2615
12 POWER William Ernest  14 Dec 1873Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2620
13 SAMELLS Anna Rilda May  22 Aug 1938Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I5245
14 SAMELLS Mary Ann  11 Jun 1856Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I5134
15 SAMELLS Russell Melville  2 Oct 1935Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I5244
16 VEALE Cecil Levern  8 Jun 1888Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2608
17 VEALE Lewis Walter  25 May 1877Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2604
18 VEALE Ruby Grace  24 Jan 1911Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2648
19 VEALE Ruby P.  26 Sep 1892Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2609
20 WILLIAMS Leona Ida Emmeline  1 Dec 1915Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I5317


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 FALLIS Charles Howard  3 Nov 1945Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2624
2 JACKSON Ellenor  1932Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2607
3 JACKSON Emma Bernice  1969Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2623
4 JACKSON Herbert William  12 Oct 1944Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2622
5 MARLOWE Charles W.  12 Dec 1928Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2625
6 MARLOWE Francis Harold  9 Jan 1977Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2626
7 MASON Charlotte  6 Oct 1935Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2589
8 PETTIT Mabel Sarah  1942Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2647
9 PORTEOUS Eunice Irene Elsie  4 Dec 1947Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2612
10 POWER Emily Anne  4 May 1887Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2614
11 POWER John Lowe  18 Feb 1926Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2613
12 POWER Lucy Elizabeth  25 May 1956Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2616
13 POWER Lula Mae  9 Nov 1931Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2619
14 POWER Margaret Gainer  2 May 1954Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2615
15 POWER William Ernest  21 Apr 1874Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2620
16 VEALE Ambrose Joseph  21 Dec 1944Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2602
17 VEALE Cecil Levern  30 May 1963Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2608
18 VEALE John Lawrence, BA  26 Jan 1903Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2601
19 VEALE Marwood Wesley  1970Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2605
20 VEALE Ruby Grace  1933Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT I2648


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FALLIS / POWER  28 Mar 1888Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT F870
2 MARLOWE / POWER  1 Jan 1901Nestleton, Durham Co. ONT F872