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Mount Duneed VIC



Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLAIR William George  Abt 1906Mount Duneed VIC I12476
2 GROSSMAN Edith Cecilia  1884Mount Duneed VIC I13650
3 HUNTER Adeline Olive  1911Mount Duneed VIC I13651
4 HUNTER Camilla Gertrude  1894Mount Duneed VIC I12337
5 HUNTER Edward Arthur  1 Apr 1916Mount Duneed VIC I13655
6 HUNTER Ethel Irene  1902Mount Duneed VIC I12464
7 HUNTER Francis Lawrence  1918Mount Duneed VIC I13656
8 HUNTER Herbert James  27 Dec 1913Mount Duneed VIC I13652
9 HUNTER Iris Eva  1903Mount Duneed VIC I12342
10 HUNTER Joseph Sydney  1910Mount Duneed VIC I12344
11 HUNTER Olive May  1890Mount Duneed VIC I12338
12 HUNTER Rhoda Elizabeth  1888Mount Duneed VIC I12335
13 HUNTER Rhoda Elizabeth  1893Mount Duneed VIC I12339
14 HUNTER Robert Joseph  1906Mount Duneed VIC I2538
15 MATTHEWS Emma  1862Mount Duneed VIC I9240
16 PLIER Jessie Ruth  1897Mount Duneed VIC I12773
17 RICE Mary Jane Isabel  1910Mount Duneed VIC I12461
18 SEIFFERT Adeline May  1903Mount Duneed VIC I12432
19 SEIFFERT Annie Louisa May  1907Mount Duneed VIC I12437
20 SEIFFERT Charles William  1906Mount Duneed VIC I12441
21 SEIFFERT Edith Adeline Victoria  8 Apr 1908Mount Duneed VIC I12438
22 SEIFFERT Ferdinand  1877Mount Duneed VIC I12430
23 SEIFFERT James  7 Aug 1902Mount Duneed VIC I12448
24 SEIFFERT Johann Gottfried Wilhelm  1880Mount Duneed VIC I12431
25 SIMMONS Alberta  27 Jun 1885Mount Duneed VIC I12745
26 SIMMONS Charles  1886Mount Duneed VIC I12359
27 SIMMONS Charles William  1886Mount Duneed VIC I12743
28 SIMMONS Colin  1885Mount Duneed VIC I12358
29 SIMMONS Emily  1888Mount Duneed VIC I12360
30 SIMMONS James Thomas  1877Mount Duneed VIC I12742
31 SIMMONS Jessie Mary  11 Nov 1882Mount Duneed VIC I12744
32 SIMMONS Lillie  1883Mount Duneed VIC I12357
33 SIMMONS Mary  5 Jul 1878Mount Duneed VIC I12355
34 SIMMONS Myrtle Stella  1893Mount Duneed VIC I12748
35 SIMMONS Rachel Ann  2 Mar 1881Mount Duneed VIC I12756
36 SIMMONS Rose Adeline  1898Mount Duneed VIC I12365
37 SIMMONS Sarah Eliza  31 Mar 1887Mount Duneed VIC I12746
38 SIMMONS Sydney Carter  8 Feb 1889Mount Duneed VIC I12747
39 SIMMONS Thomas  1882Mount Duneed VIC I12356
40 SWAYN Elizabeth Agnes  1862Mount Duneed VIC I19314
41 TREWIN Amanda Grace  1856Mount Duneed VIC I18892
42 TREWIN Charles Albert  22 Aug 1858Mount Duneed VIC I18967
43 TREWIN Frances Victoria Henrietta  22 Dec 1862Mount Duneed VIC I18970
44 TREWIN Francis Lawrence  1852Mount Duneed VIC I15798
45 Rev. TREWIN Henry Lewis Alfred  26 Sep 1860Mount Duneed VIC I19014
46 TREWIN John Thomas  1855Mount Duneed VIC I18966
47 TREWIN Julia Louisa  1856Mount Duneed VIC I19038
48 TREWIN Sophia Ann  23 Sep 1858Mount Duneed VIC I18888
49 YATES Sydney James  1913Mount Duneed VIC I505


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HUNTER Adeline Olive  1912Mount Duneed VIC I13651
2 HUNTER Camilla Gertrude  1894Mount Duneed VIC I12337
3 HUNTER Rhoda Elizabeth  1889Mount Duneed VIC I12335
4 HUNTER Robert Joseph  1906Mount Duneed VIC I2538
5 MATTHEWS Emma  1863Mount Duneed VIC I9240
6 SIMMONS Charles  1887Mount Duneed VIC I12359
7 SIMMONS Emily  1889Mount Duneed VIC I12360
8 TREWIN Eliza  1857Mount Duneed VIC I19677