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Clovelly DEV



Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREW Catherine  Between Jul 1854 and Sep 1854Clovelly DEV I11058
2 ARTHUR Susannah  Abt 1834Clovelly DEV I33363
3 BARTLETT Thomas  Abt 1833Clovelly DEV I28450
4 BURROW Emily  Abt 1873Clovelly DEV I33350
5 BURROW James  Abt 1870Clovelly DEV I22063
6 BURROWS William Davey  Abt 1850Clovelly DEV I33817
7 CHING Emlyn  Abt 1854Clovelly DEV I20323
8 CHING Joanna  Abt 1855Clovelly DEV I20324
9 CHING Mary  Abt 1830Clovelly DEV I28418
10 CHING Sophia  Abt 1856Clovelly DEV I20322
11 CLEAVE Emily Bertha  Abt 1879Clovelly DEV I30740
12 CLEAVE Thomas Frank  27 Apr 1910Clovelly DEV I30755
13 CRUISE Ida Slee  15 Nov 1897Clovelly DEV I33855
14 CRUSE James  23 Jul 1888Clovelly DEV I33853
15 CRUSE Mary Ann  16 May 1892Clovelly DEV I33854
16 ELLIOTT Bessie Jane  1 Apr 1888Clovelly DEV I20772
17 ELLIOTT John  Abt 1885Clovelly DEV I20770
18 ELLIOTT William  Abt 1882Clovelly DEV I20771
19 GLOVER Charlotte  Abt 1844Clovelly DEV I10686
20 GLOVER William  Abt 1850Clovelly DEV I4820
21 HOCKRIDGE John Thomas  14 Dec 1878Clovelly DEV I20787
22 HOCKRIDGE Mary Ann  1842Clovelly DEV I25141
23 JEWELL Seth  26 Jul 1856Clovelly DEV I22301
24 NICHOLLS Joseph  Abt 1804Clovelly DEV I32012
25 NICHOLLS Joseph  20 Jul 1832Clovelly DEV I32013
26 NICHOLLS Joseph Henry  Abt 1876Clovelly DEV I32019
27 NICHOLLS Lillian Grace  Jul 1867Clovelly DEV I16220
28 NICHOLLS Mary Wilson  Abt 1872Clovelly DEV I32018
29 NICHOLLS Thomas Cooke  Abt 1863Clovelly DEV I32015
30 NICHOLLS William  Abt 1865Clovelly DEV I32016
31 PENNINGTON William Richard, JP  20 Mar 1851Clovelly DEV I4942
32 ROBINS Mary Burman  Abt 1871Clovelly DEV I36029
33 SLEE Bertha  Between Apr 1900 and Jun 1900Clovelly DEV I30743
34 SLEE Edward William  15 Apr 1899Clovelly DEV I30742
35 SLEE Elizabeth  Abt 1861Clovelly DEV I20568
36 SLEE Emma  Abt 1854Clovelly DEV I20572
37 SLEE Emma Grace  Abt 1865Clovelly DEV I20569
38 SLEE Ida  Abt 1891Clovelly DEV I33843
39 SLEE John  Abt 1873Clovelly DEV I20571
40 SLEE Mary Jane  Abt 1860Clovelly DEV I20567
41 SLEE Norah Ann  Abt 1856Clovelly DEV I33815
42 SLEE Norah Ann  Abt 1869Clovelly DEV I33816
43 SLEE Stella  22 Sep 1893Clovelly DEV I33844
44 SLEE William Thomas  27 Aug 1866Clovelly DEV I20570
45 TRATHEN Alfred Edward  Abt 1874Clovelly DEV I36217
46 TRATHEN Edwin James  3 Dec 1862Clovelly DEV I36216
47 WALTER Richard  Between Jul 1873 and Sep 1873Clovelly DEV I11059
48 WALTER Thomas  15 Mar 1862Clovelly DEV I22484
49 WHITEFIELD Ellen  Abt 1867Clovelly DEV I20573
50 WHITEFIELD Jim  1929Clovelly DEV I11299


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BURROW Ethel  3 Jul 1897Clovelly DEV I33826
2 BURROW Mabel Annie  30 Aug 1953Clovelly DEV I22067
3 CLEAVE Thomas  15 Apr 1907Clovelly DEV I30727
4 MOORE Grace  24 Jun 1909Clovelly DEV I30734
5 SLEE Thomas Norman  15 Feb 1982Clovelly DEV I30745
6 SLEE William Thomas  21 Sep 1895Clovelly DEV I20570
7 TRATHEN John  3 Dec 1881Clovelly DEV I18368
8 TREMEERE John  3 Apr 1852Clovelly DEV I2014
9 WHITEFIELD Ellen  27 Nov 1949Clovelly DEV I20573


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 COOPER James Clarence  Mar 1959Clovelly DEV I33845


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 CHING Mary  28 Mar 1830Clovelly DEV I28418
2 JEWELL William Thomas  20 Aug 1836Clovelly DEV I23385


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CLEAVE Edward  1891Clovelly DEV I30739
2 CLEAVE Emily Bertha  1891Clovelly DEV I30740
3 CLEAVE Francis  1891Clovelly DEV I30738
4 CLEAVE Francis  31 Mar 1901Clovelly DEV I30738
5 ELLIOTT William  31 Mar 1901Clovelly DEV I20771
6 ELLIOTT William  1911Clovelly DEV I20771
7 JEWELL Esabella  1881Clovelly DEV I32014
8 JEWELL Esabella  1891Clovelly DEV I32014
9 NICHOLLS Joseph  1881Clovelly DEV I32013
10 NICHOLLS Mary Wilson  1881Clovelly DEV I32018
11 NICHOLLS Thomas Cooke  1881Clovelly DEV I32015
12 NICHOLLS William  1881Clovelly DEV I32016
13 ROBINS Mary Burman  1871Clovelly DEV I36029
14 ROBINS Mary Burman  1881Clovelly DEV I36029
15 SLEE Bertha  1911Clovelly DEV I30743
16 SLEE John Cleave  1911Clovelly DEV I30744
17 SMALE Frances  1881Clovelly DEV I36211
18 TRATHEN Alfred Edward  1881Clovelly DEV I36217
19 TRATHEN Edwin James  1881Clovelly DEV I36216
20 TRATHEN Fanny Smale  1881Clovelly DEV I36213
21 TRATHEN John  1881Clovelly DEV I18368


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BURROWS / SLEE  18 Nov 1870Clovelly DEV F11049
2 CREWS / SLEE  5 Oct 1887Clovelly DEV F11060
3 NICHOLLS / HOCKRIDGE  8 Jun 1829Clovelly DEV F10416
4 SLEE / CLEAVE  24 Mar 1898Clovelly DEV F9971
5 SLEE / WHITEFIELD  16 Oct 1889Clovelly DEV F6713
6 WALTER / ANDREW  5 Dec 1872Clovelly DEV F3556
7 WICKETT / SLEE  1 Mar 1894Clovelly DEV F11064