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51 LWN4--114 (----) Barbara Joan
52 Dorothy Anne married secondly to William Catton (Bill) GRASBY (----) Dorothy Anne
53 Genesis Gardens, Garden Area 47, Bed 94, Position 025 (----) Eileen Patricia
54 Monumental Section Row 25, Grave 20 (----) Eunice Elizabeth
55 QCF-LAWN-2FF-808-10 (----) Isabel Dorothy
56 EAS-LAWN-MI-808-20 (----) Kathleen Mary
57 Drysdale Lawn, Row 1.B, Grave 11 (----) Lillian Frances
58 GMP-EUC-SG-2-114-087 (----) Margaret
59 HGH-LAWN-AO-808-16 (----) Marion Jean
60 Mawson (Lawn), Row S, Grave 41 (----) Marjory Edith
61 Of Maerbridge, Bude and Trustlers, Albourne (SXW). (----) Mary Stafford
62 WST-LAWN-08-808-10 (----) Ruby Thelma
63 Details removed by request (RATCLIFFE) FARAM Hayley Suzanne
64 Details removed by request (RATCLIFFE) FARAM Ryan Trevor
65 B. Nurs. ACHESON Ruth
66 Diploma of Management ACHESON Ruth
68 Midwifery ACHESON Ruth
69 Registered Nurse ACHESON Ruth
70 The parents of Ruth ACHESON were Jack ACHESON and Muriel POOLE (1925-2015). ACHESON Ruth
71 Buried in Class C Grave #3770; Consecrated ground; Abode: 7 Victoria Road; Age given as 26y. (probably about 43y). ADAMS Edith Emily Holly
72 HGH-LAWN-DO-808-04 ADAMS Harry Richardson
73 HGH-RG04-19-100-1 ADAMS Judy Fay
74 Emma May AGNEW (1884-1935) also married James William McCORMACK in 1931. Her parents were James AGNEW (1855-1942) and Margaret McTAVISH (1859-1936) and she had seven siblings (two sisters and 5 brothers. AGNEW Emma May
75 Her second husband James William McCORMACK is buried in the same plot. AGNEW Emma May
76 Uniting Church service. ALDEN Carrie Lavinia
77 Death recorded as Alice May WALTER (m.n. ALLARDICE).
Burial recorded as Elsie May WALTER. 
78 Grave No. Meth G2 001 ALLARDICE Alice May
79 Ashes scattered ALLAWAY Emily Frances
80 Suffered several wounds including gun shot wounds to the head, left arm and left ear. Unsurprisingly, discharged medically unfit on return to Canada. Lest We Forget. ALLEN Harold Joshua
81 Lived a few days only. ALLIN (Male Child)
82 HGH-MET-01-807-154 ALLIN Albert Edward
83 HGH-MET-01-807-154 ALLIN Alfred Charles
84 HGH-MET-01-807-054 ALLIN Benjamin Axford, JP
85 HGH-MET-01-807-155 ALLIN Benjamin Axford
86 Parents: Thomas ALLIN and Jane AXFORD. Councillor and President of the Barrabool Shire Council. A very active member of the Methodist Church. Brother of Sally (Sarah) ALLIN (1825-1901) and Roger ALLIN (1825-1861) both of whom appear elsewhere in this database. ALLIN Benjamin Axford, JP
87 Never married. ALLIN Edwin Louis
88 This headstone might be a memorial only and not the actual location of the burial. ALLIN Edwin Louis
89 Elizabeth kept house for her handicapped brothers Robert, Richard and Samuel. ALLIN Elizabeth
90 This headstone might be a memorial only and not the actual location of the burial. ALLIN Elizabeth
91 DRY-MET-2-807-058 ALLIN Eva Alinda
92 DRY-MET-2-807-060 ALLIN Florence Dicey
93 DRY-MET-2-807-057 ALLIN Francis Joseph
94 On the death of of her husband Richard, Grace was left in need of public support, with nine small children including 3 boys who were deaf and dumb. ALLIN Grace
95 See Military above. ALLIN Harvey Ross
96 Service commenced 27 Jul 1942. Completion of service unknown.

192 Squadron, RAF was a radar counter-measures Squadron which flew a variety of aircraft including the Halifax Mark III.

Awarded a Distinguished Flying Medal on 27 Jun 1944 when a Flight Sergeant (later commissioned and promoted to Pilot Officer).

Citation: "This airman has completed a large number of operational sorties during which he has displayed keenness and cool courage. On one occasion when his aircraft was attacked by two enemy fighters and seriously damaged, his calm directions to his pilot and his accurate fire enabled his crew to warn off the attacking aircraft and damaged one of them. Flight Sergeant Allin has completed many long distance flights and has consistently displayed cool courage and ardour for his duties." 
ALLIN Harvey Ross
97 Later married his wife's step-mother, Edna Violet Elizabeth RICKARD. ALLIN Howard Middleton
98 After a service conducted by the Rev. J.S.I. Wilson of the Simcoe Street United Church at W.C. Town's Funeral Home, Whitby ONT. ALLIN John Brimacombe
99 HGH-MET-01-807-152 ALLIN John Henry
100 Killed in action on 26 Oct 1917 during the second phase of the terrible battle for Passchendaele in West Flanders when the Canadian forces were able to take and hold the village. Lest We Forget. ALLIN Lorne William John

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