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Matches 3301 to 3350 of 3367

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3301 MGC-RC-Comp-8AV-No-153 WILSON Agnes
3302 CofE F, Section 18, Grave 35 WILSON Emily
3303 [LLC] CRA-Cremated Remains Memorial A WILSON Leslie Thomas
3304 Brind, Wall V, Niche 246 WILSON Mabel Annette
3305 HGH-COE-2-807-174 WILTON Edith Georgina
3306 EAS-COE-09-807-218 WILTON Laura Amelia Allen
3307 R.W. Gillard, Row AH, Grave 43 WILTON Raymond Edmund
3308 Protestant, FA-PRT*E***512 WINBUSH Harry Stephen
3309 Followed by a memorial service at St. Nectan's Church, Stoke, Hartland DEV. WINCHCOMBE Leonard
3310 HGH-COE-1-807-269 WINDMILL Frederick Charles
3311 HGH-RG06-01-100-3 WINDMILL Henry Charles
3312 Ashes collected.
Marker is at the Barrabool Hills Cemetery, Highton VIC. Location: HGH-RG06-01-100-2 
3313 Cassia Wall Niche Single, Waal R, Niche 398 WINDUSS George Albert
3314 Father: Joseph WINN, Mother: Sophie JONES. Believed to have been a British soldier on Norfolk Island. WINN George
3315 Lawn, Section G, Row 6, Grave 43 WISE Lois Adele
3316 CofE Section WOODGATE Annie Eliza
3317 VIC BDM Index shows 'un-named female' for given name. Daughter of James WOODHART and Kate BUNWORTH. WOODHART Caroline Anne
3318 Maiden surname: PATEN WOODYARD Irene Winifred Anna Hunt "Win"
3319 At the time of his death, 51 Squadron, RAF were flying Handley Page Halifax BII aircraft on a mission to Dusseldorf in Germany. The incident took place at 2353 hours on 25 May 1943. Aircraft No. HR853. All crew members died in the crash. WORDEN Arthur Cephas
3320 Grave No. 5.I.1 WORDEN Arthur Cephas
3321 Some sources give the date of this sad event as 26 May 1943.

Malden is located close to the Dutch/German border and this might explain the fact that some records say that the accident occured in the Gelderland province of the Netherlands.

Died in a wartime aircraft accident as a result of enemy action.

See miltary entry for more details. Lest We Forget.
WORDEN Arthur Cephas
3322 Garden of St. John WORDEN Morley Paul
3323 His first wife was Mary Ann ROBINSON (born 1827) who died May 11, 1883, age 56 years and 8 months, a native of Grimsby, LIN. They had 12 children. Benjamin died at the home of one of his daughters in a house just north of the four corners in Whitby. He was a Brethren by denomination, a branch of the Quakers. A tall man, over 6 feet tall, he had an interesting life. He lived at Port Whitby after emigrating in 1856 to Canada. He was involved with sailing, then was an engine driver when Chester DRAPER was Harbour Master; later he was a county constable, and a contractor for moving buildings. Currently there is a street or court in North Whitby named Worfolk. His grand-daughter Effie PRESTON at 99 Court St., Oshawa (728-2995), knows no nothing about Charlotte. In fact until recently, she didn't know that her grandfather had married for the second time (13 Apr 1996). WORFOLK Benjamin
3324 MGC-COE-Comp-TT-No-373A WORTH Nellie Ellen Esther
3325 Joshua Jordan Lawn, Row AQ, Grave 16 WRIGHT Edith Caroline
3326 The parents of Isaac WRIGHT were Joseph WRIGHT and Ann NEAL. WRIGHT Isaac
3327 Posting at discharge: HMAS Lonsdale. WRIGHT-SMITH John Chadwell
3328 Plot: Grave # Unk, Lot 12, Section 5 YANCEY Maurice Addison
3329 EAS-LAWN-C-808-0185 YATES Adelaide Isabel
3330 Private F, Section 10, Row 1, Grave 18 YATES Amy Charlotte
3331 [A] Floral Lawn YATES Frederick William
3332 EAS-COE-OLDP-01-825-318 YATES Gordon Alexander
3333 Presbyterian B, Section 12, Grave 39 YATES Hazel Maude
3334 EAS-LAWN-NI-808-13 YATES Helen Amy
3335 Private F, Section 15, Grave 12 YATES James Alexander
3336 Died on her mother's birthday.
Presbyterian C, Section 1, Row 2, Grave 43 
YATES Kardinia Eliza
3337 Presbyterian, Section 1, Row 2. Grave 43 YATES Kardinia Eliza
3338 The cremated remains have been collected YATES Phyllis Coral
3339 CofE F, Section 11, Grave 39 YATES Robert Ernest
3340 Private C, Section 8, Row 1, Grave 26 YATES Robert Ernest
3341 EAS-LAWN-C-808-0716 YATES Stanley
3342 Stanley YATES (1893-1965) was born at the Ballarat Lying-in Hospital. He was the son of Amy Charlotte YATES (c. 1875-1958) and an unknown father. He was raised by his grand-parents Thomas and Eliza Yates as their son and as the youngest "brother" of his biological mother Amy Charlotte. YATES Stanley
3343 EAS-PUB-B-825-133 YATES Sydney James
3344 HGH-COE-X-825-UN01 YATES Thomas
3345 Son of Thomas YATES and Sarah SPOONER. YATES Thomas
3346 CofE F, Section 22, Grave 25 YATES Thomas Francis
3347 Collected from Crematorium YATES Thomas Francis
3348 Parents= William OKE and Sarah LANE.

Before her first marriage to Benjamin YEO, Grace had a son John OKE who was baptised at Bradworthy DEV on 30 Jan 1758.

Lease agreement between Thomas Yeo and Grace Walter, 1788

Transcribed by Elizabeth Howard

(The original has been donated to the Yeo Society)

Lease for a year dated 8th April 1788

Mr Thomas YEO and Mrs Grace WALTER w'o



This Indenture made this 8th day of April in the 28th year of the reign of our Sovereign lord George the third by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith and so forth and in the year of Our Lord 1788 ... Between Thomas YEO of the parish of Bradworthy in the co of Devon yeoman ( eldest son and heir at law of Benjamin YEO late of the said parish gentleman deceased and Grace WALTER of the same parish widow and Relict of John WALTER late of the said parish yeoman deceased and theretofore the widow and relict of the said Benjamin YEO deceased of the one part and John HAYDON of the parish of Moorwinstowe in the co of Cornwall glazier of the other part . Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings of lawful money to the said Thomas YEO and Grace WALTER in hand paid by the said John HAYDON at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged They the said Thomas YEO and Grace WALTER have and each of them hath bargained and sold and in and by these presents Do and each of them doth bargain and sell unto the said John HAYDON All that field close or parcel of land commonly called Rowna otherwise Rowna Park and Liberty of Setting making putting and maintaining a Gate and Poste between that and the Broad park hill situate in Parracott in the parish of Kilkhampton in the said co of Cornwall the men's chamber and the Toft thereunto adjoining called the shop the higher Shippen the field close or parcel of land known as the North Park and the yearly rent of sixpence payable for the headweare And also the Mowhay garden and all the other messuages lands tenements and heraditaments of them the said Thomas YEO and Grace WALTER situate lying and being in the parish of Kilkhampton Together with all the profits etc of the said messuage And the reversion etc To have and to hold the said several fields closes etc unto the said John HAYDON from the day next before the day of the date of these presents for and during and unto the full end of one whole year etc Yielding and paying therefore unto the said Thomas YEO and Grace WALTER the sum of one peppercorn at or on the last day of the said term ........ etc.

Sealed and delivered by the within named Thomas YEO and Grace WALTER in the presence of us ........ Richd HAYDON, of Kilkhampton, innkeeper

Thos JAGO, of Launceston, attorney at law.

Last updated - Brian Randell, 17 Nov 2005

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YEO Grace
3349 At the time of his marriage to Em PRUST, Richard YEO was of East Blatchboroough, Bradworthy DEV.

Burial: See Chancery Proceedings C8, 9 May 1689. 
YEO Richard
3350 Bradworthy, Richard YEO (IL46) YEO Richard

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