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Matches 2951 to 3000 of 3047

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2951 The Regina Rifles war diary records the date of death of Captain William Lisle Christie WHITE as 8 Jul 1944. Other sources show 9 Jul 1944. WHITE William Lisle Christie
2952 Took part in the D Day landings at Juno Beach on 6 Jun 1944.

8 Jul 1944
After successfully taking and passing through the village of Authie at 1815 hours the unit moved along the line of advance but was pinned down by one LMG (light machine gun) in a pillbox at the corner of the Abbeye d' Ardenne Saint-Germain-la-Blanche-Herbe and another LMG sniper on top of the abbey. During this time the Regina Rifles suffered several casualties including Captain White.

Lest We Forget. 
WHITE William Lisle Christie
2953 New Lawn Area, East Section D, Compartment I, Grave 21 WHITEMAN Charles Alec
2954 EAS-LAWN-MS-808-20 WHITESIDE Raymond Wallace, OAM
2955 No memorial in Cemetery WHITFORD Ivy
2956 The parents of Albert William Edward WHITING were Joseph WHITING and Elizabeth WILKINSON. WHITING Albert William Edward
2957 [A] Floral Lawn WHITING Christina Maud
2958 CofE B, Section 11, Grave 02 WHITING Irene Elizabeth
2959 [A] Floral Lawn WHITING Nina Evelyn
2960 CofE B, Section 11, Grave 02 WHITING Thomas
2961 HGH-MET-02-807-057 WICKETT Elizabeth
2962 Headstone says "late of Chiddlecombe". WICKETT Frederick Thomas
2963 Given name 'Sueasa' in 1861 Census. WICKETT Louisa Phillis
2964 LPD-LAWN-1B-808-05 WIFFEN Gertrude Lydia
2965 HGH-LAWN-AB-808-02 WIFFEN Myrtle Olive
2966 Details removed by request. WILDING Amanda Elizabeth
2967 Details removed by request. WILDING Megan Patricia
2968 Details removed by request. WILDING Walter John
2969 Possibly married one of the following during the Dec 1/4 1909.

1.John Herbert EDEN
2. Herbert Ethelbert ROLFE

Have not yet been able to make a solid connection using Free BDMs etc. 
WILKIN Alice Mabel
2970 Buried in Class D Private Vault #1232; Consecrated ground; Abode: 139 Elm Road. WILKIN Dorothy Emily
2971 Buried in D Class Private Vault #1232; Consecrated ground; Abode: 1 Craven Road. WILKIN William Charles
2972 Christopher Michael THOMAS legally changed his surname to WILLIAMS after the second marriage of his mother Diana to Douglas WILLIAMS. WILLIAMS Christopher Michael, (b. THOMAS)
2973 Garden of No Distant Place, July, Date 15 WILLIAMS Edwin Thomas
2974 WST-LAWN-07-808-611A
After a service held at the Bentleigh Uniting Church, 497 Centre Road, Bentleigh VIC. 
WILLIAMS Phyliss Maude
2975 Steven Paul THOMAS legally changed his surname to WILLIAMS after the second marriage of his mother Diana to Douglas WILLIAMS. WILLIAMS Steven Paul, (b. THOMAS)
2976 [A] Floral Lawn WILLIS Edward Maxwell
2977 After a service held at Tucker's Funeral Chapel, Cnr. Torquay and Pioner Roads, Grovedale VIC. WILLMOTT Irene Sylvia
2978 WST-LAWN-01-07-808-108 WILLMOTT Robert David Elliott
2979 [BUR] P1 F-F WILLS Doris Mary
2980 [BUR] P1 F-F WILLS Frank Leslie Francis
2981 Parents: John WILLS and Martha LOBB WILLS Grace
2982 CofE WILLS John Henry
2983 John and Mary Ann (m.n. SYMONS) WILSDON resided at Beatrice Hill, Prospect, Adelaide and in April 1913 at Beatice Street, Prospect, Adelaide SA. WILSDON John
2984 MGC-RC-Comp-8AV-No-153 WILSON Agnes
2985 CofE F, Section 18, Grave 35 WILSON Emily
2986 [LLC] CRA-Cremated Remains Memorial A WILSON Leslie Thomas
2987 Brind, Wall V, Niche 246 WILSON Mabel Annette
2988 HGH-COE-2-807-174 WILTON Edith Georgina
2989 EAS-COE-09-807-218 WILTON Laura Amelia Allen
2990 R.W. Gillard, Row AH, Grave 43 WILTON Raymond Edmund
2991 Protestant, FA-PRT*E***512 WINBUSH Harry Stephen
2992 Followed by a memorial service at St. Nectan's Church, Stoke, Hartland DEV. WINCHCOMBE Leonard
2993 HGH-COE-1-807-269 WINDMILL Frederick Charles
2994 HGH-RG06-01-100-3 WINDMILL Henry Charles
2995 Ashes collected.
Marker is at the Barrabool Hills Cemetery, Highton VIC. Location: HGH-RG06-01-100-2 
2996 Cassia Wall Niche Single, Waal R, Niche 398 WINDUSS George Albert
2997 Father: Joseph WINN, Mother: Sophie JONES. Believed to have been a British soldier on Norfolk Island. WINN George
2998 Lawn, Section G, Row 6, Grave 43 WISE Lois Adele
2999 CofE Section WOODGATE Annie Eliza
3000 VIC BDM Index shows 'un-named female' for given name. Daughter of James WOODHART and Kate BUNWORTH. WOODHART Caroline Anne

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