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2951 Died as a result of improper care by a family doctor following minor surgery. Berlin ONT is now known as Kitchener ONT. WALTER Edward Charles
The Reverend Edward James WALTER, 8 Wannon Court, Brookfield Vic 3338.
For service to the Australian Baptist Ministry.
Has assisted in the settlement of refugees, particularly people from Vietnam, in Melbourne, since 1978.
Senior Pastor, Western New Community Baptist Church, St Albans, since 2008.
Pastor, St Albans Baptist Church, 2000-2008.
Pastor, Reservoir Baptist Church, 1973-2000.
Chairperson, Belgrave Heights Men's Convention, over 15 years; Committee Member, circa mid-1990s.
Former Member, Pastoral Leadership Selection Committee, and Former Member, Executive
Council, Baptist Union of Victoria. Member, Assemblies of the Baptist Union, current.
Ordained, 1973, began ministry in 1969. 
WALTER Rev. Edward James "Jim", OAM
2953 HGH-MET-02-807-054 WALTER Edward John
2954 EAS-METH-10-807-362 WALTER Effie Louise
2955 HGH-MET-X-825-X WALTER Eliza Jane
2956 1841 Census, HO 107/258 WALTER Elizabeth
2957 HO107/223/9 WALTER Elizabeth
2958 Appears to have been known as Ann. WALTER Elizabeth Ann "Ann"
2959 1841 Census, HO 107/258 WALTER Elizabeth Emm
2960 Address: Colscott, 1841 Census, HO 107/258 WALTER Elizabeth Emm
2961 Headstone states age of 72 years. WALTER Elizabeth Emm
2962 EAS-METH-OLD-D-807-018 WALTER Elizabeth Grace
2963 WST-RG05-20-102-2 WALTER Elizabeth Mabel
2964 No: 96, Rose Garden 2 WALTER Ella Victoria
2965 Buried at Tower Hill Cemetery, Tower Hill VIC after a service at the Uniting Church, Koroit Street, Warrnambool VIC. WALTER Ellen
2966 Great grand mother of Cooper and Garrett, Ellen and Jagger; and James (descendants of Richard and Barbara SKILBECK); Cameron, Jamie and Harrison; Dale, Emma and Erin; Adele and Drew (descendants of Joy and Ron JELLETT); Matthew and Amber; Emma; Hollyand Ava (Descendants of Ken and Lauris SKILLBECK); Thomas and Frederick (descendants of Bruce and Vivienne SKILBECK). Warrnambool Standard newspaper, 25 Jun 2008. WALTER Ellen
2967 Methodist WALTER Ellis Vincent
2968 West Wimmera Mail, 10 Jan 1913

Noradjuha Notes
Mr. E.V. WALTERS (sic) of Geelong, is back again to the old store at Noradjuha.

West Wimmera Mail, 23 Jan 1914

Natimuk Court, 21st. January
Constable ROWLEY v Wm. SCOTT, failing to send his child to school the required number of half days, 2 charges,. Find 4/- in each case.
Same v Peter Wm. POTTER, failing to have his child vaccinated. Conscientious grounds were pleaded. Fined 20/-.
Same v Ellis V. WALTER, same offence and plea. Fined 20/-.

Ellis Vincent WALTER lived at 173 Aberdeen Street, Newtown VIC, about 1920. Two of his children, namely Rex Ellis and Hazel Jean were admitted to the Infectious Diseases ward of the Geelong Hospital twice during the 1920s.

Reference GHRC, Index to Infectious Diseases cases in Geelong. 
WALTER Ellis Vincent
2969 EAS-METH-OLD-B-807-002 WALTER Elsie Lilian
2970 HGH-MET-02-807-087 WALTER Emily Ann
2971 Address: Field Irish, 1841 Census, HO 107/258 WALTER Emma
2972 Grave No: Anglican-XXIV-16 WALTER Emma
2973 Plot: Block B WALTER Emma Agnes
2974 NZ registration number: 1905/1253 WALTER Emma Grace Vinson
2975 Believed to have died during the emigration to Canada. WALTER Emma Jane
2976 En route to Canada. WALTER Emma Jane
2977 Cassia, Wall AP, Niche 107 WALTER Emmeline May
2978 C E Bolingbroke Lawn, Row Y, Grave 44 WALTER Enid Joyce
2979 Cassia, Wall S, Niche 327 WALTER Enid Margaret
2980 EAS-LAWN-E-808-0495 WALTER Ernest Edward
2981 Pioneering flax grower at Strathkellar VIC and secretary of Victorian Flaxgrowers Association. WALTER Ernest Vinson "Vin"
2982 HGH-MET-02-807-054 WALTER Fanny Ann
2983 HGH-MET-02-807-055 WALTER Florence Edith
2984 Fuschia - plaque on wall token, Wall A, Position 74. WALTER Florrie Alberta
2985 Headstone states "of Anchorage". WALTER Fred
2986 Ashes placed at the Western Public Cemetery, Geelong VIC. WST-NICH-WALL-05-408-059 WALTER Freda Mary
2987 Officiating minister at the baptism of Freda Mary WALTER (1907-2000) was Rev. Wm. Allsop. WALTER Freda Mary
2988 Died as an infant. WALTER Frederick I.
2989 Attended this school for at least the latter years of his education (probably 1889 - 1890) where he was very successful as is shown by the fact that he won five prizes for academic excellence in his final year (1890) at the school. Prize details below. WALTER Frederick Joseph
2990 Frederick Joseph WALTER was one of the first intake of students to this institution from where he graduated on 12 Dec 1888. WALTER Frederick Joseph
2991 Prizes won by Frederick Joseph WALTER during his final year at Hamilton and Western District College.

1. Special Prize for Exemplary and Successful Diligence, 5th Form, Dec 1890, Donor C.M. Officer Esq. M.L.A.

2. Special Prize for Head of College, 5th Form, Dec 1890, Presented by the Warden.

3. Special Prize for Natural Philosophy, 5th Form, Dec 1890, Presented by W.B. Edgar.

4. General Prize for 868 in 1000 (daily), 5th Form, Dec 1890.

5. General Prize for 823 in 1000 Examination Marks, 5th Form, Dec 1890.
The Casterton News, 26 Feb 1925

Death of Mr. Fred J. Walter

The death occurred last night of Mr. Fred J. Walter of Casterton who recently underwent an operation for internal trouble. The funeral will take place tomorrow, leaving his late residence, Henty St., at 2:30 pm. for the Casterton New Cemetery.
The Casterton News, 5 Mar 1925


Mr. Fred Walter

The late Mr. F.J. Walter, whose death was announced in Thursday's issue, was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Walter. He was born at Barrabool Hills, Geelong, 52 years ago. When he was two years of age his parents removed to the Noradjuha district, but 38 years later they removed to this district, having acquired the "Heathfield" Estate near Lake Mundi. They resided at "Woodlands" on the Penola road, now owned by Messrs Chaffey Bros., and the members of the family attended the Casterton School, and consequently they are well known to many district residents. Mr. Walter had leased his Wimmera land, and after occupying "Heathfield" for four years he went back to Noradjuha, and "Heathfield" was leased until 20 years ago, when it was taken over by his son, the late Mr. Fred J. Walter, who successfully carried on the property till about 12 months ago when he sold it to Mr. Colin Cameron of "Dunan" Henty, and he himself purchased "Fernside" property at Bahgallah from Mr. D. McPhee, and also acquired the farm on the Wando Vale road known as "Sunny Hills" from the trustees of the late Mr. McLaughlin. The deceased was married 20 years ago, but 11 years ago last October his wife died unexpectedly whilst on a visit to his people at Noradjuha. She left two daughters and one son, as follows:- Freda, now aged 17 years; Alice, now 16 years; and Stanley, the baby, now 12 years. Mr. Walter, although busy with his property, did not neglect the interests of his daughters and son, and showered upon them a lavish affection. When they grew up to school age he purchased a house in Casterton and made his home in the town, and his main reason for disposing of "Heathfield" was that he could not be home as often as he wished. He usually enjoyed good health, but some years ago had been under an operation for appendicitis, from which he made a complete recovery. On the morning of Monday, 9th. ult. whilst milking his cow he was seized with severe pains in the stomach, and it was found necessary to operate on him. The operation was a serious one, and was performed by Dr. Douglas, of Hamilton, assisted by Drs. R.H. Hill and J.G. Sleeman. It appeared to be successful, and for several days the patient was reported to be holding his own, but was never pronounced out of danger, and early on Thursday morning last he suddenly passed away, having faithfully served his day and generation, leaving behind him a name honored throughout the district for uprightness of life and conduct.

During his illness, he was visited by several of his brothers, and everything that was possible was done for his comfort. In addition to his doubly bereaved children, he leaves three sisters and six brothers to mourn his loss. They are as follows:- Bertha (Mrs. Fowler, widow of the late Rev. H. Fowler); Hetty (Mrs. Nitschke), of Noradjuha, and Phenie (Mrs. L. Cranage), of Horsham; Bert, of Berwick, Gippsland; Thomas, of Coleraine; Ellis, of Ballarat; Sydney and Norman, both of Noradjuha, the latter being the owner of the original homestead.

The funeral took place at the Casterton New Cemetery on Friday afternoon, when there was a very large gathering, the outside districts being well represented. The burial service was conducted by the Rev. J.G. Searfe, in the absence of Rev. A. Bligh, who was attending the Methodist conference. Mr. Searfe said that all sections of the community would learn of the death of Mr. Walter with deep regret. He was a man of great integrity and would be sadly missed. He was a townsman whose cheerful kindness and Christian spirit was worthy of emulation. The body was enclosed in an oak casket with silver mountings, and was carried to its last resting place by four of his brothers: Ambrose, Norman, Sydney and Thomas and Messrs Cecil and Herman Hill, brothers of his late wife. Mr. W.J. Peden had charge of the mortuary [sic] arrangements.
The Casterton News, 12 Mar 1925

In Memoriam


On Sunday evening, at the Casterton Methodist Church, an In Memoriam service to the late Mr. F.J. Walter was conducted by the Rev. A. Bligh. The pulpit had been draped with purple, relieved with bunches of white flowers, intermixed with purple. The singing was led by the male choir, of which Mr. Walter had been one of the prominent members, and Miss Ida Spurrell was the organist. The hymns chosen were most appropriate, and embraced some which the deceased had often lent assistance in rendering. Several of the brethren of the Sons of Temperance Lodge attended as a mark of respect to a deceased brother.

The Rev. A. Bligh read a biographical sketch of the deceased which stated that for many years he had been an active member of the Methodist Church. He took an active part in having a preaching place established at Lake Mundi, showing the value he placed on the preaching of the Gospel. His home was always open to ministers and local preachers, who were on innumerable occasions cheered by his hospitality. Eleven years ago his beloved wife was called Home to God, and during that trying time and in later years he proved his unfailing love and interest in the lives of his children, who were always dear to his heart, and he proved to be a "Father amongst Fathers." Ten years ago, largely in the interests of his family he moved into Casterton, during which time he had been a member and loyal worker in the Church. Sunday morning found him regular and punctual in his attendance at the services, and he helped in singing of praises to God. He had for some years been a trustee and the secretary of the Church Trust, and a more capable and thorough secretary one could not wish to find. At the last Quarterly meeting he was unanimously elected Circuit Steward. They looked forward to his term of office, but God had called him to a higher stewardship, and in this higher office he now served. Although we shall miss him, we would not (if we could) call him back, for God has designed some better thing for him. Mr. Walter also served the Church as a member of the male choir. He invariably took some prominent part, and his gifts and enthusiasm acted as an inspiration to the younger members of the choir. He sings no longer in the male choir, but rather in the choir of Heaven. With a new power he sings a new song. We are familiar with his last sudden illness. With a brave heart and grim determination he faced the operation from which he never recovered. In the days of his illness our brother held on to God in prayer, and having entered into this communion here, we are confident that he now enjoys a fellowship made perfect - that he is now with God in a brighter world. We cherish the memory of our late member. He speaks to us still. To the members of his family we extend our deepest sympathy, and pray that God who does not err, and Who is Love, will ever sustain and strengthen, and by His Holy Spirit give Divine comfort until the day break and the shadows of earthly limitations flee away.

Following this, the preacher delivered a most interesting address, the text being taken from Phil. 3:20 - "Our citizenship is in Heaven." He pointed out that there things that came to us that we never could get accustomed to, no matter how familiar. Death was one of these. Christ shared in our experiences as He wept over the grave of His friend Lazarus. It was only in the Christian faith that we found comfort when sorrows confront us. Life was a thoroughfare, leading to our heavenly home. The call comes to all to prepare for the grand inheritance, and as we enter this eternal kingdom and pass to the inheritance of our citizenship in heaven, we cannot fail to leave behind us a gracious influence - footprints that some forlorn and shipwrecked brother seeing shall take heart again. Nothing is more grand or noble than that others may so see Christ in us that when we have entered more fully into the inheritance of our heavenly citizenship it may be said of us - His God shall be my God, and his Saviour my Saviour.

To live for those who love you,
For those who think you true,
For the Heaven that lies above you,
And waits your coming too;
For the cause that needs assistance,
For the wrong that needs resistance,
And the good that you can do.

He hoped that all would have grace to follow in the footsteps of the Master, and win the citizenship of Heaven.

Mr. A.G. Finlayson feelingly rendered the solo "He wipes the tear from every eye", and at the close of the service the congregation stood with bowed heads while Miss Spurrell played "The Dead March." 
WALTER Frederick Joseph
2992 Dux of the School, 1955 WALTER Frederick Lionel "Fred"
2993 Enlisted on 7 Jan 1960 in the Australian Army (No: 342848) as an Apprentice Radio Technician.

Saw active service as a Sgt. radar technician with Det. 131 Div. Loc. Battery Workshop, RAEME with the Australian Task Force at Nui Dat in Phuoc Tuy Province, South Vietnam. Discharged on 6 Jan 1969 with the rank of Staff-Sergeant. 
WALTER Frederick Lionel "Fred"
2994 Fred and his parents, along with his brothers (Ken and Denis) and sister (Helen), lived in several places mainly in Geelong and district including Paraparap, Rockbank, Leopold, Torquay, Bellbrae, Wangaratta, Belmont and Ceres. WALTER Frederick Lionel "Fred"
2995 Fred enlisted in the Australian Regular Army on 7 Jan 1960, firstly spending three years at the Army Apprentices' School at Balcombe VIC where he undertook training as a Radio Technician. On graduation (as App/Staff Sgt.) he joined RAEME (Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) to complete his training as a Radar Technician. During the next six years he was posted to Moorebank NSW, Bandiana VIC, Woomera SA, Holsworthy NSW, Nui Dat South Vietnam (Australian Force Vietnam) and finally to Albert Park Barracks in Melbourne VIC. During that time he was promoted to the rank of Staff-Sergeant. Fred is often heard to say that he does not regret one minute of his time in the Army and his first love is still anything to do with radar.

Short periods working at Laverton and back in Geelong followed his discharge, prior to joining the staff of the Gordon Institute of Technology as an Electronics Technician in the Physics Department. Over the following 33 years he working firstly for that institution and then Deakin University where he was a Senior Technician in the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences Workshop. His duties in the workshop include a considerable input into many research projects. A consequence of this is that Fred has co-authored several scientific papers particularly in the area of electronic instrumentation as applied to electrochemistry. Retirement from the workforce came on 28 Nov 2003 when Fred was very graciously farewelled from Deakin University. Since retirement it is very difficult to see where work fitted into the scheme of life!

On 22 Aug 1970 Fred married Ruth Elaine WARD at Ashby Methodist Church, Manifold Heights. Fred and Ruth have two children, Jennifer Lorraine who is married to Brad PHILP has three children from an earlier marriage - Lyndall, Claudia and Patrick. Son, Bradley Frederick completed a post-graduate diploma majoring in voice after completing a four year B. Mus under-graduate degree at the Conservatorium of Music at the University of Tasmania in Hobart. He currently is employed as a Manager Learning and Social Techniques at the Geelong Grammer School, Corio VIC.

Fred was a foundation member of the Genealogical Society of Victoria, Geelong Group (now the Geelong Family History Group Inc.) and he has held the offices of president and secretary of that group. He is still very much an active researcher looking at many names and has with the help of his family transcribed the cemeteries at Steiglitz, Lorne, Birregurra and Sutherland's Creek. He has also jointly indexed and published the Admission Books of the Geelong Infirmary and Benevolent Asylum with Heather COX who coincidentally also has very strong connections with the Victorian town of Casterton. More recent projects have been the editing of the Pre-registration Burials from Christ Church, Geelong and the placing of the Admission Books mentioned above on the world wide web.

Fred's great grandfather, Ambrose Willcock WALTER (1833-1915) is an abiding interest as is the early history of the Barrabool Shire where Ambrose was an early councillor.

The highlight of Fred's family history search will be the day he manages to locate the death of Henry Thomas SUMNER (1857-?) a maternal great grandfather, last known leaving Pentridge Gaol on 22 July, 1892.

Chronological Events in the life of Frederick Lionel WALTER (b. 1943)

7 Jan 1960 to 8 Dec 1962: Army Apprentices' School, Balcombe, VIC.

Jan 1963 to Jul 1964: 2 Base Workshop RAEME, Moorebank, NSW.

Jul 1964 to Dec 1966: Australian Guided Weapons Trials Unit, Woomera, SA.

Dec 1966 to May 1967: 131 Div. Loc. Battery Workshop, Holsworthy, NSW.

May 1967 to Apr 1968: Det. 131 Div. Loc. Battery Workshop, Nui Dat, South Vietnam.

Apr 1968 to 6 Jan 1969: Technical Services Unit, Albert Park Barracks, Melbourne, VIC.

8 Jan 1969: Appointed as a electronics technician by Hawker de Havilland Australia to work as a civilian with the RAAF at the Laverton Transmitter Station. Without a doubt the most boring and uninteresting job I have ever experienced.

Apr 1969: Cut my losses and took a job with a local electronics firm servicing domestic appliances. Not to be recommended to anybody!

21 Apr 1970: Applied for and obtained a position as a Laboratory Technician with the Gordon Institute of Technology in Geelong. Technician in charge of the Physics Workshop until Apr 1977. With the exception of Woomera the most interesting time of my professional life.

22 Aug 1970: Married Ruth WARD who is a Teacher/Librarian at a local Lutheran primary school. We have two children. Jenny, b. 1972, who is a housewife and Brad, b. 1974, who is a Manager Learning and Social Techniques and trained singer.

1 Apr 1977: Gordon Institute of Technology and Geelong Teachers' College amalgamate to form Deakin University and I become Senior Technician in the Faculty of Science Workshop (now the Biological & Chemical Sciences Workshop). Responsibilities are mainly designing and building electronics equipment for research purposes in all parts of the faculty including Chemistry and Biological Sciences. We do a lot of work with PCs and build dedicated microcomputers, particularly for Electrochemistry.

28 Nov 2003: Retirement from Deakin University.

My other interests these days include a passion for history and particularly family history which afflicted me about 1978. I have been president and secretary of the Geelong Family History Group Inc.
Geelong Advertiser, early May 1968

Army Man Back From Vietnam

Sergeant Frederick Walter, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Walter, of Merrawarp Road, Ceres, returned recently by charter flight after 12 months service as a radar technician with the Australia Task Force in Vietnam.

After graduating at Balcombe Army Apprentices' School, he was stationed at Moorebank, near Sydney for 18 months, then posted to Woomera Weapons Research Establishment for two and a half years.

Sergeant Walter, who is in his ninth year of service with the Regular Army, has acquired a varied and interesting collection of colored slides covering Woomera, Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam.

On completion of leave he is to be posted to Army Headquarters, Melbourne. 
WALTER Frederick Lionel "Fred"
2996 The midwife in attendance at the birth of Frederick Lionel WALTER (1943- ) was the much-loved and well-known Sister PONTING (married name: Florence Maud Ann ELDRIDGE, 1902-1997). WALTER Frederick Lionel "Fred"
2997 Cremated remains scattered WALTER Geoffrey Howard
2998 Geelong Advertiser, 31 Dec 1980, page 13, New Year Honours List


Councillor George Ambrose WALTER, Noradjuha, VIC - for service to local government and the community. 
WALTER George Ambrose, JP MBE
2999 School captain and Dux of the College in 1932. WALTER George Ambrose, JP MBE
3000 EAS-METH-09-807-089 WALTER Gillian

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