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Matches 10,001 to 10,080 of 10,205

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10001 WIN-SECT-031-807-34 SCHROETER Robert (I13599)
10002 WIN-SECT-032-807-04 PARISH Rita Josephine Sarah (I12623)
10003 WIN-SECT-032-807-26 PARISH Joyce Irene (I12884)
10004 WIN-SECT-032-807-27 DRAYTON Oscar (I13451)
10005 WIN-SECT-039-807-07 PARISH Edith Christina (I13320)
10006 WIN-SECT-043-807-12 LEAKE Alice (I12949)
10007 WIN-SECT-053-807-14 RICHMOND Donald Claude (I20132)
10008 WIN-SECT-057-807-05 PARISH Donald Allan (I12886)
10009 WIN-SECT-085-813-08 PARISH Una Florence (I12535)
10010 WIN-SECT-085-813-09 RICHMOND Noel Jack (I12668)
10011 WIN-SECT-085-813-32 GLADMAN Charles Ronald (I19939)
10012 WIN-SECT-086-813-10 ARMISTEAD Edith Victoria Ethel (I12559)
10013 WIN-SECT-086-813-10 STEVENS James Frederick (I12569)
10014 WIN-SECT-086-813-18 FOUND Betty Victoria (I13294)
10015 WIN-SECT-086-813-18 DRAYTON Gregory Ivan (I13299)
10016 WIN-SECT-087-808-29 ORCHARD Samuel Edmond (I13189)
10017 WIN-SECT-087-808-38 SCHROETER Heinrich Karl (I13607)
10018 WIN-SECT-087-808-39 SCHROETER Brian Ewan (I13610)
10019 WIN-SECT-088-813-24 WARNER Shirley Marion (I20858)
10020 WIN-SECT-088-813-28 ROGERS Alan Graeme (I10159)
10021 WIN-SECT-089-813-36 MONKIVITCH Gilbert James (I16918)
10022 WIN-SECT-089-813-36 HUNTER Gwendoline Lola (I19917)
10023 WIN-SECT-089-813-39 SCHROETER Perry Stuart (I13582)
10024 WIN-SECT-089-813-40 SCHROETER Lindsay Allan (I12891)
10025 WIN-SECT-103-813-32 LEAK Neil (I13403)
10026 WIN-SECT-104-813-24 LLOYD Ian Lindsay Thomas (I13487)
10027 WIN-SECT-105-813-12 HUNTER James (I12321)
10028 WIN-SECT-105-813-12 NASH Marjorie Amelia (I12324)
10029 WIN-SECT-105-813-30 ALSOP Colin Alexander (I12846)
10030 With a gratuity, discharged from the Victoria Police Force on 17 Apr 1862 at the Richmond Police Depot. DONOVAN Richard (I9048)
10031 With her sister Leta. BRAGG Ruby Myrta Pearl (I5843)
10032 With his parents Samuel and Ann MORRIS. MORRIS Samuel (I450)
10033 Witnesses to the marriage were Joe JEWELL and Margaret Mary JOHNS. Family F2933
10034 Witnesses: Allan WALTER and Lucretia WALTER. Family F307
10035 Witnesses: Joseph CANTELLOW and Patrick ROCHE. Family F745
10036 WNBD, WN Border, Grave 45 NAVIN Elva Decima (I759)
10037 WNBD, WN Border, Grave 45 BROWN Herbert Hedley (I6214)
10038 WNNBD, WN North Border, Grave 6 NAVIN Edith Maud Tryphena (I767)
10039 WNNBD, WN North Border, Grave 6 JERMYN Bertha Caroline (I3432)
10040 WNNBD, WN North Border, Grave 6 NAVIN John Aloysius (I3477)
10041 Wodonga and Towong Sentinel (Vic.) Friday, 14 Jun 1918. Page 3.
W.J. Eckhardt who has been acting as guard on passenger trains,
running from Albury to Melbourne for many years died suddenly at his
home in Prahan on Monday last. Mr Eckhardt was well-known in Wodonga and was extremely popular. 
ECKHARDT William John (I7383)
10042 Working at the 660' below ground level at the gold mine operated by the New Chum Consolidated Company, he swung his pick into a piece of quartz and a shard flew and hit him in the lower front of his neck. He was taken to the surface where he was examined by a doctor who seems to have believed there was little to worry about. However he died at home at about 8 pm the same evening.

An autopsy revealed that there had been massive bleeding into his chest cavity. He left a wife and 5 children aged 9 years to 10 weeks. 
ROBINS William Henry (I2197)
10043 Working in the field of Veterniary Science. NOK: F. Bowden. Dr. FARR Kathleen Ionie, OAM (I9280)
10044 Worshipful Master of the Grange Lodge No. 45 at Hamilton, VIC in 1949. WALTER Percival Charles (I960)
10045 Wounded and gassed on several occasions. Lest We Forget. WALTERS Percy Edmond (I27375)
10046 Wounded at El Alamein and died of wounds. Lest We Forget. BOWD William Rex (I27646)
10047 Wounded at least once: Shapnel to his face.
Reported missing: 7 Nov 1916.
Reported and confirmed as a Prisoner of War on 28 Nov 1916 in Dülmen GER.
Released and transfered to Ripon POW Reception Camp YKS on 8 Dec 1918. 
SANGUINS Nelson (I23318)
10048 Wounded in Action - Gunshot wound in right groin, 18 Nov 1916. Recovery was slow but returned to duty after about 4 months.
Lest We Forget. 
HAGER James Douglas (I17489)
10049 Wounded in action at least once and also suffered with Trench Fever. Discipline appeared to be a problem as he was charged on several occasions. Lest We Forget. MCDONALD Allan (I27629)
10050 Wounded in action at least once. As a result of wounds a leg was amputated on 7 Jun 1917. There seems to some confusion about which leg was lost. Repatriated home to Australia in early 1918. While Joseph was away serving his country both his parents had passed away.
Lest We Forget. 
TREWIN Joseph Wesley (I18914)
10051 Wounded in action on 20 Sep 1918. Wound to the scalp from which he recovered. ATKINSON William Ernest (I22837)
10052 Wounded in action on 4 Oct 1917. Gunshot wound to the right knee. Invalided home to Australia. HAM Reginald Leslie (I6444)
10053 Wounded in action on three occasions during WWI on 7 Jun 1917, 14 Oct 1917 and 31 Aug 1918, all while on the strength of the 39th. Battalion. Tranferred to the Postal Corps on 13 Jan 1919. TURNBULL Joseph Percy (I8121)
10054 Wounded in action, gunshot wound to his jaw on 12 Aug 1918. DAVIS Phillip Henry (I15808)
10055 Wounded on 28 Sep 1918. Gunshot wounds to the neck and abdomen. Evacuated to No. 33 Casualty Clearing Station at Ligny-Saint-Flochel, Pas-de-Calais FRA. This event is recorded in his unit diary at 11:30 a.m. on 28 Sep 1918 in the Intellegence Summary. Similarly, his death is reported on 6 Oct 1918. Lest We Forget. WALTER Royland Allin, MC (I16834)
10056 Wounded on at least two occasions and regularly unwell during his exceptional service. Lest We Forget. HAGER Allen Erastus, MM (I17499)
10057 WST-CHLD-LAWN-2.5-809-544 MCILWRAITH Gordon David (I6404)
10058 WST-COE-1-807-0190 PIPER Walter William (I434)
10059 WST-COE-1-807-0664 STRICKLAND John Robinson (I2465)
10060 WST-COE-1-807-0888A SYMONS James John, (Twin) (I3866)
10061 WST-COE-1-807-0994 STRICKLAND Charles (I2464)
10062 WST-COE-1-807-1021 MCGANN Victor Leslie (I19714)
10063 WST-COE-1-807-1272 PESCUD Harry (I2261)
10064 WST-COE-1-807-1299 PIPER Harold (I4466)
10065 WST-COE-NEW-1-807-559 HUNTER Rachel Estelle (I17160)
10066 WST-COE-NEW-1-807-559 HUNTER Rachel Estelle (I17160)
10067 WST-COE-NEW-1-807-643 WALTER Dorothy May (I6592)
10068 WST-COE-NEW-1-807-643 MCGREGOR John Dugald Lyell (I6593)
10069 WST-LAWN-01-02-808-053 TRIBOLET Laura Ella May (I2462)
10070 WST-LAWN-01-03-808-057 GRILLS John Mountjoy (I7828)
10071 WST-LAWN-01-03-808-057 GILLETT Ellen Louisa Alice (I7832)
10072 WST-LAWN-01-05-808-024 GRILLS Lyle Alexander Walter, (Twin) (I6299)
10073 WST-LAWN-01-05-808-024 SCOTT Lillian Catherine (I8150)
10074 WST-LAWN-01-05-808-040 WALTER Clifford John (I6507)
10075 WST-LAWN-01-07-808-108 ALSOP Irene (I12539)
10076 WST-LAWN-01-07-808-108 WILLMOTT Robert David Elliot (I12669)
10077 WST-LAWN-01-11-808-024 MCGANN Reginald John (I19706)
10078 WST-LAWN-01-11-808-024 HALL Ruby Maud (I19720)
10079 WST-LAWN-02-808-083 GRILLS Basil Thomas (I7734)
10080 WST-LAWN-02-808-083 CAIRNS Trixie Lena (I7741)

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